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Dolphin Anti Spam.


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Version: 1.1.0

Added: 19.02.13

Updated: 23.06.14

Category: Spam Prevention

Tags: extensions, dolphin 7.1, deano, deanos, anti spam, spam, spam filter, filter, block, tld

Demo: This is a administrative module. No demo available.  username - Not applicable.,password - Not applicable.

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Dean Bassett Jr. ( see more and cannot be modified other than personal use. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Dean Bassett Jr. You may use the product on one dolphin website only. You need to purchase additional copies for use on each web site.

Technical Checklist...

NOTE: This module has not yet been tested with Dolphin 7.2.0. It has been marked as incompatible until testing and possible updating has been completed.


Are you tired of all the spam signups on your site?

Want to remove the captcha from the join form but are afraid it will increase spam accounts?

Well then this is the solution. Dolphin Anti Spam. This product is a join filtering system. Blocks signups using the following criteria.

  • Automatically detects and stops bots
  • IP Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Nick names
  • Links in profile headline
  • Links in profile description
  • Email address in banned email domain
  • Banned user agent string
More than just simple bot detection. Advanced spam filtering blocks 95% (or more) of the spammers that attempt to signup on your site.

System uses both a local and remote database of nick names, email address and IP addresses. The remote database is maintained by me.

The remote spam database will be polled when information is not found in the local spam database. The remote spam database will contain information provided by all dolphin sites running this module. As you mark members as spammers, the data is submitted to my database and then becomes available for everyone else running this module. Thus when you flag a member as spam, it will be blocked on all other dolphin sites running the module as well. So the longer the system runs, the more data is collected and the better the filters will get.

The link filters for the profile headline and description require that you actually still have them on your join form. If you removed those fields then the filter will loose some of it's effectiveness because most spammer that target dolphin sites like to put links in those fields so it is recommend you keep them in your join form as a first line of defense.

Also. As this is a join filtering system, it does not monitor any other part of the site. One exception. It will continue to monitor for links in the profiles description because many spammers use that as a trick to get by filters. They will signup without a link then edit the profile once joined to put their links in. So this was added to catch those tricky spammers.

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Best mod ever. My little site with 5 members has already had 815 visits blocked, 45 member joins prevented, and 15 members erased after one week. We just migrated to a new server and wiped the slate clean, but previously our site had tens of thousands of fake users and only 230 active members.

Boonex! Buy this mod and make it a part of the core!
This MOD here should be a must have and should have been included in Dolphin ....For days I have been waking up to see that the same old spamers and fake members have made it back on my site , You delete them, and they came back....this going on for more than a few months ....I bought this MOD because I was told about it (Thanks Newton) and once I installed it I feelt better ....why did I feel better ? .....Well for starters It worked so good, it locked me out of my own site because I had a few see more accounts that I made that the Mod seen as Spam but with the help of (Deano) I was able to get back in and delete those Account's ....I wake up this Morning and like a mouse in a trap I see the 2 Fake members I had been Deleting for months stuck in this Anti spam TRAP!!!!!!! .....I'd give this MOD 10 stars if I could.
This mod looks amazing and is easy to use and *well* worth the money. I have to add my voice to those saying that it should be a standard part of Dolphin, installed by default. It's an amazing idea and so far seems very well implemented.

In addition, deano is a fantastic developer and quick to respond to problems and questions. Plus, if you don't frequent the forums, he appears to be very active in finding solutions to problems there as well.

Highly recommended.
Great Module for dolphin! In less than 24 hours this module blocked over 1200 legitimate spammers that had declared war on one of my sites because I blocked them. This is saving me hours of work removing those pests.
Fast service. Im so happy to find this mod. SPAMMERS get on my nerves but this mod stopped them in their tracks. Thanks!!!
what a great Mod, i would like to see this ported to WordPress 27 spammers blocked in 10 hours haha! rock on deano!!
This is the best spam defending module ever available for the Dolphin community. If you have not got this yet your surely missing out. This combined with a human question in my join form has stopped 95% of all my troubles. That is a lot of trouble to stop. The ones that do make it through you flag them in the module and slowly you are taking down those last 5%. Only matter of time before they give up trying once you block every avenue they continue to try. One of the most useful and important see more modules I have ever purchased here. More importantly an author that keeps the product current and replies quickly to support. Thanks Deano!
Dean- I would wash your feet for creating this! For the first time, we can focus on promoting our site and not spend hours a day cleaning the thing up.... five stars is not enough stars for this product!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
Awesome module. Thanks Deano
Great provider & product, I wish I would have found this 2 years ago!!! Thanks.
These AntiSpam software is very good to control Dolphin websites from user spammers, my website is growing and these very nice module and Deano´s help me to avoid a lot of troubles that these spammers makes, These antispam Dolphin module is a must for serious Dolphin network owners to use. I recommend !
Thanks again for a great mod. It is exactly what I needed to stop all the spam members :)
Another great mod from Deano. This was well needed and is easy to use.
This should me an integrated module of Boonex... This is a must for any website.. My website was bombarded with spam members and became slow and incapacitated... I installed Deanos module and overnight it blocked 59,000 spam visits and my website came back fully operational

without Deanos... Boonex will software will be crashing non stop.... this module should be part of Boonex

Deanos you are an amazing programmer ... full confidence in your products... Thanks
Excellent mod Dean thanks for your good work
Like all of Deano's mods, this one is great. It works, its easy to install, and easy to configure.
Great mod, and excellent service from Deano make this a no-brainer. Anyone with a Boonex network should have this. I was getting around 500 spammer per day, and since adding this mod - now maybe 1 per day. I can now dedicate my time to marketing instead of deleting spammers. Thank you!
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