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50% OFF - Group's Cover - Add a cover to your groups!


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Version: 1.0.9

Added: 04.06.13

Updated: 08.03.16

Category: Photos

Tags: dolphin 7.1, groups, group, cover, modules, dolphin 7.2,

Demo:  username - demouser,password - ibdwdemopass

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial module made by and cannot be modified see more and redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from This product can be used into only one domain.

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In offer: $19,00 (regular price is $39,00)

Group Cover is now available for Dolphin 7.3 (Dolphin.Pro)
add charme on the group page!

Demo Site:
username: demouser
password: ibdwdemosite

This is the group cover for the group page view where you can:
- upload a new image to the groups cover album
- move the image (up/down) in order to center the subject
- remove the current cover

You can move the image and then double click to save the image position.

The image can be moved up and down. A popup displays the instructions during the positioning

You can change the cover of your group choosing from your groups cover album

You can try it on our demo site

Demo account:
Username: demouser
Password: ibdwdemopass
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A great WOW!!! for this mod.
You did it again. I love it and a bonus to any website and worth every penny.
My website looks like a complete new site and all I have done was to add the Group Cover.
great work.
It's a 5 Star from me
I have Profile Cover from this same developer. They love it and decided to get this for Group as well. This is a great addition to your group module. Great stuff! Easy to install! This developer always been professional since day one. :) You're Awesome!
Great mod. I bought both the profile cover and the group cover and they both work great. Easy install. I have bought several mods from this developer and I am pleased with them all. The are a little expensive compared to other mods, but you get great quality, and great support. Keep up the good work. My only criticism it the wait for validation and activation before you can complete install. I know this is to prevent piracy, but seems like there should be a more instant way. Other than that... see more Very, Very, VERY pleased!
Excellent mod. More than I expected. 5 stars.
Great communication and support through the entire setup process.
I highly recommend it!
I love ilbellodelweb.

I bought 8 products of ilbellodelweb (including this mod.). All are magnificent, bright, functional, practical, genuine, well-crafted, seamlessly integrated and grandiose.

Now my social network is unique and special.

I also value with 1,000 points, the after-sales technical service, are quick, professional, helpful and they do the job well.

Greetings to all the team ilbellodelweb. Congratulations!!! and continue well with your work.

Best Regards
very good product from ilbellodelweb, thank you.
A great addon. Money well spend.

You will see many of ilbellodelweb's modules on

The installation guidelines are clear and installation straightforward, ensuring a smooth installation and system integration.

Thanks for a great module and your timeous and professional support.
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