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50% OFF - PhotoDeluxe: Ajaxed profile's gallery with Photo Tags, like, comments, share, FB


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Version: 9.0.2

Added: 06.05.11

Updated: 22.06.16

Category: Photos

Tags: wall, spy, photo, tag, photos, facebook, dolphin 7.1, responsive,, dolphin 7.2

Demo:  username - demouser,password - ibdwdemopass

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial module made by and cannot be modified see more and redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from This product can be used into only one domain.

Technical Checklist...

In offer: $39,00 (regular price is $79,00)

A new way to manage and use the profile's photos in Dolphin

These the main features:
1) Fully Ajaxed: no page reloading when you browse, add or edit the albums and the photos
2) Quick access to the albums and the photos
3) Photo TAGs for friends
4) Comments shared on EVO Wall
5) Like/Unlike feature integrated on EVO Wall
6) Albums sharing for EVO Wall (the album will be shared in the wall with a certain number of photos preview)
7) Photo sharing for Facebook, EVO Wall
8) Like/Unlike instead of Rate for photos (for a better integration on EVO Wall)
9) Image address encrypted (to increase the security), no variable is visible
10) support for multiple upload
11) Facebook sharing
12) Comments management for the Administrator
13) Automatic username format (got from the default dolphin settings)
14) Dolphin watermark support
17) Support for the module Profile Cover (Optional)

Try it on the demo site before to buy. Visit demo site at


username: demouser
password: ibdwdemopass
IMPORTANT: This module can work with or without EVO Wall but it's strongly recommended to install also one of these wall to get the all features available (wall sharing, like/unlike, tags) from the module PhotoDeluxe.



By default you can choose two basic tamplates, the standard "Light" and a "Dark" template for the sites that use a dark template. You can also customize the style editing the files css of the module.
ADMINISTRATION - Module Configuration
You can change the behaviour of the module directly by the administration area of your site:

You can set:
  • The default template (light or dark...otherwise you can customize the style as you want)

  • The Album sharing feature for the module "EVO Wall"

  • The Photo sharing feature for the module "EVO Wall"

  • The Like feature instead of photo rate

  • The IBDW EVO Wall integration

  • The IBDW MegaProfile integration

  • The IBDW 1COL integration

  • The number of photos preview in the news feed for the album

  • The number of chars for the comments

  • The Comments for the albums

  • The Photo TAGs feature (in this case you can decide to display the nickname, the first name or the real name as in the other mods of the IBDW suite)

  • The rate feature (you can enable/disable) in the module

  • The "set as thumbnail" feature (avatar or profile image)

  • The number of photos per page to display in the album

Visit the demo site to see PhotoDeluxe at work
Only versions properly purchased here will be activated and supported
Single Lincense: Each license is for a specific domain (not for other domain name). For more details about the license you can see the following blog post:
ATTENTION:This module requires Boonex Photos and we suggest strongly to install the module "Evo Wall" in order to get all features available for PhotoDeluxe. You can remove the items of the default module Boonex Photos (in the menu and the relative blocks in the page) but dont uninstall the module Boonex Photos. PhotoDeluxe is not a new version of the module Boonex Photos, it's another way to use the gallery for the profile photos similar to Facebook.
Buy it only after visited the demo site and if the module features meet your requirements.
Visit the ONLINE DEMO at:
to see component at work
Buy it only after you have tried the module in our demo site!


READ THE INSTALLATION.TXT FILE (The installation is very easy!).
CUSTOMIZATION SERVICES:If you are interested to customize the look and functionality of this module, please contact us to get a quote.
INSTALLATION SERVICES:Before, make sure that your site is errors free (some template or mods can add javascript errors).You can install the mod by your self, it's very easy. Otherwise you can order the installation service available here:
ATTENTION:The Support is free for Dolphin installations standard (with template original).
You can contact us to this email address:
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Just like with every module that is put out by ilbellodelweb, this one is another superb addition. The built in 'Photo Tag' feature interacts with the SpyWall perfectly with an email notification to the friend who was tagged. Very nice design and integration with 1Col and Megaprofile. The ability to create albums, upload photos, share, and edit allows you to use this module as a stand-alone alternative to BoonEx's default photo module.

