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Mobile Chat


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Added: 19.12.11

Updated: 13.01.14

Category: Mobile

Tags: extensions, chat, mobile, mobile chat, messenger, android chat, iphone chat, dolphin 7.1

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License: This is a product of Boonexpert. It cannot be redistributed without written permission. see more Single license is for one website only.

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Mobile Chat allows your users to send and receive instant messages on Dolphin mobile apps (Android and iPhone) from the Dolphin Simple Messenger module installed on your website, it works with both rebranded and standard apps from Android Market or iTunes.

People can talk both mobile-to-mobile or site-to-mobile ways.

From admin panel you can adjust chat screen update frequency, how many last messages will be showed on conversation page and how many last contacted people will be showed in the list. 

From well-commented CSS files you have full access to change design.

You don't need to change any code, just upload and install it. If you don't know how to install modules I help with installation.
It will allow your users to instantly reach eachother no matter where they go.

This module includes free installation on your server!
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You are welcome to check my other modules:

After purchase please request the unlock code from me by sending a message with your order number and website address:
If you have any questions please feel free to write me a message:, I'll try to respond promptly.

Terms of purchase:
All our sales are final and no refunds will be given. Please ask all questions and request demo (if available) prior to purchase. As most of our offers are digital services, it is impossible for you to return a service to use for a refund. If you find a bug in our software, you can report it on support email and we will fix it in the next version or custom on buyer server. Finding a bug is not a reason to request a refund. However, we understand that it is impossible for us to test our software on every platform and every configuration it may encounter on other servers. Therefore if you are unable to get our software up and running on your server in the first 30 days after purchasing the software then please contact us and we will do everything within our knowledge and experience to get our software to work on your server.
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Works GREAT! Thank you so much! Have a happy new year.
Works well and with version 7.0.8 of Dolphin it is just too easy to add the CHAT APP to the mobile app! This module was easy to install after receiving the unlock code. Hope to see more mobile app compatible modules.
This guy is good. very helpful and professional.
is there a way to clear the chat history
Big module! . Thank you very much for all your modules!! Easy Install. Thanks for your support!
Score: 4/5 Stars!!!
I love this mobile chat its exactly what I have wanted for ages. So many people don't even own computers these days and rely on there iphone and android phones. So keep up the great work I love this module.
Very unique mod, a must if u want ur members to participate more on the site. Great Job and service.
I would like to thank Boonexpert for the Speed ​​and seriousness in dealing with customer requirements. Many thanks
The chat works flawlessly top! The support is very fast, so makes the whole fun. Highly recommended. Always gladly again! Five stars from me
installed the module yesterday and its working perfect as i will be using it for getting song requests i find it perfect and was offered help if any problems, of which i had none.
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