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50% OFF - Mobile NEWS FEED - IBDW Mobile EVOWall


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Version: 2.0.3

Added: 18.10.11

Updated: 31.07.16

Category: Mobile

Tags: extensions, modifications, integrations, mobile, iphone, android, news feed, wall, dolphin 7.1, dolphin 7.2

Demo:  username - demouser,password - ibdwdemopass

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial module made by and cannot be modified see more and redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from This product can be used into only one domain.

Technical Checklist...

In offer: $49,00 (regular price is $99,00)

New version for the wall designed for iOS and Android devices.

IBDW Mobile Evo Wall

Compatible with D7.3.X, D7.2.X and the Boonex or rebranded mobile apps (ver. 1.8 or next)

Now you can follow your site's activities in the mobile apps using your SmartPhone or Tablet device. The new version of the wall is very addictive and full of rich new features.

Video Demonstration

See this video (created by Zarcon: thanks) for a quick video tutorial:


Try it before to buy.

Visit demo site at (Dolphin 7.1.X)


username: demouser
password: ibdwdemopass

Main features

  • news feed available for the HOME page and for the PROFILE page

  • (new feature) you can choose the default privacy for the news feed on the home page: Ex. just ‘friends’ or all ‘members’

  • post actions: LIKE / UNLIKE, COMMENT, SHARE (for the most posts type), SPAM REPORT, DELETE

  • (new feature) task menu auto hide / display (scrolling the page: up or down)

  • (new feature) auto-feed: the new posts are loaded automatically when you are at the page bottom

  • (new feature) membership actions level inherited from EvoWall

  • (new feature) more information for the posts (images, descriptions, prices, poll results, dates....)

  • (new feature) image size increased (not a simple thumbnail), so you have not need to see the image in the album

  • (new feature) album share: you can browse the images of an album shared using EvoWall or PhotoDeluxe simply dragging the image to the left or to the right (PhotoDeluxe required)

  • (new feature) module settings (administration): new design

Modules Integration

  • Boonex Videos

  • Boonex Photos

  • Boonex Ads

  • Boonex Events

  • Boonex Groups

  • Boonex Sites

  • Boonex Polls

  • Boonex Pages (By Zarcon)

  • IBDW PhotoDeluxe (like, comment, tag and share of an image/album)

  • (new feature) IBDW Profile Cover

  • (new feature) IBDW Group Cover

  • (new feature) Modzzz Real Estate

  • (new feature) UE30 Events

Other type of posts

  • personal messages

  • (new feature) urls

  • message status change

  • new joins

  • new friendships


IBDW MobileEvo Wall requires the installation of the module IBDW EvoWall. Don’t buy this module if you have not also installed the module IBDW EvoWall.To buy the module IBDW EvoWall visit this link:


Instructions included into the file zip. Please read.
Installation is very easy but if you want this is the link to require the installation of the module:
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I will have to say this was the app I have long awaited for before pushing people to use the Boonex mobile apps. AGAIN, ilbellodelweb has taken the Dolphin experience to another level. Taking one of the most popular and powerful 3rd party apps (Spywall) and creating a mobile version. This definitely is a must for anyone who is wanting to use the mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

I HIGHLY recommend reading the description and TEST IT using their demo website before making the purchase. This app see more will definitely blossom with features as Boonex enables more features within the mobile app.

ilbellodelweb, Another awesome job indeed!!!!
un applicazione bellissima.. facilissima da installare.. e funziona perfettamente.. veramente complimenti.. con questo modulo mi sono convinto ad acquistare anche la licenza boonex per la app mobile.. che senza questo modulo lasciava desiderare... quindi COMPLIMENTI per il vostro ottimo lavoro...
My members have been waiting for this for a long time. If you have SpyWall from this guy, this is a MUST MUST have. I LOVE it!! Thank you ilbellodelweb for your hard work! They are always my favorite! :)
easy installation, excelent support, nice price :-)
Very good module. Easy install and manage. Much needed. Thank you and good work.
You have made me one happy camper, thank you very much I love your product....
This is an amazing module just like everything else IBDW releases. You have the ability to view posted photo's, video's, links & listen to music. You can also go back to previous wall posts. Commenting, Sharing, Deleting & rating posts is as easy as pie. This is another fabulous addition to my collection of IBDW mod's & bumps my site up another notch. Thanks again!
Excellent module, I love it.
Thanks for your work.
A 10 for the module.
A 10 to the support.
I bought almost all its modules and 10 for all.
Thanks guys.
Pepe Casado.
Really Dude? I have asked three times for you to send me the licenses for the col1 and col3 modules that came with this package and you have not sent them I not only purchased this module but purchased another one AND THIS IS THE TYPE OF SERVIE I GET????????
The license was already sent April 10
is a great module! I can only recommend it!
super work!
It has reached a point where I do not need to read reviews or do any research when it comes to purchasing an IBDW product. They are always fantastic, well designed and easy to use. Updates are on the spot and problems are solved almost immediately. It's too bad there is only 5 stars to rate here as this one deserves 10. Do not hesitate, you won't be disappointed!
Really Great Mod. But please please update the News Feed Icon to the new Mobile App design. Thank you very much
This is not working with Russian mode. This Vendor sell modes with Bugs and than try to fix it for 25$ ! Its not good. I didnt get support for no one mode but spent about 1000$ to this Vendor but get onley bad emotions and 2 - 3 days delay with quastions !
Great, your cover Mobile NEWS FEED
Simple, quick to install. Brings added value to the mobile app. I'm really pleased with this purchase. I am on 7.0.9v at the moment, so there is a few bugs, I'm sure it'll be okay later when I upgrade to 7.1 & beyond.
Thank you for always taking the time to anwser all my questions regarding any of your modules. You have been a pleasure to deal with and always have the best modules. Thank you for such great service and even better modules!!!! Will continue to purchase from you.
Will there be more mobile modules in the future?
Best module with suberb support.... Ratting 5 Star

Required more additional features will be great module
This is one bad a** mobile app, it's the bomb great job guys, keep it up!!! The service was great !!!!!
Very nice Mod! Finally my website will look more professionnal and like facebook.
Also nice communication and customer support!
24 hours and zero communication after purchasing. Still waiting on activation code.
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