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RSS Feed Factory


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 08.11.16

Updated: 10.02.17

Category: Content

Tags: integrations, modifications, rss, news

Demo:  username - N/A,password - N/A

License: This is a licensed commercial product developed by Tony Scala. This software can see more be installed on a single domain and edited for personal use only and cannot be redistributed under any circumstances.

Technical Checklist...

RSS Feed Factory takes away the need of having to search the Internet and source out your RSS news feeds by doing it all automatically for you.

With RSS Feed Factory you can add literally hundreds or thousands of articles to your site for your members to read within a quick minute or two.

You can add RSS Feed Factory to any of your Dolphin pages by simply creating a new Block and add your category titles that contain pretty much ANY keywords such as sports, baseball, hockey, music, rock, pop, dating, dating-advice, politics, American Politics, Greece and so on. The software does all the rest and brings in the Top 10 RSS Feeds for that keyword or category, each with links to the original article as well as a "more" link that provides additional pages of articles on their relevant topic that are provided by Google.

All of the feeds are updated automatically with newly posted articles without he need of any cron job.

All of the RSS Feed links for each category or keyword are opened on a new page so the site visitor does not get taken away from your website at anytime.

The background color, table border and text colors can easily be edited to match your site colors.

RSS Feed Factory is the easiest and quickest way to add RSS content to your Dolphin site without having to spend hours searching the Internet for rss feeds.

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Just as described. No messing about with settings. Support provided is top notch too. Very good addition to my other purchased mods.
Highly recommended.