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Instagram Ultimate Mod - Dolphin 2 Instagram


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Version: 1.1.0

Added: 23.02.14

Updated: 18.05.16

Category: Social

Tags: extensions, dolphin 7.1, instagram, d2instagram, social, photos, videos, instagram mod

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License:  Copyright (c) 2014-2019, Mods4Dolphin.All rights reserved.

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Description -
Instagram Ultimate Mod - Dolphin 2 Instagram (D2Instagram) is the latest mod in our D2X series. After huge success with D2Facebook and D2Twitter, we are very happy to announce this High quality mod for our High class customers!!!

D2Instagram let's you connect your Dolphin site to Instagram via the Instagram API end points. Instagram is a very popular photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service and is owned by Facebook. With this mod, your site will be able to display all the popular media, photo gallery, video gallery, location based media, user recent media, tagged media from Instagram and also allow the user to search Instagram content from within your site. This will be a great addition for your site users.

Features -
- Users can establish connection with their Instagram accounts over OAuth - simple and secure.
- User Media block to sync and display User media from Instagram
- User Follows block to sync and display User Follows from Instagram
- User Followers block to sync and display User Followers from Instagram
- User Likes to sync and display User Likes from Instagram
- User Settings page to control number of items to display
- User Media block on profile page
- User can specify Tag for Tagged gallery
- User can specify Longtitude and Latitude for Location gallery
- Admin settings for likes count, comments count and username display
- Code cleanup and some other minor fixes

- Popular Photos Gallery - This gallery displays the photos from the Instagram popular feed.
- Popular Videos Gallery - This gallery displays the videos from the Instagram popular feed.
- User Recent Media Gallery - This gallery displays the most recent user media from Instagram.
- Tagged Media Mode - This gallery displays media based upon a tag from Instagram.
- Location Based Gallery - This gallery displays location based media from Instagram.
- Search Mode - This mode allows user to enter search tags and displays instant media from Instagram.
- Admin configuration to switch user id, enter location details, specify tag and control number of items to display.
- Thumbnail layout mode - This mode displays the media in grid fashion with extra info like number of likes, comments, user details under it.
- Fullscreen layout mode - When user clicks on the media, a larger version of it expands in colorbox. The images are displayed in Photo viewer while Video in iframe Video Player.
- The mod is fast, super easy to install and easy to configure via admin panel.
- The mod support localization and can easily be translated.
- The mod supports colorbox integration and can be further extended.
- The mod support ajax and jquery animations and effects

Price -
We have placed the price very reasonably at $59 USD

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Great module. It is coming closer and closer to exactly what I need for my website with each version. Good work guys and keep it up. I am surprised with the popularity of instagram no one has done this sooner.
Thanks for your kind words and feedback.