Dolphin 6.1.5 Released. 100% Open Source. Flash Apps & Forum Included. New Licenses.

Andrew Boon posted 6th of May 2009 in . 213 comments.

While preparing for the huge release of Dolphin 7, we decided to update 6.1.x line to make sure the current version doesn't have critical bugs/issues. Thanks to your feedback and participation, we've been able to locate and fix over 50 issues.

The list of updates is available here.

Upgrade Pack

No waiting this time. The update package is ready for your consumption. You're welcome to download it.


There's only one file now, for everything. One license - for everything. There're no more Ray Widgets, no more Orca. It's all Dolphin now - with everything included, and everything under one license. No more re-installing when you purchase a license, no more separate registrations.


New licenses work for the entire package and remove links from all site pages and from Flash apps.

New pricing is available here.

License Updates

I know everyone was waiting for the price, but we had reasons to keep mum. Now, brace yourself:

Every license issued for any BoonEx product is now updated to an "Unlimited Dolphin" license!!

Let me spell it out:

If you have 3 months of an Orca license remaining - you get Unlimited Dolphin, with all Flash apps.

If you have an unlimited Dolphin license without Ray widgets - you get Unlimited Dolphin, with all Flash apps.

If you have ANY active license it will work as an Unlimited License, both for the new Dolphin and for any of your current BoonEx products.

Cool, eh?

SmartPro License holders get new SmartPro Licenses (5 domain).

100% Open Source

From now forward, every piece of the Dolphin package is open-source, and that includes Flash apps - chat, IM, player, etc. You can now modify them as you please. We'll be opening access to SVN with all files later this week.


And finally, I have to ask you to be patient this week. We're sorting out a bunch of bug issues related to this move and are working hard to make everything work smoothly as soon as possible. Your feedback and cooperation is much appreciated.

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o no more contributor stars?
Andrew Boon
All current contributors will receive unlimited licenses, one per star. All new contributors won't have this special anymore, sorry.
If you have ANY active license it will work as an Unlimited License, both for the new Dolphin and for any of your current BoonEx products.

Cool, eh?

i'm the lucky one ! :)
i have unlimited lifetime Ray licenses
was the issue of the callbacks resolved? VictorT said it would be.

i guess our stars will be converted to Dolphin adfree licenses over the next day or so?
Yes, please confirm when our stars will be converted to licenses as I have triued to access the license details for my contributor status and it has been removed.
Andrew Boon
Contributor starts will be converted and we're setting up the anti-callback stuff now. Will go to sleep now and will work on that 2morrow. Have a nice day!
sweet dreams and you all did a great job.
thanks, sweet dreams and a successful day tomorrow :-)
thank you for Upgrade .. great job

nice dreams ;)

Dear sir/madam,

Does this mean that if i purchased a LIcenced Orca which will still expire on 09.03.2010, i can avail the
Dolphin - Unlimited Time License already for free?

If yes, how can i download it and/or get the license?

>> Does this mean that if i purchased a LIcenced Orca which will still expire on 09.03.2010, i can avail the
Dolphin - Unlimited Time License already for free?

Yes, your paid Orca license is converted to Unlimited license for whole Dolphin 6.1.5 version. All you have to do is to upgrade to/install this version and apply your license to it.
dear sir,

thank you very much for your kind reply. I'm just being careful w/ my action, so may i ask if it won't affect my old license if i apply the 6.1.5 version. To apply the license, all i have to do is use my existing license?

Lastly, i have a couple of custom modules inside my website, could u recommend an expert or does Boonex assist this kind of support?

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you.

It's like Christmas in May! Thank you!
I might be wrong, but I felt quite disappointed by the new pricing structure. I was planning to start with a smartpro pack and now I can´t afford one, because it simply tripled it´s price! I think Boonex should reconsider issuing a 998€ license.
Cheers for the upgrade.
#FR# Mérci pour votre M.A.J. Bon boulo..
Thank you for Upgrade .. great job ..
Best regards
Same question as kumpleto,
If i have a license for only dolphin and a/v chat that expires in a year.
Does this mean I get an unlimited license for the product plus all the other products for 6.1.5:
Ray Desktop
Ray Chat
Ect, Ect, Ect.....

And where does it upgrade. Is it automatic in the 6.1.5 patch?
Will this include the upgrade when 7 comes out?
Thanks :) ,
Hi Zine.....
You bet! Any purchased or contributor license converts you to an unlimited that includes all scripts - but you need to use the link and upgrade to the 6.1.5 version and apply your Dolphin (or other) license. Everything gets registered automatically. ... no more separates! Some details are still being worked out for clarity, but that is how it will work
I'm also a bit confused about our upgrade path. For those of us who have systems that have been modified, should we go through the upgrade to D6.1.5 - or should we wait for D7? Prior to this recent announcement of 6.1.5 I assumed we would be directly upgrading from 6.1.4 to 7. Will there now be two upgrade scripts? One for 6.1.4 and one for 6.1.5? - or do we now have to do two different upgrades? It seems to me you just threw a monkey wrench into the works.
Oh, that licensing sucks! I was always worried that the obsification I thought I was hearing about licensing could destroy the system - and it looks like that may have happened! Dolphin got where it is because it was completely free and open source - and the $100 license was affordable for most people, while still retaining a free version. I'm going to review this more, but I am not at all happy about what I have read- this means Boonex will essentially own all our applications. You have had see more us giving input to this for more than a year, and have promised many times that we would be happy with the licensing. On first glance, this looks like a really, really bad move.
Just wonder what would be the use of 6.1.5 if the version that we've been waiting for will be released soon.

Isn't this a waste of time and effort on your part guys doing the 6.1.5 when all of us here are awaiting the version 7?

Wow! This MUST be a joke!!!
800$ for ONE unlimited license? Good luck with your business, I'm NOT buying.. stop being so greedy people!
With 800$ I can buy 3 or 4 Windows Vista Ultimate unlimited licenses with future unlimited upgrades.. (at least in my country).. and that is A LOT more complex software..
We are waiting for a realistic price.. remember when you said that Dolphin will be more affordable? ..let me put it in a different way.. do you guys know that most of your customers will NEVER see more use all the ray widgets or the orca forum? or the e-shop.. or everything else packed for the script will need to run? I'm not throwing money on something I will never use.. you'd better return to the old individual license system..
I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this way..
"more affordable".. yeah sure..
Mastermind, you are not - I am feeling almost sick to my stomach this morning because of all the time I have dedicated to this. I also remember the promise that the new licensing would make Dolphin "more affordable" - how is giving Boonex $790 - or paying them "for life" more affordable that $100 for life? They took feedback on everything except the licensing and the banner advertising Boonex that we have to keep is huge and ugly. How is this different now from just getting see more a Ning account- except for the massively more work we have to do to get Dolphin running in the real world. Boonex got where is was because of the free and open source versions. Unless they really do something about this, I think they can forget about being "the next big thing".
Believe me.. I'm not usually so active in ANY community, because I have a very busy life.. but dolphin seemed at that time to deserve the attention.. so I tried to help the project as much as I could.. that's history from now on.. I don't like greedy people.. I don't like people who use their position in the market to ask high-prices.. 200-250$ is the only reasonable price.. and at 250$ it must be 99,9% bug-free.. (that's next to *no bugs at all*)
I know what you mean Masterro - we have been thinking this is more like an "open source" community - and have been contributing to Boonex right and left, but to them it is a commercial business (with an occasional environmental initiative thrown in as a red herring). I didn't say it in my post, but this is very much like a "bait and switch" scheme.
I'm kinda confused, is the contributor pricing still the same, will the $20 a month give me the ads-free?
Hi Mickyb,
Here's the key..."If you have ANY active license it will work as an Unlimited License, both for the new Dolphin and for any of your current BoonEx products."
This includes contributor licenses. But - no longer will contributor membership bring a set of licenses...that is discontinued. So if you have even one current contributor license (just Shoutbox, for instance) - you get a Dolphin unlimited, and need only upgrade and apply that license. Remember - Dolphin now has see more all scripts as part of it - no more separate licenses for each. Plus - if you have more than one currently active star (multiple sets of licenses/memberships) you get an unlimited Dolphin license for each star. You're there!
Interesting and it looks great.... but... as I'm just now starting to build my site I'm wondering about the logic for me to start now or just wait for the release of 7?

