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Admin Announcements


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Version: 1.0.10

Added: 02.09.10

Updated: 03.09.16

Category: Administration

Tags: extensions, admin, announcements, deano, deanos, dolphin 7.1, announcement, announce, message

Demo:  username - Not applicable.,password - Not applicable.

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Dean Bassett Jr. ( see more and cannot be modified other than personal use. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Dean Bassett Jr. You may use the product on one dolphin website only. You need to purchase additional copies for use on each web site.

Technical Checklist...

Admin Announcements is a new module to provide a single announcement display targeted to specific ages or membership levels. One announcement at a time is displayed, and when skipped or marked as read, the next is displayed. When no more announcements are available, the box simply disapears from the page.

Admin Announcements is intended as a alternative to other methods used in dolphin to display notices to your members.

Product Features.

  1. Announcement Blocks available in all pages listed in page builder. If you add a new page simply go back to the announcement module and the module will detect the new page or pages and add a block for it automatically. (The automatic block addition only applies to pages created with page builder.)
  2. Custom Icon (Size 32x32) can be set for each announcement. (Icons can be placed in the icon folder of the module itself, the base template, or your current template.)
  3. HTML allowed in both Announcement Title and Announcement Text
  4. Announcement can be skipped. In which case the announcement will be shown again at next logon. Or for members, the announcement can be flagged as read. In which case the announcement will not be shown again to that member.
  5. Once all announcements have been either skipped or marked as read, the block is hidden from the page.
  6. Announcements can be shown based on filter settings. Each announcement can be filtered by the following.
    1. Ages within specified Minimum and Maximum age.
    2. Days of week.
    3. Male or Female.
    4. Membership Level.
    5. Starting and Ending Date.
  7. Editing an announcement allows you to activate or deactivate announcement. Thus you can make an announcement inactive without having to delete it.
  8. Announcement block generated from template in the modules template folder. Thus you can customize this if needed to match your current template or to make it different to stand out.
    1. (Template customizing only needed if your current template does not use the default dolphin CSS classes for the design box)
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HIa all in Boonex World

Just bought this mod. Had a slight issue as I was getting header error message but deano provided very fast support and the issue was fixed under 12 hours. Very happy with this mod.

Cheers Deano

This mod is excellent! I can now leave quick messages letting visitors know of updates and new features. Thanks Deano!
Very nice Mod! Love it!

If you want use the date in fronted not like standard: Sunday, August 29, 2010
Than change the code! It will looks like here: 29.08.2010
(Germany and other Countries use this Date-form)

Open: /modules/deano/admin_announcements/classes/BxAdminAnnouncementsDb.php
Find: <div class="dbcsAnnouncementDate">' . date("l, F j, Y",$aData['start']) . '</div>
Replace it with: <div class="dbcsAnnouncementDate">' . date("d.m.Y",$aData['start']) see more . '</div>

Have fun! :D
Really smart mod. Install in a minute and work as expected. Thanks Deanos for this other good mod!
GREAT MOD!!!! This is just what I had been looking for. If I could give 500 stars instead of the 5. IT works perfectly. I had a problem on installing it. The problem was not mod related, but site related and Dean took the time to fix it so I woudl not problems with future mod installations. I appreciate it greatly.
This is an excellent addition to ANY site!
It's top notch professional in design and function, as well as user friendly and easy to install.
This mod is true to creativity, with it's HTML capabilities, pretty much making the sky the limit on how you use it.
I intend to use this for more than just announcement....I've renamed my block- Hot Topic and it does just what I want it to. I've even popped a YouTube video in there! You can go wild with this mod.
There's only one thing that I have any suggestion see more on, if it can be done- When a video is started and you skip or mark as read and it disappears, but the music keeps playing. Not a big deal at all- a simple refresh will shut that up, and I'm sure members will figure that out easy enough. If people ask- then I'll just put a little note at the top of video- "stop video before skipping to next topic"
I see this mod also helping me "clean-up" my Homepage :)
This Mod is the bomb!
Thanks Deano :)
Thank you to Deano have already updated to 7.1, it works and it is a great mod!
excellent mod, easy to install, trippleAAA support
Fantastic module! Well worth every penny. The features are absolutely AMAZING.. If you are looking for Admin Announcements mod. This is the mod you should buy.. This is the best Announcements mod on the market. I highly recommend Dean announcements mod to anyone. extremely easy to install....
Great addition to any site!