Coming from someone who owns ALL of ilbellodelweb's modules, see more I am happy to add this one to my collection as well. SUPERB JOB !!!!
Excellent module, up and running with the latest versions of all IBDW modules... all nicely working hand-in-hand. Great work (yet again!). Uploading more than one file would be a good enhancement for a future release. Highly recommended.
Finally! I have been waiting for this for a long long time! Most users couldn't figure how to add a photo in a simple way. With PhotoDeluxe, it makes it a lot easier and faster and also well integrated with all of illbellodelweb's other mods. This is another GREAT module that makes your site friendly. I would recommend this to anyone. It's a must have!

I'm not surprised this is another great mod. illbellodelweb has been developing so many awesome mods for Dolphin. thumbs up! :D
I cannot speak highly enough for this mod. IBDW has just taken Boonex to a whole new level.

All of IBDW's mods have been fantastic, but this takes the cake.

I was amazed at how much help and how quickly the help came that I got for the install.

6 out of 5 stars!
Qui, ha mostrato classe e livello. Congratulazioni.
I love the mods from this developer. a great extension and Rich addition to my community
I also downloaded this mod and it does as it describes. Having said that, I am not sure where to put it as it only has one function. It only displays my albums. It doesn't integrate with any iof the other photo relates mods on the site and the site very well.

I also think the ajax function isn't setup as well as it should be. There is no function to slide view the images and the display table adjusts to the size of the photo each time the arrow is pressed. The idea (and correct me if I am wrong) see more with ajax is to just properly resize and load a new photo into the existing page. If the photos are different sized, the table readjusts giving the impression it's reload the entire page. It's just clunky at best.

It's a good start but much needs to be done here. I think the current $price is a little high here for what's being provided. Are there additions and improvements coming to this mod?
My module feedback:-
Concept: *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Does what it says: *****
Presales Support: *****
Aftersales Support: *****
Seller Response: *****
Seller Response time: *****
Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes

I take great pleasure in writing this note of appreciation and we would like to place on record our profound gratitude & sincere thanks for the excellent see more service rendered to us during the pre-sales and after sales support with the highest sense of Professionalism. The Conceptual skills, step by step systematic approach, attention to details & precise documentation, meticulous planning & implementation, all handed out with kindness are the Hallmark of their achievement & Key objectives towards total customer satisfaction.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank every member of this esteemed Organisation, all I can say is look no further for your modules,

This module is perfect... *****
thank you for your work and your support...
Totally awesome mod! It transformed the look and functionality of the Photos section immediately.

This module is a definite must have for any Dolphin based site!

Five stars across the board!
Released the version 1.5 that add the facebook share button
Very good and amazing module ! Also a good interaction with IBDW Spywall... and, as always, a very fast & professional support from IBDW !
I'm having an issue with the comment box, tags & picture title overlapping the image. It looks awful. It's not the Template as UNI looks exactly the same. How can this be fixed? Thanks Much.
Hello, today we have released a fix for this problem that is present when you have not installed SpyWall (to use the "Like" feature for photos). Now this was fixed with the new version 2.1.
Please for support write on the support forum.
Thank you and best regards
This vendor has provided almost zero support for their modules. Most inquiries have been unanswered, problems unaddressed. I have written a lengthy explanation of the issues with the current release and have posted it in the forum. Please read it VERY carefully before you part with any money as you are getting what it is and nothing further.
Super-cool photo tagging mod. Love it!
Questo Mod semplifica di molto la sezione Foto,
Integrata magnificamente!
5 Stelle .. e altre 5!

The Mod works well, however my concern is that my members will not be able to use it because it is difficult to find. It does not integrate or have any affect on the original uploaded photos. The website photos look the same before the install as they do after the install of Photo Deluxe Mod and it is only when I select Profile Photos and photos and about a couple other selections do the Deluxe Mod starts to work.
As you can see into this market post:
"Description: A new way to manage and use the profile's photos in Dolphin"
This means that this module is only for the profile's photo, not a replace of the default module of Boonex (Photos).
I love ilbellodelweb.

I bought 8 products of ilbellodelweb (including this mod.). All are magnificent, bright, functional, practical, genuine, well-crafted, seamlessly integrated and grandiose.

Now my social network is unique and special.

I also value with 1,000 points, the after-sales technical service, are quick, professional, helpful and they do the job well.

Greetings to all the team ilbellodelweb. Congratulations!!! and continue well with your work.

Best Regards
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