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50% OFF - Profile Cover "PLUS" - Add more to your profile cover


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Version: 2.1.0

Added: 17.05.13

Updated: 05.03.17

Category: Photos

Tags: dolphin 7.1, facebook, extensions, profile, cover, profile cover, copertina,

Demo:  username - demouser,password - ibdwdemopass

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial module made by and cannot be modified see more and redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from This product can be used into only one domain.

Technical Checklist...

In offer: $24,00 (regular price is $59,00)

Add charme on the profile page as on Facebook and Google+

IMPORTANT: from the version of Profile Cover 2.0.6
we have introduced two new options in the module settings:

1) Enable link to edit the profile image: this option allows to link the page to choose the profile image (not the cover but the profile image) into the profile thumbnail. By default this option is not active
2) Use default Boonex cover album: Because Boonex introduced the profile cover in the last versions of Dolphin (in the past only this module allowed this feature), now you can choose in the settings to use the default album for the profile cover (of Dolphin) or to use a custom album name. By default this option is not active.

Demo Site:
username: demouser
password: ibdwdemosite

You can:
- upload a new image to the cover (and to the cover album)
- move the image (up/down) in order to center the subject
- remove the current cover
- choose an image from another album (this feature is available only if you have also installed the module IBDW PhotoDeluxe ver 6.4 or next)
- choose the Avatar/Profile image size

You can move the image and then with a double click the position will be saved.

If you have installed the module PhotoDeluxe you can choose the image from your albums and set the cover.

The image can be moved up and down. A popup shows the instructions during the positioning
Try Profile Cover before to buy!
You can try it on our demo site

Demo account:
Username: demouser
Password: ibdwdemopass

Compatibility: the link "Pages" on the Profile Cover menu is compatible with the Pages Modules by Zarcon (free and paid version), by AQB Soft (AntonLV) and Modzzz
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Let me be the first one to say that this module is SUPER!!
EASY INSTALL AS ALWAYS & works well with 7.1.1 and custom template.

IBDW Rocks
Thanks for your great work like, just do more so I am very satisfied !!!!
Grazie per il vostro grande lavoro piace, basta fare di più, quindi sono molto soddisfatto !!!!

it's also become the time there is a profile for the dolphin expansion cover it like a facebook.
è diventato anche il tempo vi è un profilo per l'espansione delfino coprirlo come un facebook .
Complimenti come al solito un ottimo lavoro veramente professionale, un modulo indispensabile per dolphin.. come anche EVO Wall.. grazie per il lavoro che state facendo qui su boonex..
Really nice addition to the profile page, Adds color,enables creativity and adds personality. Great functionally to import pictures and move them around for placement. Install was simple. Nice that this module integrates with Dolphin well. Some modules will not report to spy or use Dolphin Alerts, therefore they do not show up on products that support spy and alerts like this one. Also thumbs up to Raffaele and IBDW Team for there quick responses to any issues.
I love it! My members really love this a lot! Not only the ability to upload for their profile cover, they can navigate from "Friends" "Photos" to "Groups" "Events" etc etc in their profile a lot easier. Super clean and smart design! Another excellent module from illbellodelweb!!! Thumbs up!!

**BOONEX! He SHOULD be a TRUSTED VENDOR! Did you look at all of his forums and product ratings!!? His business always been serious with customers. It's been see more a while! He deserves to be one! :) **
Once again just plain perfect! I would buy their product again and again and I have! This really adds personality to the site! Well done well done indeed!!
Another great WOW!!! for this mod.
You did it again. I love it and a bonus to any website and worth every penny.
My website looks like a complete new site and all I have done was to add the Profile and Group Cover.
great work.
It's a 5 Star from me
How to remove buttons or make the letters smaller?
My languages are to long, i want make the size of the letters smaller, for every profile.

What must i do?
Hits it out the ball park again. They are going to make me go broke because they make such essential mods, you can't not buy them. :)

I bought both the profile cover and the group cover and they both work great. Easy install (minutes). I have bought several mods from this developer and I am pleased with them all. The are a little expensive compared to other mods, but you get great quality, and great support, so it is worth it. Keep up the good work. My only criticism is the wait for see more validation and activation before you can complete the install. I know this is to prevent piracy, but seems like there should be a more instant way. Other than that... Very, Very, VERY pleased!
Great product, worth every cent. Boom!
Its all good easy to install very impressive for your members profile page all my members love it,as for the developer very fast response with license code active within the 2 hours from purchase though it states could take 48 hours...Thankyou
Wonderful , Amazing and Elegant .... It was easy to install and gives a professional look to my Profile section. I strongly suggest this module to admins with lots of members ... they will love it.
Great, your cover profile
I love ilbellodelweb.

I bought 8 products of ilbellodelweb (including this mod.). All are magnificent, bright, functional, practical, genuine, well-crafted, seamlessly integrated and grandiose.

Now my social network is unique and special.

I also value with 1,000 points, the after-sales technical service, are quick, professional, helpful and they do the job well.

Greetings to all the team ilbellodelweb. Congratulations!!! and continue well with your work.

Best Regards
Works great, everything I wanted, this really sets the profiles on my page apart! Thank you for all your hard work, and contributions to the Dolphin Community! would definitely purchse from ilbellodelweb again!
easy install and works perfect!
Just installed this mod, and it is as advertised and wasn't too difficult to install. Made my site look awesome!
Had it up and running and fully understood it in about 15 minutes. No need for support yet, it is working perfectly!
Thank You for this MOD, it is GREAT.
very good product from ilbellodelweb, thank you.
awesome mod, im trying to use the cover like a row and set columns above the cover like facebook.
Amazing product. Really sets your site off. All of the functionality works beautifully. Install is fool proof.
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