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Instant Articles for Facebook


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Added: 01.01.17

Updated: 19.03.17

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License: This is a licensed commercial product developed by Tony Scala. This software can see more be installed on a single domain and edited for personal use only and cannot be redistributed under any circumstances.

Technical Checklist...

In June of 2015 Facebook launched a new feature of the Facebook platform called Instant Articles. To read more about Facebook's Instant Articles please follow this link:

In July of 2016 Facebook added the powerful feature of inline Advertisements to the Instant Articles platform allowing publishers (you) to add animated ads, video ads and banner ads to any or all of your published Instant Articles, allowing you to keep 100% of the revenue generated from your 'Sponsored' ads. If publishers can't fill their own ad spots, they can include Facebook ads and then keep 70% of the revenue.

Some Facts About Instant Articles

Facebook has reported that content published using Instant Articles receive more clicks (+20%), shares (+30%), and time spent reading (+70%).

A recent study shows that average click-through rates for premium native ads on mobile increased by 137 percent in the first quarter of 2016 versus the same period the previous year, compared with desktops.

Pros of using Instant Articles: Fast mobile performance (10x faster than mobile browsers), offers rich media options coupled with storytelling capabilities (high-resolution photos, videos, interactive maps), branded design and customized visual display and users don’t have to change their sharing habits.

Instant Articles load very quickly, which helps to hold people’s attention, with Facebook claiming 70% of people are less likely to abandon the article. Interactive and immersive tools allow you to deliver a more compelling mobile storytelling experience.

On Facebook alone, the user base has expanded to 1.04 billion daily active users and 934 million mobile daily active users as of December 2015, allowing companies to connect with their audience at scale. And with 63% of Facebook users getting their news through their social networks, content publishers everywhere are looking into how they can participate in the new Instant Articles feature.

One of the many advantages of Instant Articles is that the platform will display content in a way that’s most suited for mobile users.

Instant Articles traffic can be reported on a daily or hourly basis, allowing publishers to identify peak times for different types of content and to use this data to improve their future content campaign strategies.

How The Instant Articles Module Works

You must first create a Facebook Page and then sign up for Facebook Instant Articles, and then connect your Facebook Instant Articles to your Facebook Page.

Create a Facebook App and paste app id and app secret into the module admin settings.

Create your Instant Articles using the WYSIWYG editor and include your logo and header image.

Create an animated, video or banner advertisement that will be included in your Instant Article.

Create your Analytical code that will be used to track engagement results of your Articles.

Submit your Instant Articles to Facebook for approval (Facebook requires that you submit 5 articles at once to get your account started). Once approved you can publish your Articles.

Earn revenue generated from the Advertisements included in your Articles.

Instant Articles Module Features

+ Create an unlimited number of Instant Articles
+ Insert animated, video or banner advertisements into your Instant Articles
+ Insert Analytic code such as Google Analytics or any other 3rd party analytic code into your Articles
+ Create and Submit your Instant Articles to Facebook for review from within your Dolphin admin panel
+ View list of all created and active Instant Articles

Please note that since a Facebook App is needed for this module an SSL Certificate (HTTPS) for the site you are installing the module on is also required by Facebook.

Get A 7 Day Free Trial
To obtain your free trial send me a pm and I will provide you with download instructions.
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Another top class mod from Tony. Well documented, reasonably priced and useful tool for getting traffic to sites. A great way of generating some income from advertising through posted Articles. Keep it up.
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