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Website VoiceMail Pro 1000


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 13.02.19

Updated: 22.02.19

Category: Communication

Tags: modifications, integrations, audio, voicemail

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License: This is a licensed commercial product developed by Tony Scala. This software can see more be installed on an unlimited number of websites for your own personal use, and cannot be redistributed in any way without my written consent.

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Website VoiceMail Pro provides your site visitors and exisiting clients with the most convenient, easiest, least time consuming way to contact you via your website, and with mobility being as popular as it is, it's much easier recording your voice than typing out a 5 minute voice mail on a cell phone or mobile device.

Website VoiceMail Pro is a powerful tool in terms of website interaction that will literally take your website to a new level and you will be among the first to offer this service on your website. Voicemail for websites is definitely the way of the future in terms of website communication, and our platform is the most powerful and most advanced Internet based voicemail system that is available today.


You can set it so senders name and email are optional or mandatory.

The system stores all recorded messages and can be downloaded at any time.

Receive your new Voicemail messages directly in your email inbox with audio attachment.

You can set the recording time length from a few seconds to more than 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer.

You can place the VoiceMail Popup Tab in various positions on the page or you can embed the recorder in an HTML block on the page.

You have the ability to 'Mass' email everyone in your list who sent you a voicemail or you can email them individually.

You can export your contact list as a CSV file.

You can customize the header message, Pop-up Tab text, and the thank you message for successful submission.

You can customize the color of the Record and Submit buttons as well as the color of the Popup Tab.

You can place your voicemail widgets on your own website or on any number of other websites, no matter what type of website they are, HTML based, PHP, Dolphin or any other cms based website.

You can have your VoiceMail Tab(s) displayed on all of your Dolphin pages or only on a select few, placing different VoiceMail widgets on different Dolphin pages.

You can also create up to 1000 different voicemail widgets for different functions such as a Contact Us voicemail widget, or a Technical Support voicemail widget, online Reservation or Booking voicemail, or replace your current Newsletter system by creating a Newsletter Widget and use the built-in editor as your Newsletter mailing system.

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Please Note:
Website VoiceMail Pro 1000 allows you to receive a maximum of 1000 voicemail messages, at which time you would need to delete old messages to allow for new messages to be recorded, or upgrade to the Unlimited VoiceMail Pro Lifetime plan for only $147.

If you are interested in the Unlimited Lifetime plan send me a pm and I will send you details on how to submit payment.

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