Is there going to be a 'patch' or will it be a new standalone download?
I made the decision to wait over 6 months ago. I didn't think at the time, that the wait would be this long, but the curent version of Dolphin lacks some urgently needed core features, and that include D 6.1.5

Personally, I don't think there is any logic in starting a new site with 6.1.5
"If you have 3 months of an Orca license remaining - you get Unlimited Dolphin, with all Flash apps.

If you have an unlimited Dolphin license without Ray widgets - you get Unlimited Dolphin, with all Flash apps.

If you have ANY active license it will work as an Unlimited License, both for the new Dolphin and for any of your current BoonEx products.

Cool, eh?

SmartPro License holders get new SmartPro Licenses (5 domain)."

I think was the key feature there. I was just checking see more to make sure that everything now unlimited licensed free (including ray and orca and such) for those that have 1 year license for one or two things. or if it was that if you have Just dolphin and ray a/v licensed that Just dolphin and ray a/v would become unlimited (for the 6.1.5 version).

the confusion stims from is the "flash aps" the "ray suite" and does it include orca unlimited for those that don't have it? and "new dolphin" meaning the 7.0 or the 6.5.

GRACIAS BOONEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zine, I take it you and other's who are praising Boonex for this have already purchased the old Smartpro license, or some other license that is transferable. For you it is a good deal, but unless this is changed, the rest of us got screwed. For some of use, $998 bucks is a lot of money, but you could get a lifetime Dolphin license for $100- a respectable deal for those of us who didn't like the Ray stuff. Now that same amount of money will give you the privilege of running your own application see more for 50 days. As Mastemindsro pointed out, we were promised that the new licensing would be "more affordable". As most people know here, Boonex has not done a real great job of keeping the commitments and promises they have made here, but I hope they are not breaking that one.
I think the 50 day license is plenty of time for any business to test the potential of their business model if that doesn't work you might have to re-evaluate your model. Or you could use the free version for awhile and have such great and compelling content that your customers don't mind/notice the boonex/dolphin links....
Told you they would get greedy. Over a year spending time in testing and contributing for their account.
I did not want to spend money in a script that wasn't working, couldn't afford it.

It's just the happy few who have plenty of money to spend that will buy those expensive licenses.

Not me ! Thanks Boonex for the 'more affordable' script.

Good luck and byebye.
I think boonex were undercharging in the first place, this new pricing structure will help with dolphin's future development and make community owners work harder/smarter in make their communities work and if need be profitable.
There is another open source script available elsewhere but even they are looking at charging businesses for managed hosting.
wow you lot make me laugh, have your IQ's hit your shoe size? is it just your way of thinking thats warped?

affrodable boonex promised and affordable it is.

caltrade stop trying to compare a $100 license to a $1000 smartpro license, keep to the facts and these are the facts:

12 licenses for 1 year at $39 each = $468
new license for 13 months = $290
just how is that not more affordable?

old smartpro lifetime license = $998
new Dolphin lifetime license = $790
just how is that not more see more affordable?

5 old smartpro licenses = $4990
1 new smartpro license = $2900 (5 domains)
just how is that not more affordable?

now before you continue with your old woman act and gob off at people who did show their support, no matter how little it was, anyone who paid $20 or more for any license/contributation has been rewarded with a free life time license, not even limited to just one, but to one per domain you licensed.

you Caltrade have been here and done nothing but bitch like an old woman with her knickers in a twist for over a year and never given a cent of support. and now your pissed because you lost out on a freebie.

the only real people that could feel let down are infact the contributors, we have paid $100 per star per year per site, and now we will have to pay $290 per site per year.

but hey dont think we didnt know that the contributor star offered special offers like free licenses, because we did, thats why we paid, and we all knew that the specials were never going to be a permanent offer, thats the whole point of a special offer, it ends at some point or theres nothing special about it.
I have to agree. We are getting more goodies for the buck, than we were before. I've been reading these blog posts (and the comments) for a couple of months now. I'm super excited about version 7, and like to keep up-to-date.

It's one thing to be kicking yourself for not purchasing a $39 or $100 license when you had the chance. It's another thing to take it out on those who are working tirelessly to program this big project.

I'm grateful for purchasing when I did. It was announced a while ago see more that dolphin and ray would be combined into one. How do you expect that pricing structure to work?

I think it's more than fair. I suppose I would be kicking myself right now too, if I had waited for a freebie without purchasing a license.....but I dont think I would be expressing my frustration towards the bonnex team.
Sammie, eclectech99...thanks for the support and explanation. I'm with you - but you're missing one thing Sammie.... if you have existing multiple stars - you aren't hurt. You get an unlimited license for each star (membership)...we're not cutting you short. New sites - yes.... there will be no more contributor licenses.
how many times have I pleeded for other payment methods then credit card and paypal ?

I have neither of them and I COULDN'T buy anything even though I wanted. Not even the lousy 20 $ ...

So for those lucky ones who were able to buy contributor stars ... they get the benefit.

Others stay in the cold.
With 6.15 - is there still a 'free' version available, meaning - will Dolphin still work with Boonex ads?
Sure, the Free version (with ads) of Dolphin 6.1.5 is available too.
Endlessly sucking up to Boonex as usual Sammie, while insulting everyone else. You know, you have chased many GOOD people away from these forums with your incessant insults and foul language- , and yes, I know that you believe that you are the only one who contributes anything. I'm sorry, I am going to express my opinion whether you like it or not. Some of us did not purchase the Dolphin licenses because we could not get the software working properly for our applications, others because their see more applications were not far enough along- and others because they saw the MANY problems caused by the licenses themselves - but were given assurances that nothing like this would happen. If this decision stands, then Boonex has choosen to screw everyone who has not purchased a license for whatever reason. The has ALL the characteristics of a bait and switch scam.
Andrew Boon
I really don't get it. Please, explain how could you use Dolphin without links form $100? Did you cut off all Ray widgets? How do you manage updates then?
caltrade you run a few business sites and your telling me you cant afford the 72c a day for a license,? your in the wrong business then thats for sure.

and there you go again calling boonex scammers, its not the 1st time you have called them that so WTF are you still doing here?

apart from being a blood sucking leech that is
Now you are outright lying. Prove it - post the link where I call Boonex scammers.
then Boonex has choosen to screw everyone who has not purchased a license for whatever reason. The has ALL the characteristics of a bait and switch scam.

you say that here in this thread ^^^^ i didnt have to go far, but hey you also tell others to go use other software in this thread and in the past.
I am not trying to have a pissing contest with this drama queen, but as she keeps incessantly lying about me, I have to respond. This is the THIRD time she has lied about me on this thread - all of them trying to make it seem I said something about Boonex that I never said - a technique I have seen her use with others. The most recent lie may seem minor - she has taken a sentence out of context, and then substituted the word "scam" for "scheme" to make it look worse - and if see more you look at the original post you will see this. This is fraud, plain and simple.
I know the news may be shocking to some and a relief for others.

Sometimes these things can take time to sort itself out and just from experience, your first reaction is usually the wrong one. Especially if has a measure of stress associated with it. And it looks like the new pricing model has that "stress".

Remember too that Dolphin 7, Dolphin 615 are within the scope of this pricing. So that may be an item to consider for those who feel the pricing is not fair.

I have to think see more this one through. There are some good points that were made here and I can understand how some believe they may have gotten a raw deal.

How about some tea or coffee? Anyone?

Andrew Boon
Quite a stress here too, still "sipping".

I had a call from a customer a while ago:

- "Can I remove the BoonEx banners?"

= "Sure"

- "Is it the $100 for the site?"

= "yes, for Dolphin"

- "And Ray is separate?"

= "yes"

- "And can I run Dolphin without Ray"

= "yes, but you'd need to change it, remove some modules, tweak code"

- "and if I update to new version, would that still see more work"

= "no, we use more and more flash apps in new versions, so update will need custom re-modification"

- "so I can't have ad-free Dolphin for 100$"

= "no, you can't, sorry."

- "how much is the whole package"

= "the cheapest is SmartPro - $1000, or you can have Dolphin + essential widgets, but looks like you'd have same problem now or later".

