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test/rename and purchasing questions

There's issues with my install, i goofed, but the site is working just not able to upgrade due to stupidity. what I want to do is name a directory and install the version 9 and then of course db restore once the site is up and running and everything is fine and dandy. Can I just rename the test2 directory back to ? I get the feeling no. oh and once i play around with it and things look good after maybe 6 months and i'm really into it. does the cost off 99 or 499 or 999 a onetime purchase or is it yearly or what couldn't understand the purchase thing.

Yes you can change the directory as many times as you want, just update /inc/ after each change and clear the cache.


All the licenses are one time payments.. The only differences are how many licenses you get, if you get the mobile app and if you get a "premium" membership here for a year.


The only reoccuring payment would be if you want that premium membership here to continue after a year.


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The license itself costs $99.00 and includes Advanced membership (a $5.00 value).  mscott is right, the only recurring payment option is for Premium membership, which is separate from the license.


Prime and Enterprise include some extra features (extra licenses, mobile apps, free installation), including Premium membership for 1-3 years, respectively.  You don't need either if a single license will suffice.

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Thanks guys..... much appreciated.

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