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Splash Builder


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 15.11.16

Updated: 13.04.17

Category: Template

Tags: templates, integrations, splash, landing page

Demo:  username - N/A,password - N/A

License: This is a licensed commercial product developed by Tony Scala. This software can see more be installed on a single domain and edited for personal use only and cannot be redistributed under any circumstances.

Technical Checklist...

Splash Builder will add a professional looking splash (landing page) to your Dolphin site that can be easily customized via the admin panel.

Editing the page content is as simple as double clicking the element and replacing it, whether it be text, links, icons, or images.

Splash Builder Features

+ Up to 4 header slides can be activated or deactivated
+ Remove slider image filter to make images brighter
+ Easy click and upload to replace existing slider images
+ Slider timing settings from 1 to 10 can be selected
+ Fixed menu bar that stays in place while scrolling
+ Features section uses Font Awesome icons and can be replaced by selecting new ones
+ Features section contains 10 separate features that can be activated or deactivated
+ Testimonials section can be used for other purpose or deactivated
+ Testimonials section offers a jQuery Swipe function for sliding through testimonials
+ Pricing tables can be activated or deactivated
+ Pricing table color scheme can be changed by editing the color code in the css settings
+ Working contact form that can be activated or deactivated
+ Google Maps for specific site location
+ Footer Share buttons can be edited
+ Buttons can be activated or deactivated
+ Splash is fully responsive
+ Meta tags for SEO readiness
+ There are currently 12 theme colors: black, blue, dark blue, gray, green, gold, lime, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow (more colors to be added soon)
+ HTML code can be placed below the Share buttons to extend the page and add what ever you like. Add more sections or banners or even videos

See it in Action:
Splash Demo

Due to copyright infringement laws it makes it difficult at times to find quality images to use on your website without having to spend good money for each image needed.

I am including over 1000 Royalty Free stock images and backgrounds that can be used in any manner you like. This bundle includes only high quality professional photos that make a perfect resource for Splash Builder.

Get A 7 Day Free Trial
To obtain your free trial send me a pm and I will provide you with download instructions.
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Installed fine and works well. Pretty easy to work with. Minor complaint with logo in upper left hand corner. Would like to be able to just eliminate that.
I can help you out with that. Send me a private message and I can walk you through removing the logo completely.
Donald R
Can't git it up on my sit
hi, how would i change the size of the header logo? i would like to make it bigger. Thanks in advance
A really excellent module and the help i received installing it was very fast and very helpful. It had a lot more features than i realised and it has made my website look even more professional! Thank you!
Thank you Ruth! Was a pleasure.
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