- "hm, that's pretty messy"

= "yeah, sorry"


Now, there's no way we can offer the WHOLE package for 100$. Hence the changes.
Hi Jtadeo,

Even though I have been called "a blood sucking leech" for expressing this, I think Boonex blew it with this one. There was really nothing wrong with their old pricing - $100 for a lifetime license for a domain was a great deal - it made me believe Dolphin really could be "the next big thing" - but unless this changes, I no longer believe that is true. The new pricing simply is not affordable for most people (plus most of the existing users are getting screwed). see more Now they are in the price range of the other social network packages - actually there are many that cost less. With a few exceptions, most are too stupid to offer free versions- but that could change. While you are thinking it through Jtadeo think about how it will impact your business - my guess is that while this might be good for Boonex, it will hurt most businesses here.

p.s. I'd like to hear from some guys in the developing world about this- how does this play in India, for example.
hmmmm, interesting question? "how does this play in india?" im just dabbling and trying to figure out why that would even matter, how this plays in india? i would suppose about the same way a lexus or BMW would play in india, there would be some that have it and some that dont.

im wondering if we can write the prez of the US and ask him since he is of this like minded thought process, that everybody should have the same thing, i wonder if he can write an XO and get us dolphin for free, see more and not dolphin free, but dolphin for free?



I think Boonex offers the best $ for $ software deal on the planet. How huch does it cost to have an other hobby, Like by a boat and go fishing, Joining the golf club. I could go on. Think about what you are getting for your money.
if you cant afford the 72c a day, i wouldnt call myself a business
The license is $790 lady - stop making up misleading sales pitches. If Boonex want to do that they can do it themselves, and speaking of business, I can't imagine why anyone would EVER want to do any kind of business with you.
maybe because I know what I am talking about, and you dont?

lets face it, you have pissed off about every single person that has helped you in the past, and now you have to hang around here all frustrated like a hooker on a street corner, waiting for something to come by that you can use.

you came here about the time 6.0.0005 came out and you seen something special in the Dolphin software, you seen the vision and uniqueness of it and how advanced the ideas were about it.

you then spent see more the rest of the time getting frustrated because you were trying to make the script into something it wasnt, and you have taken your frustrations out on the people who used to help you. and now your more frustrated and angry because no-one will help you, so now you slag off Dolphin and boonex at every chance you get.

again i ask, WTF are you still doing here?
I would ask the question a different way. How the F***** did you decide this was any of your business! I'll admit I have made some mistakes - like defending you when hosting customers that you have ripped off and insulted write to complain. That is a mistake I certainly won't make again.

p.s. Could you please consider going back to a community college and learning some English- that is almost as offensive as your foul mouth.
Personally, I wish the free version of Dolphin would go away altogether. All sorts of irritating issues would be cleared up.

I would have liked to see a bit more moderate pricing, but it is what it is, and I'll live with it..... however....

When I pay that $790 for a license, I will expect a real support forum attended to by Boonex staff, and I don't want my support requests intermingles with support requests by those idiots that try to run Dolphin on their home computer so they can have see more a social network with three of their 8th grade classmates. I will expect a support forum for licensed members only..... as a point of clarification, only license holders could post support question.... everyone could read the questions and responses. You want personal support... buy a license..... it's not asking too much.

I also expect to have NO issues with ads appearing on licensed installations like they do now, for whatever reasons that happens. It is not acceptable, and the first time it happens to me, there will be a great big shit storm. With that in mind, I have a question:


What are the odds of going to an encrypted, domain locked, license key system? With a paid license, a key is generated that resides on the domain for which the license is granted, and works only on that domain. Transferring a license to a new domain, would require a new license key to be generated. There are a few good commercially available systems that will do this automatically during the script download process. This is a better system because it does not require any repetitive cross-site licensing dialog.
Without the free version this software would never have gotten where it is, and it becomes just another software package - in fact, one of the more expensive ones in the social network space. I have no problem with the old $998 - which essentially gave you the same thing people could get for $500 (5 licenses) but offered installation and better support.
"Without the free version this software would never have gotten where it is, "

... my point exactly. It's in use by about 20,000 webmaster wannabes, that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a web server.
caltrade, no I only have two things. please reread the last post i had.

Hello, I am loving to read all the discussions and all, but I am having a problem, I have installed 615 and now my IM is not working, it stays forever in loading both in internet explorer and firefox, any ideas why?
You need to reenter your RMS port settings in Ray Base
How does one do that exactly?
Well, Boonex is their business and it is up to them to determine their pricing.
However, the two new networks that I was planning for June release, will not be a reality.
Here's a thought. Most of us can not afford lump sums of $290 for a year, but many would consider $25 a month provided flash was included. Cannot speak for all but many folks that want to "try it out" will not cough up $290, to do so.
I am of both mind. Boonex has a right to make a few bucks and have to support themselves...but see more i have to agree with some that are "shocked" by the pricing structure. It does kind of push the amateurs to the side (and I am one of them).
Not sure, how I feel right now, but my first instinct is that the pricing structure is too stiff for "non dating" sites that have no permanent income.
Sammie makes a lot of sense about the total price. But for those with zero in their bank balance it is tough.
I am quite aware of some hacked versions of Dolphin which remove the Ray and Orca altogether and discombobulate so to speak the ads and push for identification of Boonex. Since this is an open source project, it makes it easy for them to do. I have had some issues with the advertisements popping up even though I paid for the ad free license so that made it a bit stressful for me since I too am one of those out of work webmasters by no choice of my own trying to make a buck or two. I set up a regional see more dating site and can't afford to have others see what back end I am using.

While so far, I am pleased with the decision to release the Ray suite to us members who paid for the annual license, I for one would not have purchased the ad free license if it was priced the way it is now.
Andrew Boon
We also plan to add the PayPal's "Pay Later" purchase option, but anyway, the package is CHEAPER now, and using Dolphin without Flash Apps has ben close to impossible lately.
I really dont agree with pushing the amateurs to one side. Just use the free version, your site can still be and look as professional as you can make it, it just has the small boonex ads on, cant see the difference. Members wont know the difference either, they will just think you have put them on yourself, like any other ads lots of different sites have on these days.
do you mean $25 a month including the hosting?
No, I realize that hosting, especially for some adult content would average at a minimum around $25. That would bring the package up to about the price that Zocku (social go)(for instance) is offering. With the addition of easy modification of colors and graphics in 7.0 that would make the package competitive and attractive, I would think.
Looks like you are support of the Dolphin team and promote this price like a just costumer - isn'???)))
Outstanding and thanks for the upgrade! Does the download include the SmartPro version?
Moving Forward -->
Free Open Source is and will always be the best way to model web and domain architecture. SO THANK YOU BoonEX for that opportunity and continuing that practice!
If my CLIENTs want to remove the Ads they can give 'SOMETHING' back to a TEAM that put in tremendous effort and hours long before "profits" were even considered... I'll go as far as to say, BoonEx Revenue Streams were not even introduced but 24 months ago.
Over Time they have become a stronger more united see more core code TEAM which is reflecting in there latest packaging and MUCH DESERVED!!!!!!!!!!!
We have just upgraded our site Megabyte Hosting to version 6.1.5 the upgrade was painless and all seems to be well, so far.

However, the footers (Boonex Adverts), as we are using Dolphin Free should link to our affiliate id number, some of these links do, some don't.

We are promoting Boonex and it's products but the links should call and be associated with our affiliate ID and since the upgrade to 6.1.5 some of them are not.

Please alter this in the script and or advise how we can fix see more this so it does call the association to the affiliate ID


ps. I did raise a seperate post with this info with a picture but it seems to have been deleted.
Andrew Boon
Yes, this is s bug and we're fixing it now.
I just upgraded our site, and it went fairly smoothly. I did notice, however that the version number on the dashboard still says:

Installed - 6.1.4 SmartPro
Latest - 6.1.4

...also the admin_login_* images don't seem to exist in the upgrade pack.
This is curtesy of sobria which will fix that problem you mention

PROBLEM: Admin Login Screen

In the D6.1.5 Patch the new Admin Images are located in the admin/images/icons folder and need to be in the admin/images folder. Which is were they are being called from.

FIX: Move all the images from the admin/images/icons folder in the D6.1.5 Patch and upload to the admin/image directory.
sorry didnt spell that right then.

