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registered 19.06.08

Skills: php, mysql, css, html, javascript, asp, jquery, Ajax

Timezone: UTC/GMT +1

Working Hours: 9:30-13.00 16:30-19.00 From Monday to Freday

Availability: Yes

Spoken Languages: English, Italian

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Paying my respect to the great developers here......thanks for everything and if i don't purchase anything from you ilbellodelweb have a great holiday!
I just purchased the Evo mod and worked with them, amazing work and communication, it was a breeze and easy. These guys are awesome and do great work, mych props to you guys thanks!
Perfect!!! I bought three modules, all working fine! Great support and help during installation and configuration, he even managed to fix a problem which originated in the hosting settings. Absolute recommendation !!!
This developer is absolutely great. He communicates with you and offers solutions not excuses. Another great mod by a great developer. Easy installation and great functionality. Worth every dime and it's a must have app.
Worth every red cent. The only negative comments here must obviously be coming from people who have no clue or idea what they are doing. The mod is by far the best on the market and very easy to not only use but to install as well. This mod is beautifully designed and will totally transform your site into a social media platform that people will want to use. Great work!!!!!
Amazing product. Really sets your site off. All of the functionality works beautifully. Install is fool proof.
I've learned to never buy any more mods from a coder who doesn't know English, since that's my nationality and the only language I understand. Especially since they code in Italian or another language, then encrypt that language and then encode it again.... so your database gets filled with non translatible codes that corrupt your entire site. The call home commands and opening up gateways to who knows what into your personal website. I like the member ability to choose templates by boonex but this see more mod takes away that capability if you use it because they did NOT code it to where you can change css per template as with other mods (they encrypted that ability). I bought 2 mods from these guys but unless they grow up and learn to do things in a more professional manner, I will never again!
Default template is the key word here! Written half in English, half in Italian and totally filled with odd looking encryptions and codes makes it virtually impossible to customise the look to match any template other than default. If you change the style css to try to match any particular template , then you lose the option for members to change templates because this mod will only match 1 template and look out of place if the template is changed. I think the option to change templates should be see more kept in mind when creating dolphin mods and not add 1 function by taking away another.
NO integration to new modules
NO money back garantee
i buy "evowall+ profilecover + megaprofile + photodeluxe + mobile evowall " and pay 383$ for them and now i dont use this modules because of cache problems(profile cover) flash uploader only(megaprofile) and no integration to new modules and rate&commenting system(evo wall)
i dont use this modules but they said "Sorry, it's not possible." to pay back my money
im very sad to buy this modules and waste my money
You have bought, installed, activated the modules. You have required and got our support in the support in the past. After a certain time you contacted us saying:
"dear anthon

i've bought this module about 2 mounts ago

but it didn't useful for me and i did not use it .
Is it possible to change this to your another products?



1) My name is not see more Anthon
2) you have activated and used the products in your site. No refund or products exchange is possible just because you will not use them still.

I too would like to go to the guy who sold me the car for him to say:
since I will not use more than my car bought 4 months ago, I come back the money?
Otherwise you can change me the car with another?
Do not understand why so many people on the internet think they can ask anything.
awesome mod, im trying to use the cover like a row and set columns above the cover like facebook.
Has anyone else had this problem. The pictures uploaded from the evo wall newsfeed are good quality and look great, but the same picture uploaded through mega profile don't look as good of quality? I have the settings 750x750 in boonex pictures just like it's apparently set in the mega profile, but the picture quality is quite sub par by comparison to when uploaded through the newsfeed. Would appreciate any thought or feedback. Thanks
Has anyone else had this problem. The pictures uploaded from the evo wall newsfeed are good quality and look great, but the same picture uploaded through mega profile don't look as good of quality? I have the settings 750x750 in boonex pictures just like it's apparently set in the mega profile, but the picture quality is quite sub par by comparison to when uploaded through the newsfeed. Would appreciate any thought or feedback. Thanks
This is one of the best mods that i have ever bought on Boonex marketplace. I am thoroughly satisfied and delighted with the capabilities and possibilities it has provided for me. I had already owned 5 mods from IBDW when I bought this one. I was happy dealing with this developer before but this mod has made me a fan for life. All of the mods I have bought from IBDW especially this one has taken my site to another level. I can tell my members with confidence that they are using one of the most advanced see more niche social networks ( thanks to the stuff thats under the hood from IBDW). I give this mod a 5 out of 5 and would personally recommend it to anyone who is starting a niche social network.
very good product from ilbellodelweb, thank you.
perfect product from ilbellodelweb, thank you.
very good product from ilbellodelweb, thank you.
very good product from ilbellodelweb, thank you.
Great plugin. PERFECT! Clean and very easy install. Great work.
This is one bad a** mobile app, it's the bomb great job guys, keep it up!!! The service was great !!!!!
Going through my site, checking on what needs updated and figured i'd pay my respect to all the great developers that i have dealt with and ilbellodelweb is one of them, great person to work with and great products. There products are simply amazing is all i can say!! GREAT!!!!
Best module with suberb support.... Ratting 5 Star

