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Simple Ad Manager (banner rotator)


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Version: 1.1.3

Added: 28.09.14

Updated: 11.08.15

Category: Advertisement

Tags: adwords, affiliate, banner, banner rotation, free, advertisement, make money, ad rotator, ads

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License: Sponsored

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Simple Ad Manager is an easy to use and extremely handy script for displaying adverts on your website.

Webmasters can create an advert and appropriate ad spaces via the Simple Ad Managers’ intuitive build-in interface. The newly created ad spaces can be further managed through PageBuilder (please refer to screenshots for details). The smart module is responsive and can detect whether the advert is to be displayed above or below the ‘screen fold’. Based on this information and other criteria it will select an appropriate ad for that space.

The current criteria used by DB Adverts include: banner active, start and end date of promotion, above or below the screen fold and the width of the ad space.

The module works with all sorts of ads, including Google Adwords.

Update V1.1.0
Added pagination in admin section for adverts and ad blocks
Added option to display or not display certain ads on certain pages

The module also contains a handy list of networks that pay you for your ad spaces (CPM). There is a general list and a seperat list for adult sites. All you have to do is register with one or more of the networks to start making $$$ with your site.
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This is a very cool mod, thanks for the freebie!
Easy to use, and great options.
Thanks newton. If there is enough interest for the module I'll further develop it and suggestions are always welcome!
When I first installed this FREE mod I had an error caused by the version of PHP I am using. I contacted Denre and received a very fast response followed by a fix for my issue. Denre is very professional, friendly, and extremely helpful. Thanks a bunch for assisting me and making a great mod. :)
I'm late with my response here, but also free mods deserve support ;)
Very cool!
Many thanks to make it free!
Many thanks for a great little program, with many features, and making it free is a great service to anyone just starting their site.
Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad to hear you like it
this is a great mod works very well easy to use thank you
And thank you for your feedback, much appreciated!