Is that something that needs to be worried about? I upgraded as well and it still says
Installed - 6.1.4
Latest - 6.1.5

Got the Admin images fixed though. :)

Also, my chat and shoutbox are completely gone...any clue?
i have a few lifetime licenses.
i have install the new 6.1.5 yestraday and registered my dolphin copy with a free licenses from my unity account.
today after i read all your posts here i have deleted from admin panel that license and i have try to insert one of my licenses hoping that will make boonex ads gone.
but the problem is : boonex ads are still on my website
any ideea?
thank you.
This could be interesting. I just purchased a $39.00 add free license yesterday. The transaction is actually still processing. If I'm understanding correctly this will now be a unlimited license?
We actually came out very well with the license changes. We have a SmartPro Pack License, and have plans for several additional sites once the first one is up and running and fully debugged.

With the license changes, we can add an additional 4 sites before we have to get more licenses.
My frustration is even getting bigger because I just saw that now ... ALL OF A SUDDEN ... with the new pricing policy, there IS a possibility to pay by bank wire.

Why couldn't they offer that before ???
they have always accepted payments via bank transfer
No they haven't sammie, I have been asking for that many times.
Andrew Boon
We've been accepting wire transfers for about 2 years now. Had about 10 of them every month.
Hi, I´ve just installed v6.15 and the shoutbox is not working... Any news on that? Thanks.
I'm having the same problem. My shoutbox and chat are not working at all. :(
I really dont know what all the fuss is about myself, yes it is a lot of money to splash out, and i'll never be able to afford it, but so what, i'll just use the free version with ads, and that doesnt bother me at all. Why are people so against using the free version i'll never know. some say they are worried that their members will click on the ads and go make their own community, well i'd like to see them try myself, dolphin isnt a ning, where all you do is sign up and hey presto you have an instant see more site, dolphin takes work, and most members just wouldnt be bothered to put the time and effort into it, or have the skill to make it work, or want to spend money for hosting either. Most free forums and the like are just infested with google spam, a dolphin isnt, and to be honest you dont really notice the boonex ads anyway, and as free sites go, boonex i feel have got the ratio of ads just right. Perhaps im missing something here, but for me, the free version is ideal. Plus i notice on some sites that they pay to take the boonex ads off, but then fill it with their own google ads so it looks worse than it did with the boonex ads. The licences are very expensive now yes i agree, so just use the free version, Whats the difference??
Tyke, you're right. Ads don't bother me either. It's just the pricing policy that bothers me and others as well I guess.

I have free licences, so I shouldn't complain at all.
LOL, yes the sites with paid licenses do often fill it with ads, because that's one of the ways they are offsetting they're own costs.
LOL @ "I'd like to see them try..."
thx you very much... this is very good news :)

boonex rock!
Andrew Boon
Ok, the new pricing seems to be a hot topic.

First, take a close look at the FREE version. You may notice that it doesn't have ad-banners anymore. Only BoonEx links/images. The ad footer became smaller.
I believe that the site can run perfectly fine with a free license and 999 ot of 1000 members won't have problems with that.

IF you want to remove the BoonEx links - fine, go for license. The Dolphin unlimited license is $790, which is LESS than what you had to pay for full link removal from see more you site before.

You could have noticed that it is getting increasingly difficult to use Dolphin without the Flash Apps and your old $98 Dolphin license was working like a "trap". We didn't want that, and had to go long way to realize it was a wrong move. LOTS of people could accept the fact that buying Dolphin license doesn't in fact remove ALL links from your site - you still need to buy licenses from Orca and Ray widgets.

Dolphin is not "just a PHP script" - it's a package of PHP scripts, Flash Apps, Media Server, Desktop App, Media Converter and Mobile Apps, all working together. It took 8 years and a team of 15-55 (changing sizes) programmers to develop it. Yes, it IS worth more than $250.

Windows Vista is a consumer product, sold to MILLIONS of people. Dolphin is a business solutions, sold to businesses. Different sales volumes dictate different prices. To tell ou about our financials - BoonEx has been cash-negative (no profits) last year, and is hardly profitable this year. Go figure.

Ok, I am generally trying to be soft and nice, but this time I have to insist that what you see happening today is a gift/favor, not a rip off.

Moreover, we're happy to listen and do special deals for those who "wanted to buy... but".

And finally, this pricing will stick. It's designed for Dolphin 7 and Dolphin 8.

We will be adding MORE and MORE to the package, and it will remain united.
that's the biggest mistake.. thinking you get profit from raising license price..
should i say it again? we DON"T need 90% of the plugins.. so why should we pay 800$????
Couldn't agree more if you look at products from other software companies like adobe etc dolphin is fairly priced...people with problems with the pricing could always "just" build community software themselves.

might be better to post announcents in the forums instead of the blog in future???
do you go to the store and demand they sell you one egg because you dont want 6 for breakfast?

no you dont. you buy 6 and either keep the other until you use them or dont bother using them

It's all good. Great software. Can't afford it yet. Go free. If your serious about your business, it's worth paying for it even if you have to put money aside. Honestly, I can't afford it, so what, i'll just start free first. Boonex software is worth the price they ask for it. I'm not defending them. It is expensive for the people who can't afford it but it is not the end of the world. Don't bash on me. It's my opinion. Everyone thinks different about this matter. I hope you all find a way to get see more what you want. Have a nice day.
Well said hd4real. some people are now behaving as if somebody has just shot their mothers over this issue, and its all a bit silly. I could have understood it if the free version wasn't available anymore, but it is, so whats the big deal. Just use the free version, and if you are adamant you want the ads off, then just save up a bit, its not like you cant use the software or it is limited, like most, until you buy a licence. People need to put this into perspective. You get to use dolphin for see more free, if you want the ads off you have to pay an increased price, but, its not like you cant make the same community until you get a licence, because you can. It is a great software suite this (erm, well orca kind of lets in down a bit, but still chance for improvements in 7 and 8 "please") and if you have the money then worth it im sure to the right clients, the rest of us who cant afford it or want to play being facebook, myspace,, or for a while (but not really) will have to use the free, and i really dont see anything wrong with that .
I understand both sides, those complaining (I lean to that end) and those defending the new pricing structure.
What I see is that Boonex has now an opportunity to make a "last call" for licenses. That is provide everybody with a last chance to purchase as many licenses as everyone wants, that includes all of us who, for whatever reason, were left out from getting ad free versions at "reasonable" prices, but also those who are now planning to build x number of social networks see more in the near and not so near future (could never be the past… )

This would be a great way to change a problem into a solution. And I daresay Boonex will make much more money by offering licenses this way than by compelling every prospective buyer to purchase a huge package with plenty of features that will have to be ordered to freelancers anyway, in order to improve his/her site.

Also, a clear perspective in all aspects of the business will never hurt the company (Boonex or any company). And pricing, being one of the most sensitive aspects should never be surprising (neither for good or evil).
How do you avoid the feeling of having been ripped off? Or having missed a tremendous opportunity? Both feelings are against any company´s goal. So, coming back to my first words, I hope Boonex turns this issue into an opportunity for all to benefit from and feel happy not only about money (which is good I guess) but also about trusting and supporting a company that is crystal clear in its pricing policies.
Good point Hernan, I have suggested this also. For many (actually most) or us, this was a "surprise, you just got screwed" message. I think it is important that if they do this, they give sufficient time- 60 days at least, 90 preferably - and at the very least keep the current pricing until Hookie. Otherwise, if the timeline is very short, it would be a little extortion-ish.

p.s. I still think their $100 licensing was brilliant and could have knocked out the market. Now it could see more be "just another software company" - especially if any of them get some brains and start releasing free product.
yes, I do understand that it is good deal. My question wasn't about the pricing though. It was about the original statement:

"If you have 3 months of an Orca license remaining - you get Unlimited Dolphin, with all Flash apps.

If you have an unlimited Dolphin license without Ray widgets - you get Unlimited Dolphin, with all Flash apps.

If you have ANY active license it will work as an Unlimited License, both for the new Dolphin and for any of your current BoonEx products"

does see more this mean that the license (non-free/anual version) that I for just dolphin and ray a/v chat is now going to be unlimited (where it was a year license before) for those two products? Or does it mean that I now have unlimited license to ray, dolphin, and orca now becouse i had those two items? (assuming the "flash apps" means "ray". )

It's just a clarification question. Not a slam on the product or the pricing.

Note on the pricing:
My honest thaught is that if a person can't afford the whole package at once, then just go the free route untill your site builds enough to afford the regular. Thats what I did a while back.

