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50% OFF - EVO Wall - Advanced News Feed


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Version: 2.1.3

Added: 29.08.12

Updated: 18.09.16

Category: Social

Tags: facebook, wall, news feed, friends, google, twitter, dolphin 7.1, dolphin 7.2, dolphin 7.3,

Demo:  username - demouser,password - ibdwdemopass

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial module made by and cannot be modified see more and redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from This product can be used into only one domain.

Technical Checklist...

In offer: $99,00 (regular price is $199,00)

Now Available also for D7.3 (Dolphin.Pro)

Demo Site (Dolphin 7.3):
username: demouser
password: ibdwdemosite


Available on 3 different versions: for D7.1.X-D7.2.X-D7.3.X

Last features added:

- Responsive Layout (NEW)
- Bad words filter
- Emoticon support for comments and messages (NEW)
- Css icons usage (NEW)
- Email templates (managed from the administration)
- Status message post
- Email notifications management (for like, comments, share)

IBDW EVO Wall, it's not a SpyWall update but a new addictive module that includes new features and increases your members interactions.

What's added by EVO WALL

Sharing on the most important Social Network

In addition to the default sharing, Evo Wall adds the sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and now (from the version 1.3.0) also Pinterest, Baido, Weibo and QZone.


Have you see the new look for the post's menu?

If you share a post on (for example) Facebook, the wall will open the facebook sharing window:

and this will be the result on facebook:

Privacy Management:

the administrator can decide the default privacy for the profile's wall actions: members, public, friends, faves, me only.
This privacy level will be applied to the default actions privacy (for the wall privacy of members that have not already specified a custom privacy).
Each profile can manage directly his privacy for (possible values are: public, members, friends, faves or me only):

  2. personal messages (dashboard)

  3. Facebook sharing

  4. Google+ sharing

  5. Twitter sharing

  6. LinkedIn sharing

  7. Pinterest sharing (news! available from the version 1.3.0)

  8. Weibo sharing (news! available from the version 1.3.0)

  9. QZone sharing (news! available from the version 1.3.0)

  10. Baido sharing (news! available from the version 1.3.0)

  11. like

  12. share (the default on the wall)

  13. posts view

Normal order for posts or display the MOST POPULAR

The news can be displayed (in the home and in the account page) ordered by the ID (so of date, from the last to the first) or as most populars (this order is based on the number of comments and like received by a post)

URL Sharing

Tired of sharing a site with too much difficulty? you can share an url quickly and as on the most important social network (as Facebook). The URL's auto-detection allows to share a site without the use of the module Boonex Sites or of other external services (as ShrinkTheWeb).
Thanks to EVO Wall you can insert the address of a site (in the URL's input or into a message) and get all the site's informations automatically.

if you insert the address of a site (for example, you get this site preview:

As you can see, the site preview shows the site title, description, link and also the images browser. You can choose the image as you want for this site. After the submit, you'll see this post on the wall:

What the advantages of this method?

  • easy to use (very friendly). To share a link you can simply write the address and the script will retrieve all the informations automatically.

  • you dont need use the Boonex Sites or ShrinkTheWeb (*)

  • the images are not stored in your space (just embedded). This save space and bandwidth for your site

  • the script allow you to share an url you have written in a message (read below)

(*) If you want you can continue to use also Boonex Sites, the two systems can coexsist.
Url into the message:

The script detects the ulr's presence and so it displays this preview:

As you can see, the message is attached on top of the site preview. You can share just the message (message only) or also the site's informations (Share all) as it's shown below:

Here the message is on top of the site's informations.

GROUPING for Photos and similar contents

This is a very interesting feature.

The posts are grouped when the same profile creates the same type of post/action (added a photo, added a video, shared an url, ecc).

The grouping interval time is managed from the module administration (the administrator can decide to group the post, for example, for DAY, WEEK or MONTH). Also, for the photos, the administrator can choose the thumbnails number shown on the post.
On the post's end, there is the link for the posts detail (in this example for the url's grouping).

Quick preview for the images grouping
You can see the image zoom on mouse over!