Required more additional features will be great module
The Best module.... superb Support...
Just installed this mod, and it is as advertised and wasn't too difficult to install. Made my site look awesome!
Had it up and running and fully understood it in about 15 minutes. No need for support yet, it is working perfectly!
Thank You for this MOD, it is GREAT.
Love the new update. Totally responsive and the comments are working a lot better than before. Also the addition of smiley's is great. We really missed that before.
Thank you so much for the new and responsive layout newsfeed.
It works and looks very nice.
5* + and 95 more for the speed that IBDW updated this module.
Thank you ilbellodelweb, Great addition to the site. I would recommend this for any site. Also thanks for the great support.
Its always great to work with these guys, very professional!
I'm still testing this out, but I cannot say enough about IBDW, very knowledgeable, and always prompt. They have been very patient, and always respond to any answer. They have even helped me install and checked my files when i had an error. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for always taking the time to anwser all my questions regarding any of your modules. You have been a pleasure to deal with and always have the best modules. Thank you for such great service and even better modules!!!! Will continue to purchase from you.
Will there be more mobile modules in the future?
This is by far one of, if not the best module ive purchased to date, it was easy to install, and my members are raving about it. the only things that i keep getting comments about, is, how to integrate it into the pages module by AQB, you made an excellent cover for the pages module, and that module has its own timeline, but I would love to you a news feed like this in the the pages or blog section of my site. is that in the works, or is there anyway of doing this? also whats the best way to contact see more you if i am not an advanced member, because i am only allowed to post this one review/comment, and when i have any other questions im stuck because i cannot post on here. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! and i hope to hear back soom! *****5 stars
You can contact us directly at
Works great, everything I wanted, this really sets the profiles on my page apart! Thank you for all your hard work, and contributions to the Dolphin Community! would definitely purchse from ilbellodelweb again!
easy install and works perfect!
This module is a great addition to pages

My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvement ***** (100%)
Easy to use: *****
Installation: ****
Installation time: 5 min
Does what it says: *****

Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes (100%)
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes
Follow up Support: *****
Customer Care: *****
Overall: *****
Would I recommend this vendor to others? Yes (100%)
Hello, I want to take a few minutes to thank the great team of ilbellodelweb first for the great modules they create, and mostly for their incredible support. They are quick to react when you ask them for help, and they are not stingy on giving out help and even to setup you're modules..I Highly recommend all boonex users to purchase their modules.. Once again, Thank you....and GREAT JOB !!
I have bought multiple Mods from these guys. They are superb in there response time. I was help asap, on all my questions and answers. They even went in and fixed a few issues immediately on my 3Col and 1Col mods. They installed and modified my Profile cover for me. My Photo deluxe had some issues which they fixed, and then explained why the issue was there. I am totally sold on there work, craftsmanship and design of products. I will be buying in the future, the EVO wall advanced, Spy and a few see more templates. to complete my site. I have complete trust in there knowledge and expertise.
Very nice, this really adds personality to the site! Great Job!
Very nice, this really adds personality to the site! Great Job!
Wonderful , Amazing and Elegant, this really adds personality to the site! Great Job!
I love this template... And my members do too :-)
Very professional, conceived with user experience in mind.
Also I had a small issue in firefox and ilbellodelweb was quite helpful to solve this.

I highly recommend the template and ilbellodelweb, keep on the great work guys !
Simple, quick to install. Brings added value to the mobile app. I'm really pleased with this purchase. I am on 7.0.9v at the moment, so there is a few bugs, I'm sure it'll be okay later when I upgrade to 7.1 & beyond.
Modules great and really utilizes the profile page space well. This author does great innovative work but the product support has been very poor and unsatisfactory. Author makes updates often but struggles to rarely answer clients concerns. In the forum for this module I made my last post requesting support in December of 2013. Today is March 1st 2014. I posted 3 times attempting to gain support with no success. Buy this authors module if you want a great addition to your site if you can agree see more to the absence of getting a reply when attempting to contact them.
I'm sorry reading this post. You have wrote into the forum for a customization. For this you must write in PM (your last private message is of February 2013). Also, into the forum you have asked how to change the code. This is not a request of support, the support is to explain how to use or set the module, or to report a bug. Also you can suggest an improvement, but for customization of the module you must ask a job. Anyway I hope you can change your opinion about us. We are always here, sometime see more we can forget a forum request, so our suggestion and to contact us with a personal message, this is the best way.
I have the Module Blog Cover on both of my websites and I am very pleased with its performance. It was very easy to install and activate. It is a "must have" for your Blogs.
Candidly, the best mod I've ever gotten. This is spectacular, Very useful mod. This mod is 100% needed if you want to make your apps more professional.
And Great Service!
If you own a mobile license and have your branded apps on the Android and Apple markets, this is a great way to promote the download of your mobile apps. Great Job!
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