Andrew Boon
basically, any license that you've purchased before, for any product will work as unlimited Dolphin license now.
Thanks for everything, boonex team has done a great job and I am really having a lot of fun gathering together all my riders around the world, I design kiteboard gear, and just like designing software, it takes a huge amount of work, and even if you get things 99% right, you will always find someone to only talk about the 1% wrong, so please, some should relax a little, look at the positive side, for me things look better and better...
license in the months (50 days- $90 )
really too expensive

it is $657 for one year
DanielMarseille - that deal is ridiculous. I'm almost positive no one will buy that - it would just be throwing money away. We should concentrate on getting a reasonable price for the single domain lifetime license, or at the very least get the option to buy at the old prices for some reasonable time.
Thank you Boonex, this is extremely good news for existing customers!

Just one quick question - I had one unlimited dolphin license for Dolphin which I bought a while back and currently have one contributor star - does this translate to 2 licenses or one?

I look forward to seeing Dolphin 7 develop!
I realize I hardly ever post, but this is my opinion. I have been operating some type of community or dating site for a lot of years, 15 or more. I've tried just about every solution out there, both free and bought ones. Beleive me I have at times paid much more than these prices for inferior software. I kicked myself on many occasions because their demo worked and looked good, but once I bought the product it never worked right and the coding was shoddy. If I wanted more functionalty the mods were see more way over priced. None offered the amount of functionality and interactivity that this one does. I can assure you none ever offered a free video chat server for me to use.

Paid scripts always just had a demo, no free version I could try. I won't name all the ones I bought, but you would recognize them all. The Dolphin free version becomes appealing since you can fully create and run a site and test the script without limitations, just a few links. It's not a pig in a poke as the old saying goes.

Considering all that is included in Dolphin I couldn't complain about the pricing. Given my budget, I'd likely run the free version in hopes of eventually affording the paid version as I have been doing for a while now. I did just buy the ad free license for a new site I'm doing because I have been using the script for quite a while and am comfortable with it. I'm hoping that when my paid license expires the site will be able to make enough revenue to renew it. If not I'll have the links back, I won't be crying about it.

In the long haul the complete package is less money, not more. This has been pointed out several times already. From a business perspective that's a good move on the part of Boonex. As a business person I prefer a fully funtional solution with all the bells and whistles included. I can build on that type package through creating my own mods or purchasing ready made ones.

I want to point out I am disabled and on a fixed income. A $100 is a lot of money for me. I still feel the pricing is completely fair the "Dolphin Package". Since I do some scripting as well as build flash apps I can appreciate the time and energy being put into this script. It's easy to complain when you don't do the work.
We offer a free trial to new clients of Dolphin on our hosting service. latest version of the site, access to the admin panel included.
license in the months (50 days- $90 )
really too expensive

it is $657 for one year

I use dolphin since version 5.4 - I have two on-line - between the modules, the problems of bugs and location of the server - I do not earn money, quite the contrary, I lost --
Please - think about the small beginner webmaster
Hi Danielmarseille,

It is $290 for one year and one month - they did it that way for some reason - but it is still essentially a subscription service, not a license you own.

The 50 day license for $90 is ridiculous - I can't imaging why anyone would want to do that, or what Boonex was thinking when they came up with that one.

Most of us are interested in the lifetime license. Until a few days ago, that was $98 - now it is $790. Most of the people who are now saying this 800 percent price see more is great are those who recently bought the license, and I understand some of them bought "contributor stars" for as low as twenty bucks and got that converted to the $790 license.

hi caltrade

I can not pay $ 290 at one time

I pay per month

and paying monthly is $ 657 for a year - far too expensive
Just wondering is the going to be an API in the new version (7) of Dolphin ? because then ill have to create an API for dolphin so my other script can access from other web site domain and possible to run Dolphin in cluster.

So what i under stand is that Dolphin is aiming for business so the pricing is actually cheap for what you get. it has saved me loads of time and money it gave me a good base on to extend my software.

I my self am a php programmer and have look over almost all of the code see more and can see the hard work to get it that good. by the way i can also see the different programming styles of the team working on :)

keep up the good work!
I usually do not post a comments, but I just have to say something, after I have read all of the above comments.

I have been programming commuters since the early 70's, so I think I know something about software. The fact that Dolphin offers a fully functional free version goes way and above what most software companies do. You have the option to go free or to buy a licensee. What more can you ask for. I just hope that version 7 will continue to offer a free version. I do not personally like see more the ads that come with free version, but its free, and I do have a choice if I want to remove them.

That said, very few of us really understand what is involved in developing and programming a package like Dolphin. Its not perfect, but it is getting better all the time.

Take it from someone who knows about programming, the staff at Boonex have done a great job. The only mistake they made, was announcing version 7 way back when, and making committments
they did not live up to.
Yes I have to agree with many that it is a big jump, But on the other hand we all want a product that works.
And that is going to cost money. and most of us are trying to start a business. so all cost count. I am now living and working in China. In the UK the new costs would not be to much of a problem to find.

I am bit lost, I have a Dolphin License that expires on the 6th November 2009.
Does this get upgraded to a Unlimited License?
( I just checked my license on Utility and it still see more says the same.)
ooops. I guess I did not understand the pricing structure when I read it. I will look at it again. I somehow assumed there was no free version any longer. If there is still a free version for 7.0 then that would take care of the newbies and still get pple to try the software. Thats ok, then. If thats the case, then, the pricing structure is fine for people who are in business and want to take a profit from their network. You try it for a few months and then if you have some native success, you buy see more it. That makes a lot of sense.
Personally, although I have a few advertisers, I cannot say my existing costs are covered. Not nearly. So before I could add more costs, I would have to have more success.......but that said a free version with boonex ads should take care of my concerns.
Ok when you say that people with stars from being a contributor will receive an unlimited license you mean Unlimited Time License?

thank you boonex team , can you please upload a file changes info on :


like the diff file here:

i need this because i have many mods in my dolphin version, so i have to see the file changes in the 6.1.5 version

Download link for comparison report you can find here (we'll renew it):

Boy, there are a lot of comments about how incredible dolphin software is ... the time it takes to code everything ... the quality of good software ... etc. etc. etc.

Now, far be it from me to claim that boonex doesn't provide a good or even excellent product, but some of those comments about the involved labor time etc. for software are clearly made by people who are still stuck in the 80s and 90s as opposed to the year 2009.

My wife got laid off after 24 years of gold support service, first see more for DEC which was then purchased by Compaq which was in turn purchased by HP. Few people know better than her how automated and responsive (logical) software coding has become. Today, code can be generated for files, software packages, etc. about 100 times faster than 10 years ago ... and that's precisely why such a *MASSIVE* price hike is completely unwarranted.

Have you people never heard of ???
Give me a break here, I've been online since 1991 or 1992 and at this point in time (today) there is a shit load of top quality software available that costs next to nothing - or nothing - or you just have to pay for branding i.e. ad removal.

Matter of fact, just a few weeks ago I had to make an adjustment on more thna 19.000 files that are visible to the public ... and was able to do this with very affordable software that I had purchased in a matter of about 6 hours. Only 3 or 4 years ago it would have taken me several weeks to do what I was able to do in just 6 hours with about 30.00 bucks worth of software.

Talk about software development ...
Have you ever heard about or used the product openoffice ??? I used (and paid for) Microsoft Office all the way up to version Office 2000. And you know why I stopped using MS office entirely? Because the day eventually came that, in my opinion, OpenOffice got to be just as good if not better ... with free support up the whaazoo and free upgrades for life and *ZERO* cost. How could they do this? Because they had a boat load of developers, just like boonex has outside developers, dedicating their time to create a better product. And OpenOffice didn't come along either, one bright sunny day, going from *FREE* to only 100.00 bucks since that was still way cheaper than MS office. It would have been completely inappropriate to do so, just as I feel that some of these boonex price changes are totally inappropriate.

for those prices, twice the cost of VistaUltimate, MS Office, etc. there *MUST* be 100% support, documentation, etc. If that's not avaialble, then the product is still mediocre, i.e. not FINISHED developed and doesn't warant such prices.