  • You can choose 2 different default privacy for the Home page and for the Account page (members or friends)

  • Added the support for many 3D party extensions (by Modzzz, UE30, AndrewP, Rayz, Kolimarfey)

If you have installed the module Advanced Video Embed by Rayz, you can embed quickly a video from the wall:

An example of Vimeo's video post:

WARNING: by default the pornographic video service providers are disabled. To enable them (providers allowed by the Rayz's module) you must remove the comments on the file rayzembedactivated.php included in EVO Wall.

3D Party Modules supported:
  • Modzzz Premium Real Estate

  • Modzzz Clubs

  • Modzzz Bands

  • Modzzz Pets

  • Modzzz Petitions

  • Modzzz Schools

  • Modzzz Noticies

  • Modzzz Jobs

  • Modzzz Listings

  • Modzzz Classified

  • Modzzz News

  • Modzzz Family

  • Modzzz Relation

  • Modzzz Family

  • Modzzz Deals

  • AndrewP Cars

  • AndrewP Business Listing

  • AndrewP Real Estate

  • AndrewP Job

  • Boonex Pages (by Zarcon)

  • IBDW Profiles Cover

  • IBDW Groups Cover

  • IBDW Pages Cover

  • IBDW Blogs Cover

  • IBDW Events Cover

  • Rayz Advanced Video Embed 2.0

  • Rayz Advanced Video Embed 3.0

  • Rayz Live Video

  • UE30 Locations

  • UE30 Events

  • Kolimarfey Places


Very actual design for EVO Wall posts, menus, sections (comments, like), icons and dashboard (contentbox). The new menu will be displayed  when you'll move the mouse over the post.

IMPORTANT: You can enable/disable the social network on your site directly from the administration of this module

Memlevel Actions:

You can enable/disable the allowed wall's actions for each membership level:
EVO WALL - Blogs
EVO WALL - Comments add
EVO WALL - Comments view
EVO WALL - Content Box
EVO WALL - Events
EVO WALL - Groups
EVO WALL - Pages
EVO WALL - Like add
EVO WALL - Like view
EVO WALL - Personal messages
EVO WALL - Photos
EVO WALL - Polls
EVO WALL - Post sharing
EVO WALL - Sites
EVO WALL - Sounds
EVO WALL - Videos



Try it before to buy. Visit the demo site at

username: demouserpassword: ibdwdemopass

This demo site uses a custom template, but you can try also on this site the compatibility with the template UNI (installed).


  • Only on Dolphin7.2.0 the youtube video embed is not working (it's a bug of Dolphin 7.2.0 fixed since the version 7.2.1), So update your dolphin if you want to use Youtube (

  • For the compatibility with PhotoDeluxe, make sure you uses the PhotoDeluxe's version available on this market

  • Also you must update our other modules (1Col, 3Col, MegaProfile, Profile Cover, Group Cover, Blog Cover, Event Cover, ecc..)

  • The file zip includes the Quick Guide (Pdf) for the Installation, Activation and Setup

  • CUSTOMIZATION SERVICES: If you are interested to get a quote for the customization (style and features) contact us at

  • INSTALLATION SERVICES: First, make sure your site is error free (some template or mods can add javascript errors).You can install the mod by your self, it's very easy. Otherwise you can require the "Installation Service" here:

  • The settings must be used with attention, and you must tune these values considering your hosting performances (EvoWall can absorbe many resources).

  • Support is free for standard Dolphin installations (base and UNI templates must be not altered).

  • For the mobile app, you must use the MobileEVOWall (MobileWall standard is not compatible with EVO Wall).

