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Added: 25.07.11

Updated: 27.08.13

Category: Communication

Tags: money, mass mail, business, messages, payments, discount, esase soft, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - tester,password - tester

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License: This product was developed by ESASE and is for personal usage only. It can not be see more re-distributed without ESASE official permission. The product can be used on one domain name only.

Technical Checklist...

One more option to earn money via your website!
You allow your site members to absolutely legally create and sand mass mail to other site users. This is an option to attract business people since your site can help them to imrpove their business and this is another option to promote!

The module is user-friendly and has a lot of tools to create mass mail and this won't be annoying!
  • The site admin is able to set up periodicity of messages sending, its amount etc.

  • The list of membership levels which is allowed to send messages for free can also be set up!

  • As administrator you set up the mail direction: internal Dolphin mail box or external one or both!

  • Payments for this service are accepted through the Dolphin default payments module.

  • Administrator can provide with the discounts: More users have chosen to send a message to - more discount can be provided.

  • Auto approve or pre-moderation.

User's side of this module is very smple to use.
All you need is type a message and set up the auditory of recipients. Recipinents can be chosen by country, by sex, age, membership level etc.

Nothing to change in the default Dolphin code, module is very simple to install and use!!!. To avoid moderation and administration checking reported profiles etc. make mass mail from users legal, order Legal Spam now!
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Thanks ESASE for such a good idea..I just want to say that your mods and work gets appreciated by many people!!!
Отличный мод. Новая сфера в монитезации сайтов.
Another great way to get members to advertise and add money to your bank account :-)
Thanks, great product and excellent support
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