I think that that's why there's so much negativity about the pricing ... the fact that there wasn't ample warning given, the fact that the little guys were completely ignored, and the fact the new pricing structure does indeed smell an awful lot like boonex was just sucking people in for a few years, perhaps using a lot of free help, while waiting for the right moment to go "kablooey" with the prices.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
That was very insightful Meine - i.e. that this doesn't really follow the spirit of the "open software movement" and "the fact that there wasn't ample warning given, the fact that the little guys were completely ignored, and the fact the new pricing structure does indeed smell an awful lot like boonex was just sucking people in for a few years, perhaps using a lot of free help... ". I don't think there were any bad intentions, and my guess is that they will make some kind of see more arrangement to sell at the old prices for a period (why wouldn't they? As long as they gave sufficient time period it would be an obvious win-win deal). On another point though, I think this was a mistake because they gave up a position in the market - as the low/cost and free, but feature packed social network destined to be HUGE (think Craigslist, etc). Now they are in danger of becoming "just another software company" (in fact, one of the pricier ones). It may be that now they won't be "the next big thing" or reach their "connecting the world" goals.
Clearly, and i repeat clearly, none of you complaining about the price of this application have ever charged for anything that you have done? if you did charge for a service, i would presume your rates are the same today as they were 8 years ago?

If you didnt purchase an adfree license for whatever reason, thats your loss, Boonex has worked exceedingly hard on this application, and to those of you who have a problem with the cost, how are they supposed to be compensated?

I cant believe that see more there are those of you in here complaining that you are a business, if you are a business then you know exactly what has happened. These guys have given us an application that is SUPERIOR to any other online social networking application, albeit, open source, get a grip or catch a trail. Im not calling out any names, because that is not what this site is about, you know who you are, please step back and think about what is going on here.

You know i was once pissed because my numbers were drawn on the lottery, i didnt win, you know why?


Who's that old geezer in the cowboy hat?
Who's the old geezer in the cowboy hat?
Didn't mean to post that twice.... got a little spastic with the mouse.
The way I understood the new license system sounds to good to be true IF I understood it right = ) ..
Let's say I got a Dolhin license, a shoutbox license and a video player license... Does this mean that I now got 3 unlimited Dolphin 6.15 licenses? Or did I understand it wrong(?)
Please someone correct me.
If this is the case then it is a huge gift from Boonex to all its members..
And if this is not the case, once again in my opinion we do not have the right to complain about prices..
The software see more owners got all the rights ethycally(excuse me, I dont know if I spell it right)
to decide what price to request for a product they have created.. And the 1 year full license for 290$ is not a so bad deal at all, it would be much easier for common people like myself if it was a little bit less
Even if someone do not like the prices nobody got the rights to insult the boonex staff with such heavy words as scammers etc as someone have been using.
Well, it is possible to complain but like a human.
two cents from me
"two cents from me"

I believe you have some change coming.

( I'm really sorry..... I just couldn't resist)
hey all would like a lil help i van not get the patch to work iam still running 6.1.4 can sum help plz
I went through all the comments above and the best one I think was one from 'houstonlively' where he mentioned that if you are charging $800 for a domain you need to provide some real good support but unoboonex commented that it's a small team and currently they are concentrating on development.

I think they should look at the business/licensing model of 'vbulletin'. It's just a forum script but the support they provide is truly awesome. They charge $160 per year for a domain, which is very reasonable see more and they have a huge user-base. I know there's no comparison b/w the two softwares but what I mean to say is that if someone is paying $790, he for sure is bound to get some real support as 'houstonlively' elaborated before ...

Regarding license, I think it's a bit stiff and should be around $500 instead of $790, so throw some good deal guys for the first 1-2 months for Dolphin 7 and make everyone happy :)
I imagine people will expect spectacular support for their $790 Mickscool, I know I would. That is why I thought that Boonex should have kept the low cost $100 - or maybe $200 for single user domains with no install, and just the forum and two-day email support we have now. I have nothing at all against their $2900 Smartpro license - which offers installation and I imagine enhanced support.

I know what you mean about vBulletin - the forums on those sites are fantastic - as it is on phpBB by see more the way - people there will do back filps to help you, and of course in the case of phpBB, it is both open source and free. The cost on vBulletin is different from what you posted though - it is not $160 per year, it is $100 per year, but has a $180 option to own the license free and clear. That is the approach I wish Boonex had taken, and it is a very fair comparison (and vBulletin has phone support by the way - some of those who pay $790 for a single Dolphin license might expect the same).
When I first set out to find a community software I looked at all available software. I found Dolphin and fell in love with the possibilities of this product. I knew I wanted to be here for the long haul and opt for SmartPro because I wanted it all for the life of the product and lock in the price for future price increases. In any business there are price increases we may or may not agree with new increase but it's not our call.

Unoboonex, stated in a previous update that they wanted to do see more the new version right no matter how much it cost. As I see it they invested a lot of money into D7 and now it's time to recouped their lost and besides we have a great product to work with.
I edited this one to the one below... sorry for the double post.
must only be women that seen the light and put in for the long haul.
Sammie, I have hope for all. Dolphin is truly a wonderful product. Whether they know it or not most are here for the long haul :)
Why a month - you've made so expensive
it is $657 for one year

is twice as expensive as the license 400 days

contributor as I pay $ 50 for 3 months
which is $ 200 per year

talk to you the best price - and you did 3 times more expensive

same by paying $ 20 per month - this is $ 240 per year

webmaster who makes money with dolphin should not be many

because $ 90 + $ 60 per month server = almost $ 150 per month

For my part, if you keep this price - I think I'll have see more to throw in the towel

please - do something
When I first set out to find a community software I looked at all available software. I found Dolphin and fell in love with the possibilities of this product. I knew I wanted to be here for the long haul and opt for SmartPro because I wanted it all for the life of the product and lock in the price for future price increases. In any business there are price increases we may or may not agree with new increase but it's not our call.

Unoboonex, stated in a previous update that they wanted to do see more the new version right no matter how much it cost. As I see it they invested a lot of money into D7 and now it's time to recoup their lost and besides we have a great product to work with.
The last refuge on the boat, always wants to pull up the rope Synergy. That is cool that you had $1000 bucks burning a hole in your pocket when you started this, not all of us did.
all this boils down it is this, the people that have never dipped in their purse to support boonex have the option to use the free version that carries only links back to boonex.

Now to show how much you really support boonex you refuse to use it on your sites. and want the adfree free or for peanuts. get a grip.
Hi UnoBoonex

I was planning to buy SmartPro License for a client. If i buy SmartPro now for 6.1.5, will i get Dolphin 7, 8 in future as upgrades for 5 Domains?

Can i use 2-3 Dolphins 6.1.5 on a single domain, in different folders like D1, D2, D3 with a single License?

Please do not stick to these prices, 6.1.5 is an upgrade, try to increase slowly with Dolphin 7, Dolphin 8...

Try to reduce license fee, and give special offers to buyers ready to buy 3 or more License in one go.

I love see more the Software, i will use it either free or paid if my clients will ready to pay the new License Fee.

I've been away for the past week. I was about to place my order for contributor status this weekend :(
Let me see if i got it well... I have a Dolphin Ad-free lycense which did'nt expired, but the apps lycenses did expired. By using this Dolphin Ad-free lycense with the apps will that turn all the features into unlimited lycense?
Your active license can be applied to the whole package and is unlimited now.
Been following this thread closely and here are a few of my couple of $0.02:

- When Boonex changed its pricing structure for Dolphin, 'fairness' ONLY required that they did not leave anyone worse off than before. And they have achieved that: no one's worse off under the new pricing regime. People who had the free version (ie did not fork out $$ to use Dolphin) can continue NOT paying a dime under the new pricing regime and still be able to use Dolphin. C'mon, folks, you didn't pay anything see more before -- and you still won't be paying anything now. You're in the same spot as you were before -- that sounds fair to me. Boonex neither took anything from you nor gave you anything.

- And 'fairness' does NOT require that NOBODY should necessarily be better off than before. Because, clearly, some people (who got lucky because they forked out some $$ for their licenses before --- some of them perhaps wondering at the time if they made the right decision) have come out better off under this regime.

- The hee haw here is from people who have not been left worse off (ie users of free license) who believe they have a right to be made better off under the new pricing regime, as some people have found themselves in (accidentally -- for we ALL didn't know what the pricing structure was going to be, afterall).

