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Deanos LinkedIn Connect


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Version: 1.0.4

Added: 29.07.13

Updated: 21.05.15

Category: Authentication

Tags: extensions, dolphin 7.1, deano, deanos, linkedin, connect

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Dean Bassett Jr. ( see more and cannot be modified other than personal use. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Dean Bassett Jr. You may use the product on one dolphin website only. You need to purchase additional copies for use on each web site.

Technical Checklist...

NOTE: This module has not yet been tested with Dolphin 7.2.0. It has been marked as incompatible until testing and possible updating has been completed.


This module allows your members to quickly signup to connect to your site using their Linkedin account information.
  1. Allows for the selection of 3 possible usernames to avoid user name conflict.
  2. Has built in backup to backup member Linkedin id's and module settings.
  3. Linkedin ID field added to member profile information. Allows existing accounts to be tied to a Linkedin ID.
  4. Existing dolphin accounts will be tied to a Linkedin account automatically when logging in with Linkedin if the email address used in dolphin matches the email address used with Linkedin. (If option is enabled)
  5. Allows for redirect to different pages on join and logon.
    1. If redirecting on join, cropping tool will be skipped and avatar will be cropped automatically.
  6. Includes a required profile nag page that can be disabled or set to bug member at preset hourly intervals about missing profile fields.
  7. Separate email templates for auto activated members and for those requiring confirmation.
  8. Pulls the following information from Linkedin if available.
    1. Email Address
    2. Photo
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Sex
    5. First Name
    6. Last Name
    7. Country
    8. Headline
    9. Description
  9. Nickname and password sent to new users via the email templates when account is created.
  10. You can also just have the Linkedin info passed the standard dolphin join form and dolphin can finish the signup process as normal.
    1. NOTE: This feature not available on dolphin 7.0.0
  11. Option to override dolphins default account status.

This is third in a series of connect mods i am doing. See my other connect mods.

Deanos Facebook Connect.
Deanos Google Connect.

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Great mod ! As we know Linkedin is the first professional social network with more than 100 million of members; This is an oppotunity to simplify join and save time for Linkedin members willing join your site. This mod work very well and easy to install. Deanos is a good and trusted vendor :: Good support and always available for help. I recommand this mod to everybody. I also purchased Facebook and Google connect from him that work very fine. Linkedin Connect + Facebook connect+ Google Connect= see more More members and quick Return on investment
All i have to say is damn!! This is a very much needed mod for your site. Gives it a whole new look. As for the service very quick and Deano provides everything well detailed. Nice Job!
Hey folks, just purchased the Linkedin Mod v1.0.4 about an hour ago and got it done within an hour. Deano's step-by-step installation are very straight forward and not to mention the tutorial video he provided is very helpful as well. I also purchased FB connect yesterday, I had some questions & they were answered promptly. As result, I got the FB connect done successfully as well.

I just can't ask for a better service than this and not to mention the high quality of his products. I will see more certainly purchase more Mods from Deano in near future..