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Splash Builder Pro


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Version: 1.0.2

Added: 15.11.16

Updated: 06.03.17

Category: Template

Tags: templates, integrations, splash, landing page

Demo:  username - N/A,password - N/A

License: This is a licensed commercial product developed by Tony Scala. This software can see more be installed on a single domain and edited for personal use only and cannot be redistributed under any circumstances.

Technical Checklist...

Splash Builder will add a professional looking splash (landing page) to your Dolphin site that can be easily customized via the admin panel.

This is a more powerful version of the Splash Builder module that offers more functions and more editable features via the Dolphin admin panel.

Editing the page content is as simple as double clicking the element and replacing it, whether it be text, links, icons, or images.

+ Up to 4 header slides can be activated or deactivated
+ Remove slider image filter to make images brighter
+ Easy click and upload to replace existing slider images
+ Slider timing settings from 1 to 10 can be selected
+ Slider can be completely disabled and replaced with ANY html coding or video embed code
+ Fixed menu bar that stays in place while scrolling
+ Ability to disable the top menu bar
+ Features section uses Font Awesome icons and can be replaced by selecting new ones
+ Features section contains 10 separate features that can be activated or deactivated
+ Features section can be displayed in either 1 or 2 columns
+ Testimonials section can be used for other purpose or deactivated
+ Testimonials section offers a jQuery Swipe function for sliding through testimonials
+ Ability to click and replace the Testimonials background image
+ Pricing tables can be activated or deactivated
+ Pricing table color schemes can be changed to ANY color within the admin panel
+ Working contact form that can be activated or deactivated
+ Google Maps for specific site location
+ Footer Share buttons can be edited
+ Buttons can be activated or deactivated
+ Splash is fully responsive
+ Meta tags for SEO readiness (managed via the admin panel)
+ There are currently 12 theme colors: black, blue, dark blue, gray, green, gold, lime, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow (more colors to be added soon)
+ HTML code can be placed above and below the Share buttons to extend the page and add what ever you like. Add more sections or banners or even videos

See it in Action:
Splash Demo

Due to copyright infringement laws it makes it difficult at times to find quality images to use on your website without having to spend good money for each image needed.

I am including over 1000 Royalty Free stock images and backgrounds that can be used in any manner you like. This bundle includes only high quality professional photos that make a perfect resource for Splash Builder.

Get A 7 Day Free Trial
To obtain your free trial send me a pm and I will provide you with download instructions.
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4 words: Amazing, Ingenious, customizable, inexpensive! 4 words: Amazing, Ingenious, customizable, inexpensive!

A must have to inform community visitors efficiently and comprehensively. Quick support.
It was great.
This is a beautiful and very convenient mod.
This is the best way to quickly set up a home page for the site.
Tony quickly helped with the settings and answered all my stupid questions.
I recommend you buy this mod.
A special thank Tony for a bonus - a collection of high-resolution pictures.
This Mod has really stepped up the look of my site. Awesome addition to make a site attractive with ease. Nice work Tony.
A fantastic Mod and easy to customise but what makes it even better is the service Tony gave me (I'm far from computer literate).

Thank you
The Splash Builder Pro is brilliant... 5 Stars, and I strongly recommend it.
Quick simple access to always looking great, and being informative.

We have been apart of the Extensions Market for a very long time, and we can see Tony offers diverse relevant extensions, and great service.

It's simple, and we thank you
Personally I would avoid Tony at all costs. Having purchased the Splash Builder mod back in July I have yet to get it working. Tony is totally unresponsive to messages and I am left out of pocket.
After contacting Tony BEFORE buying this module, I wanted to ensure if he was going to be a reliable or unreliable developer. 6+yrs working with my Dolphin site, I have seen way too many flaky developers. Tony assured me that he would be an excellent provider. After installing this module, it did not work. Tony had to access my server, which I wasn't very comfortable with since I haven't worked with hime before. I made a leap of faith, gave him access and he fixed the issues (this module didn't see more take into account SSL, so I gave him a pass).

When configuring to my liking, I found errors and also needed some improvements. It is now 2 months and 8 emails later, and still no resolution! He's promised to upload his fixes, yet once again, another developer has burned me. He hasn't responded in almost a month now, yet still uploading new modules to the market - WTF!!!

Proceed with caution if you decide to take the plunge and buy his modules. I will not be fooled twice with this guy. So disappointed :-(
Not sure if I am doing something wrong, followed the instructions, I can customize in admin panel but the page doesn't show up on my site, the over 1000 royalty free pictures are not to be find. I am afraid this is a waste of money.
As the documentation included with the module states, the Royalty Free images included with the purchase of this module are over 3GB in size, and are too large to include with the zip package and are only available by a separate download. I will send you the links to download the files. As for the failed install, I also provide free installation, which if you would like me to install for you please send me a private message with your ftp and Dolphin admin login details.
I did not see the documentation file in the .zip nor is it showing up in the Module when installed. I just installed so will need to understand why I cannot save any of the edits I make or why I get an error when finally allowed to at least attempt to save the background color. Thank you in advance for getting me on the path to productive use of this product.
Excellent script, well coded, and do what it says - It do bring some fresh look to my social network, is modern and cool to administrate. I first had some trouble to make it work because of some aspect of my website. I PM Tony and 1 days after all was fixed and the module operational. Maybe a forum will help others that have questions or needs.
On my side I do have a very good impression on the work and the dev !
Hope more scripts and évolutions from you Tony ! Good job, keep going
Thank you. Working with clients such as yourself makes my work worth the effort.
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