- If Boonex caves in to people throwing tantrums because they want to be made better off (even though they are not worse off themselves with their existing free license) and opens a window for these people to acquire new licenses at the old prices that's then convertible under the new pricing structure, then this opportunity should be granted to everyone (even to those who have already been made better off with their existing licenses -- again, I emphasise, ACCIDENTALLY), and not just to tantrum-throwers. Fairness would require that. Personally, I believe it would be an unwise decision for Boonex to take ... but it's their game and they're entitled to play it the way they want. It will be clear enough after that if they've made a wise business decision.
An 800% price increase of zero is still zero --- or has maths changed since I studied it? Don't you use the free license?
So you're no worse off than before.

Your proposals (and business model) still fly -- just use the free license.

Personally, I don't think it's fair to make Boonex responsible for your business plan (or mine, for that matter).

It's the nature of business -- things change and, when that happens, certain opportunities disappear .. and others appear. That's why we build see more contingencies into our business plans ... if this happens, then this is what we'll do. And particularly on things that are integral to the business over which we have no control ... like Dolphin in our (you and me) case.

When UnoBoonex indicated that Dolphin will continue to be affordable, he meant for existing users, on the licenses they already had ... no one will be worse off than before. He did not mean grandfathering the purchase price of the licenses of all future users (including your and my potential clients) from here to eternity. If that was so, then what was the point of changing the prices to begin with?
I was waiting for months to buy my 7 dolphin license ... With these prices wait nulled version.

Thanks BoonEx for:
Time and unfulfilled promises.
User Support regrettable.
Prices outside of reality.
From waiting for me the same, long time waiting for bug free and so stopped everything, then being told about coming soon 8 with multidomain I'm waiting for that, then being told need step 7 and so waiting for that and now?... in the middle of nowhere.....! I really cant know before that I have to buy a license "just in case" for my promises waiting time..... Maybe Unoboonex have not see this point of view from all the "waiters" at the time he makes his decision, but I'm see more sure he is fair to give out a special to correct "our mistake", as he already stated more or less so.....
I'm not going to get into a back and forth with anyone here, but i feel their is one thing people seem to missing. That is, you could always try to find someone else who is a making better free software. Don't pay if you don't want to, it's simple.

But if you are seriously running a 'business' using Dolphin the charges tax deductible and every business has overhead. If your not running a business I don't think it matters if it has ads or not.

Boonex is a business and at the end of the day these see more people need to feed the kids and pay the mortgage.

We could always write our own code and do what we want with it.
Dear friends, I do not usually participate in forums that the day has only 24 hours, but I read most and try to be always aware. And today I decided to comment for users and the BoonEx team.

For users.

I understand that all those who want to have their social network free of ads (BoonEx) is a commercial or mercantile. Questions. Do they seem expensive to "hire" the best social networking software in the world for $ 290 per year (400 days)?, Seems expensive to buy the best software see more in the world of social networks for $ 790? .

How you sell a single web, "I want a normal website?.

With the current prices are only "affected" the "future" taxpayers, but we knew beforehand that the figure of the time and taxpayer was finite.

I understand that now is a software package with more features, applications and new technologies, and therefore may not be sold to "cuts" has changed the old is obsolete. I think we have moved from the era of horse carriages to the car with petrol, and some of you insist on wanting to buy the horse "or" float. "

To BoonEx (unoboonex)

I am very sorry to read that after so much work (= pain) do not provide economic benefits, really sorry.

I think we have taken a courageous decision, successful and secure fruitful for all parties.

But I would say that if we have product "5 holders," price "5 holders," it must also offer a service and customer care "5 forks. The service and quality, is the "everything" in a company.

Support mail in less than 24 hours. Emergency Call. Faq create directories more accessible, easy to reach and complete. Create manuals, video tutorials for the most current versions, a structure of questions and support forums where users find what you are looking for easily and quickly. And also to adapt its software to other languages because we have our social networks in several languages, each time you load an update, crushed languages.

BoonEx a long life and long life to use BoonEx to our business or hobby.


F. Decano

P.D. A salute to Mr. Mike Letcher

Another P.D. Are happy that a rose have roses, and not be sad for having spines
People, business owners, webmasters, and upstarts alike. The one thing that can't be gotten around is that the new pricing structure is grossly exaggerated and unprofessional to the max. Are all of the "business owners" and professionals here really that stupid, to believe that that is not the case ??? I'm not talking to all of you who can easily afford 790.00 bucks !!!


People who use the free app could care less about the pricing and aren't see more affected by any of it either way. However, for people like me (and many, many others) the prices have become borderline obscene. Only people with money can benefit from this, but not ANYONE with little to no money who *STILL* wants to present a professional site without advertising. For all of those people, the new pricing stucture is obscene.

Now then, before anyone decides to flame the crap out of me, think a moment and tell me the last time that any company doubled or quadrupled their prices on a pay product (not free product)? Especially internet products seem to be getting more and more affordable every year, as opposed to less and less affordable. That's because it's a global marketplace with ongoing global developement and global competitors.

So, you can slice it and dice it and talk it pretty all you want ... that pricing structure worked best for boonex and boonex only ... or how many hundred or even thousand customers do you have who purchase your mega-license for mega-bucks? And on the other hand, if you did have that many clients who paid the really big bucks all of the time, then there wouldn't be a reason for the huge greed increase either, would there?

Bottom line here, it's an attempt to force more people to pay bigger bucks, and that's business and that's even acceptable ... but NOT when the little guy is made to suffer because of it, or when the pricing turns into a burden to so many others. At that point the definition for this phenomenon becomes .... G R E E D .... !!!
Everyone here is crazy bitching about the prices! Look at the work and progress that has been made in just the last year! How do you expect those guys to get paid?? Design is not cheap these days!

Developers, programmers and not to mention - a full package price for everything instead of individual - I think it is a good deal - regardless if you don't use all the bells and whistles. If you run a busy community - sooner or later - the users will want those bells and whistles - and you can see more use those features as upgrades, so the users think you are adding new things. ;-)
Everyone here is crazy bitching about the prices! Look at the work and progress that has been made in just the last year! How do you expect those guys to get paid?? Design is not cheap these days!

Developers, programmers and not to mention - a full package price for everything instead of individual - I think it is a good deal - regardless if you don't use all the bells and whistles. If you run a busy community - sooner or later - the users will want those bells and whistles - and you can see more use those features as upgrades, so the users think you are adding new things. ;-)

Now, if I can only get these darned subcats for the classifieds to work, I would be a happy camper!
crap! I hate those double posts!
Really good points Mallorca - that is EXACTLY the situation many of us were in - and Leonso - I have been waiting to hear from people in the developing world on this - Argentina probably isn't in that category, but why are the people from India, China, etc so quiet? I suspect it is because they have no intention of ever paying for this eight fold price increase. With the old pricing, I think many of them would have taken that smaller step to have a legal copy.

p.s. This got posted in the wrong see more place - it was supposed to be a comment on Mallorca's post at the end.
I might say that I would have to agree with most of the points elaborated by "CalTrade", "Masterindsro" and some other guys who are not too happy with this licensing model..

Guys let's be realistic,why do you expect a person to pay you $790 when you don't provide him this:

Real support - when I say real, I mean the person should get a reply back to his queries in 15-20 mins and he should also be able to contact through phone.

Code is Open-Source and as some people say see more their will be lot's of illegal copies going around the net, so why do you expect someone to pay $790 and others use the same thing for free. If you are charging $790, then make it a closed black-box so that only the person who pays gets the software.

Thirdly, Unoboonex said - "It's either free or very expensive". I think that's the big flaw.

Since, you will be providing the exact same module for free with links back to boonex site. So, lets say I make a professional site and spend $790 + hosting etc and the site becomes a hit.Then, it wont take any efforts for tons of guys to clone the exact same thing for free and they won't care about the boonex links, they will take whatever earnings they can get but it would harm my site badly. So, i think the free version should have limited functionality .Either all the modules should not be given to the guys who don't pay for the software or restrict them to a 3-months limit or something. Come on, you need to give something to your paid customers.
Excellent points Mickscool - I suspect that the people who pay $790 will expect LOTS of high quality support. I also agree with your point about "free or expensive" - they pulled out that low cost step that was so important to small business - or as another person here put it, the "hurt the little guy" (they didn't use the word "hurt" but I have heard enough obscenities for expressing my opinion here). I just did some quick checking around and it seems that most scripts see more are between $200 and $300 - but as I said before, most are too stupid to have a free version. I thought the old Boonex price structure was fantastic - they fixed something that wasn't broken, and as a result broke it badly. I've said here that I think this had badly hurt Dolphin's chances to become "the next big thing". A better way to express that would be that it has hurt their chances to become the "industry standard". I thought they were well on their way to that before- with the free version, and the low cost first step - it was brilliant. That's why if tomorrow Boonex gave me 10 free licenses, I would still think this was a mistake - though I probably wouldn't express it as often.

