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BASIC Android rebrand service


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Version: 2.0.0

Added: 18.03.13

Updated: 22.03.15

Category: Mobile

Tags: integrations, extensions, modifications, services, android, rebranding, custom, rebrand, mobile

Demo: contact us  username - contact us,password - contact us

License: Prime License By BoonEx

Technical Checklist...

BASIC Android rebrand service

This service includes:
- Locked to your site
- Custom About page.
- Custom Splash Screen.
- Design customization: Logo, background and icons.
- Help or submission to iOS Market.
- Join form included.

The join form includes the following fields by default: NickName, First Name, Second Name, email, pass, confirm pass, Select Birthday & View & Accept Terms*
Adding/editing join form fields can suppose an extra cost

Please make sure that you have a (or will purchase) mobile re-branding license from BoonEx it is part of Boonex's Prime package.
*Before acquiring the product contact us.
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Rebranded my Android app and I am very happy with the work and the service. He did more than I asked and was always on hand to offer me suggestions on ways to improve.
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