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50% OFF - Events Cover (for modules Events by Boonex, UE30 and Modzzz)


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Version: 2.0.3

Added: 20.02.14

Updated: 08.03.16

Category: Photos

Tags: extensions, dolphin 7.1, facebook, integrations, modifications, templates, dolphin 7.2,, cover

Demo:  username - demouser,password - ibdwdemopass

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial module made by and cannot be modified see more and redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from This product can be used into only one domain.

Technical Checklist...

In offer: $19,00 (regular price is $39,00)

For D7.3.X-D7.2.X Events Cover is now available to add charming touch on the Events module.
Events Cover is compatible with the modules:

- Boonex Events
- Modzzz Events
- Ue30 Events

This is the events cover for the event post view where you can:
- upload a new image to the event cover album
- move the image (up/down) in order to center the subject
- remove the current cover

You can move the image and then double click to save the image position.

The image can be moved up and down. A popup displays the instructions during the positioning

You can change the cover of your event choosing from your event cover album

You can try it on our demo site

Demo account:
Username: demouser
Password: ibdwdemopass

The last popup image only displays how the upload of a cover is notified in the Wall: IBDW EvoWall (module not included in this package)
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Wonderful , Amazing and Elegant, this really adds personality to the site! Great Job!
I am using many of their products including Manta theme, pages cover, community cover etc and am pleased. The email response time and assistance is awesome too!
It does not seem to work on Google Chrome
For support contact us at
You can also send a screenshot that can display the issue.
Thanks a lot, Raff for another great cover page module.

Clear instructions, smooth and easy installation and great support - That is why I have more than 10 of your modules installed on
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