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Profile Info Checker (ADVANCED)


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Added: 26.08.11

Updated: 06.04.13

Category: Tools

Tags: esase soft, profile, information, profile fields, mandatory, edit profile, filled, myspace, facebook, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - tester,password - tester

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License: This product was developed by ESASE and is for personal usage only. It can not be see more re-distributed without ESASE official permission. The product can be used on one domain name only.

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Do you want that profile info is always 100% completed?
This module will do this and your site will contain full information about your members.
How this works?
Very simple. THe module ckecks if all required fields are filled in and in case there is at least one empty field so member will be automatically redirected to the edit profile page until all the fields are filled in and profile information is completed. This module is very useful in case there are a lot of users who used FB, MySpace, OpenID connections to log into your website.

As you know, if user connected to your website using one of the listed connection - his/her profile won't contain full information, these connections do not transfer all the information about the user.
The module's checking system works very fast and uses server cache so there won't be any problems with the site speed etc. Make your website full of user's information and content!
In contrast of our other mod - Profile info checker (Updatedx2) - forces your site members to fill in empty fileds permanently redirecting them to profile edit page .
The module is easy to install and doesn't require any files changes!
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I love it and it makes it much more easy for the members to understand that they still need to fill in some more info to be complete.

Thanks for the great work :-)
I can confirm that this mod is working perfect in D 7.1.4 no complaints at all, I would like to ask the developer for a new functionality. this mod will be perfect if :
1- the profile from the user with the incomplete profile will NO be show up to another users until the profile completion occur, with the ability from the site administrator to control whether or not to use this feature.
something like "Your profile won't be visible to other members until you have completed the fields below."

Thanks see more ESASE for the great work :-)
I install it, but i see no change...
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