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Faceb Splash Page 7.0 + JOIN form


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Added: 14.02.10

Updated: 25.01.12

Category: Template

Tags: templates, modifications, facebook, custom designs, gorpus team


License: IMPORTANT: All rights reserved This is a commercial product made by GORPUS.CO This see more product cannot be modified, redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Gorpus Team

Technical Checklist...


Faceb Splash Page + 2 steps JOIN form

The mod redirects your visitors to the splash page first, moreover they will be able to login and JOIN from here.

ONLY 5 fields for registration + captcha on the second page!

in case you want to use "Couples" profile type, some additional (required) fields can be set up on the second page too.

NOTE: registration fields on the second page are managed through Dolphin Admin Panel!



NEW FaceB Look:

NEW FaceB Template: http://www.boonex.com/m/facebook2-clone-for-d7-orca-skin

NEW FaceB Splash Page: http://www.boonex.com/m/facebook2-splash-page-7-0-join-form




- Logo for FREE

- the pack will be updated after EVERY Dolphin 7.0 update, so you'll be able to download here the current version - sure for FREE!

- the Pack supports Multilingual System!!! (so you can manage all the texts on the Splash through your Dolphin Admin Panel)

NOTE: if you will have any troubles with adding language keys - just let us know! we'll help you! the service is also FREE!


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Designed/Customized by: Gorpus Team

Facebook Splash


Facebook Splash

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Nice mod and good support
Thanks Tim, Great product and the normal super service, Site is looking great thanks again for your great help and support,
Solutions and innovations Gorpus are great! This is the case of the Splash Page. I was very excited about it. Also, it is important to note the quality of support, advice on installation and attention is given to us. Thanks!

As soluções e inovações da Gorpus são ótimas! Este é o caso do Splash Page. Fiquei muito empolgado com o mesmo. Também, é importante registrar a qualidade do suporte, assessoria na instalação e atenção que nos é dispensada. Obrigado!
Very quick service even with some modifications and some additional ideas thrown in. Works well and is a simpler intro page for new visitors wondering what it's all about.
Very good support and communication! Thanks!
Very good and very detailed orientated. Super fast install and great support.

Awesome to work with.

When ı told you the problem in my webpage , you emailed to me 'I need ftp and boonex admin informations' and I sent the information but you didnt say anything , I need you help quickly and urgently.
@ guvencoglu

why not just check you e-mail first, before writing the comment?
the issue was resolved just after you provided me with correct accesses (3 days ago). i personally installed it.
if you screwed up it again - just pm me! simple..!

Tim Shim
Very good support and works beautifully !
2 min. to install! 2 min. to config! good install docs! works perfect!
This is a great mod. Tim displayed such great customer service for his mod. I've never seen such patience helping customers out. I really appreciate all the help given to me. Highly recommended mod! Thank you.
Great Customer Service! Great Product. No complaints at all! This IS The MAN!

Thanks gorpus for the amazing Template and your Help.
Nice mod, incredible support. He really helps you out and makes sure it is working properly. Would recommend highly any product that is offered by Tim as top notch and support is far and away the best. Surest sign of great product is the support offered and Tim excels expectations.
hey there,

I am having some trouble with your join form. When someone enters the information, they click join and nothing happens. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

this place for comments only!
..there is something worng with installation. please pm me.

Tim Shim