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iBlogs module for mobile


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Version: 1.1.4

Added: 21.01.16

Updated: 06.03.18

Category: Mobile

Tags: blog, post, ios, mobile, android, module

Demo: Please, contact us.  username - Please, contact us.,password - Please, contact us.

Support Forum: https://www.boonex.com/forums/topic/Blogs-mobile-Support.htm

License: Commercial

Technical Checklist...

Complete your app for iOS and Android devices with Blogs mod. This mod works with BoonEx Blogs default mod.

This mod is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This mod works with BoonEx Blogs default mod.

With Blogs mod for Mobile you will be able to view all Posts from your community, adding new ones, sharing data to other social networks. This mod includes filters and advanced searching engine.


Administrator Control Panel
From your admin panel you can control:
1- How many items can be loaded (before showing the button "show more elements").
2- You can change the wallpaper.
3- You can change the colors of the header, the footer, and the more general buttons.

Membership levels
Community users may add new posts, edit posts, delete posts and generally, see the posts listed; All controlled by their membership level.
You as administrator can grant these permits to levels of membership you want.

Posts List
A list of all the posts available in your community is displayed.
You can view posts description and attached media files.

Right Side Menu
JQuery.mmenu plugin has been included to provide a comfortable navigation. You will find there the vast majority of features included in the mod: Advanced search, filters (categories, featured items, top items,...), Adding new ad.

Search and Filters
This mod includes an advanced searching engine and also includes some filters to improve user experience.
Filter by: categories, Featured, Recents, Top and the most Viewed posts.

Add New Post
Users have the option to add new posts with associated photos.
Note: Uploading Videos is possible if you purchase one of our rebrand service, default BoonEx app doesn't allow that feature.

Actions in Blogs profile
Once an user open a post profile, he will be able to:
1- Comment.
2- Share in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
3- Vote.
4- Report
5- Subscribe.
6- The owner of the blog can delete or edit it if he has the appropriate permissions in your respective membership level.
7- The site administrator can mark a post as featured.
8- View Photos.
9- View Videos.
10- View Author's Profile.
11- Contact with the author via mail (BoonEx native mail).
Note: Share in Whatsapp is possible if you hire a rebrand services with our company.

Multi-language module, compatible with Android and Apple devices. It works with default BoonEx application and also with Customized apps.

Fully integrated with Blogs module of BoonEx .
If you have any doubt, please, send us an email.

It contains a complete installation guide.
Important: this product requires a license code activation, follow installation guide instructions.

*** This mod can also be customized, contact us for further information ***
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I just purchased this module and uploaded the mobileblogs folder using FTP but I did not see it in the uninstalled module section of my Admin panel. hence, I am unable to install it. Why could this be happening?

Also, when will the Chat and Group modules be updated for dolphin 7.3.4, as I am waiting to launch my mobile Apps?
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