  • EVO Wall has been tested under Google Chrome, Firefox, IE 9, Safari

For bug's reports, please write on the official support forum not here (this is not a support's area)
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Fantastic module. Well worth every penny for those serious in creating a highly interactive and successful social network/community. Setup is simple even with the comprehensive yet flexible list of configuration options.
This is the best Mod on the Boonex market is beautifull and have an easy installation, customizable style and working without problems..
Highly recommend this MOD and their first class service. Would like to give more then 5 stars**********
I have always been extremely satisfied when it comes to IBDW's modules here in the Market. The EVO Wall is just another example of the fine products put out by this company. I highly recommend the EVO for anyone. The features are absolutely AMAZING.. Installation was extremely easy as usual. ROCK ON !!!!!!!!
PERFECT! clean and very easy install great work guys
Wow! this is a powerful module! I cannot be any happier than this. I have to be honest.. this is the best module on the market!! Very easy to install! it works perfectly!! Wish i could give you 10 stars. Great job!!!
Astonishing the work and thought process that is in their modules.  The service is beyond first class and these guys love what they do and have a complete passion to get it right.  The combination of their modules is the best of what my site offer's.  When it comes to bring proud of what my site offers all of it revolves around their meticulous work.  I will always buy what these guys are selling as they just plain understand how this animal all works together.  If you want the best, they offer see more it without question.  Great work and all I can say is please keep it coming as I am one satisfied consumer.  I needed custom integration and they made it happen.  Fantastic work... 
EVO WALL is AWESOME....simple to install....great customer service.....and gives you power tools to do a lot more! You'll love the new easy sharing options, and the flexibility you have using the News Feed differently on different pages! I can't say enough! I'm really looking forward to making other modules work with this new News Feed!
Thanks Guys!
a great module, I can only recommend it!
It has all the features one needs Socila page!

The support is also great, many thanks for the work
Un super mod et un service de la part de ilbellodelweb impeccable.
Je vous le recommande.

A great mod and service from ilbellodelweb impeccable.
I recommend it.
Excellent, and must for every boonex community website.
Really not much to say about this module and his products. The stars will explain it. If I should say anything, I would try with astonishing and superb!
Thanks, we working always to improve and optimize our modules and this is possible because our customers believe on our projects and suggest new ideas and dreams ...
This module is really well done! I'm really pleased to have added to my website!

I'm sure this will be a great attraction to keep my limbs longer visiting my website.

Thank you to the development team for fast and accurate answers to my questions!

En français...

Ce module est vraiment bien fait! Je suis vraiment satisfait de l'avoir ajouté sur mon site Web!

Je suis certain que ceci sera une superbe attraction afin de garder mes membres en visite plus longtemps sur mon site web.

Merci see more à l'équipe de développement pour les réponses rapides et précises à mes questions!
Even pre-7.1 this takes things to a whole new level. Another extremely professional product from IBDW, Our long history with you continue.
Everyone was saying how good it was and I knew it would be. (your rep precedes you) but HOLY COW!, what a fabulous piece of work! 5 stars isn't enough to describe the goodwill this mod will create for my sites!

One comment though. The way you have the link (sites) setup is fantastic. That could easily be a stand alone product for a permanent sites mod page. I hope you take the hint and create one for us.

Thanks again for the hard work! I almost feel shame for only paying the discounted price. see more It's worth whatever you decide to charge!
Beautiful module and great service. This is a module you must have! Thank you!
This is so GOOD !!!! I have many modules, but this one is just on the top of my BEST List. And the support is even better. So don't hesitate.
Casal Pimenta
Another FANTASTIC module that can not miss in your network!
Everything works fine and easy. Fast and simple installation!
IBDW always surpassing to our delight.
5000 stars deserve!
Yep, I am truly enjoying this mod. It has certainly made my site POP. I look forward to more enhancements on this module to really make the members take note of our site. I got great support too.
Thank, the secret to provide a good support service is the quality of the customers. We have the fortune to have a good relation with big part of our customers/friends. This helps us to find the bugs and to improves our works.
Il personale de "ilbellodelweb" mi ha installato il modulo EVO. E' bellissimo e funziona perfettamente. Mi hanno realizzato il sito in tempi brevi ma la cosa che mi ha colpito è stata, oltre alla competenza e professionalità, anche il tempo che mi hanno dedicato sia via email, sia per telefono. Il mio grado di soddisfazione da 0 a 10 è di sicuro 100. ^___^ Li raccomando !!! 5 stelle PLUS !!! Davvero bravi. Complimenti !!
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