Before, selecting Dolphin in some ways was "a no brainer" - now I think it will be compared to all the other social networking scripts out there - most of which cost much less. The way they did this also struck me as really strange. MANY of us read this blog extremely carefully, and base our business plans on what is said here- and as others have pointed out that hasn't worked out too well. I don't think anyone reading this expected an eight fold price increase - there was not the slightest hint, and in fact there were assurances that nothing like this could happen. I'm guessing they did this as a "surprise" announcement because they hoped all the people who don't have licenses will now immediately plunk down $790 for Boonex. Some might, but I would have done it differently- I would have sent an email to all 50,000 members of the site, and let them know that a price increase would be happening in 60 days, but anyone who bought the $100 would have been grandfathered it. They likely would have collected a small fortune- but maybe they don't need the money.
Ok, not to seem bone-headed but I'm a bit confused still. I have a Dolphin & Orca 1 year license. What does that mean to me in regards to upgrading?

I wasn't sure we would be keeping Orca as the forums are very limiting at this point, but I was planning on adding a few widgets after the dust cleared from serious site changes, notably chat. So once I upgrade what would I do then?
As I understand it, if you have any license at all - even a one year license (what was that? - $39?) you now have a permanent license for all version up to Dolphin 7 - but someone from Boonex should verify this. Many of us have been begging for a better way to separate out Orca, as there is so much cool stuff on the market, but as I understand it, it is now even more tightly integrated.
By the way, I never really got an answer to my earlier, purely technical question. Does everybody now need to upgrade twice to get to Dolphin 7? Until late last month, everyone was waiting for D7 and we had no one knew D6.1.5 was even being planned. Most people I think had planned to upgrade long ago and were now waiting for the latest date in late June. Now does everyone need to upgrade from D6.1.4 to D6.1.5, and then again to D7? - or will there be an upgrade script for D6.1.4? No big deal see more for unmodified sites, but is an issue for those with modified sites.
Powerful software - it's a blessing that I stumbled upon it. I've been wanting to develop a domain name but I was not able to find an open source community builder like BOONEX that meets all my wants on the community. Obviously, I am also very limited on funds - I mean zero on funds. Great job guys and thank you thank you for all the hard work you've put into this project.
Hi their, has anyone actually managed to get this new patch to work? I paid for a company to do an upgrade as it seemed quite promising after it was ugraded their was 3 major bugs to start with!! So after informing the company, yes I was'nt the only one to complain, seems Boonex hav'nt actually tested the update yet! So I'm begining to wonder what version 7 is going to be like?
It works fine for me. 6.14 to 6.1.5 on a live working social network.
I upgraded ours with only a few minor issues.
Hi their, has anyone actually managed to get this new patch to work? I paid for a company to do an upgrade as it seemed quite promising after it was upgraded their was 3 major bugs to start with!! So after informing the company, yes I was'nt the only one to complain, seems Boonex hav'nt actually tested the update yet! So I'm begining to wonder what version 7 is going to be like?
Hi their, has anyone actually managed to get this new patch to work? I paid for a company to do an upgrade as it seemed quite promising. Well that was a mistake after it was upgraded their was 3 major bugs to start with!! So after informing the company, yes I was'nt the only one to complain, seems Boonex hav'nt actually tested the update yet! So I'm begining to wonder what version 7 is going to be like?
Thank you all very much, what a great job you have done. Again well done
Hello,so what if I had purchased $99 lifetime license of both dolphin and orca,what do I get for ? (Two dolphin with two domains) 6.1.5?
And where to download the upgrade?
How to get my second dolphin 6.1.5?can I get it later,will there be in my account?

Thank you!
I put the new patch in yesterday (thursday the 8th).
The only adjustments I had to make was to the .htaccess files and put back in to it the pages that I had created. no other adjustment needed there for me (other than the ones required by the patch). (always backup)
This was no problem since i had the back up and it was just a matter of copy and past those pages back in to the htaccess. Didn't take bust a second just about 10 lines. after that everything worked like a dream.
the only see more other thing was the administration log-in screen. seemed to be missing a few things. but that can be over looked becouse basically i just use it to log in with.Everything else in administration was working correctly.
The site it's self ran as good as it did before. So I'm happy with what i have.

This is great work - thanx!
OK I need to get my two pennies worth!

First of all Boonex you provide a fantastic set of products and best of all they can be used free without any limitations.... WOW you have to be commended for that.

Second to all the complainers... What is wrong with you? Boonex have worked hard and listened to what people want and need to develope a second to none community software package... Step back and look at the big picture!
If you can't yet afford the licence so what at least you get the priveledge see more to be able to get the free version with all the same functionality to get your sites going, then when you start to become successfull you wont mind paying for the licence because it will be Boonex that made you!
If you can afford it and you are serious about your future then get the licence and support the Boonex.
After all face it most of us wouldn't know where to start to develop anything close to this and Boonex deserve to be successfull, after all without their success we wouldn't have the priveledge to complain on this blog.
Lancanshire - there is nothing "wrong with us" - why would you express it that way? We are just expressing our opinions - and have been subject to personal attacks and foul language as a result. Absolutely no one is saying we don't think Boonex products are great - we wouldn't be here otherwise, and no one is saying that the people at Boonex didn't work there asses off. I'm sure they did, as did many (perhaps most) people here. Some sites can use the free version with no affect at all see more - perhaps they already have tons of advertising, but there are many other reasons why some sites wouldn't want to advertise a software company, even in there earliest iteration. There is also absolutely no one here saying that Boonex doesn't "deserve to be successful". We all want Boonex to be successful. In my opinion, however, this makes them less likely to get there. With the free version, and low cost license, I think they had a real chance to become the "industry standard" (i.e. the next big thing), with these prices, I think that is much less likely. It is rare for companies to do a price increase of 50 percent or more without some advance notice, as they know people who had been planning to buy their product at the lower price would be less likely to do so. Had they doubled, or perhaps even tripled the license prices, I people still wouldn't have liked it, but it would have been within range of other scripts of this genre.

From my point of view, this was a strange decision. As I understand it, all the people who have bought any kind of license at all, now have an permanent, unlimited license - in fact, by some interpretations, they have multiple licenses (see Siana's post above). I doubt many of them will be rushing out to buy the new $790/$2900 license - in fact, I doubt if anyone of them will for some time, unless they have a pressing business need.

I doubt if too many of the people who don't have licenses will be rushing out either- why would they? Some may have to, but the vast majority will now put that off as long as possible. What Boonex essentially did I think, was vastly increase the "sell cycle" time of their product. People will wait longer before purchasing, and be far more demanding on support issues.

I could be wrong. Maybe those new licenses will sell like hot cakes. I just don't see people rushing out to buy something for $790 just a few days ago. Reasonable people can disagree, so let me ask you something. Suppose instead of an 800 percent price increase, this had been 10 times that, and Boonex had announced that effective immediately, the new price would be $7,900. Would you still be still be calling us "complainers" and telling us that Boonex deserves this prices because the software is fantastic and because they have worked so hard? What if they raised the price to $20,000 - would you say the same thing? For people who just got free licenses, or those for whom money is no object, for others who based our plans on what we have read here, it is.

In economics there is a concept called "the point of diminishing returns" - I just think Boonex way overshot that mark, that's all. I also think they left money on the table. Few of their existing license holders will pay them ever again - they won't need to, and people who have not bought licenses will delay and postpone- and probably look for alternatives, as there is no longer any incentive for them to buy.

I don't have time for too many more posts in this subject - I think people know my opinion, but I just once again want to drive home the point. We ALL want Boonex to be successful, and we want the software to continue to be developed and to be awesome, we just have different ideas on how Boonex should go about that.

I also think pricing changes should be announced with enough time to allow prospectives to purchase before or after (usually it´s before).
I´ll tell you a very funny anecdote. On my first and so far only (will go again soon I hope) trip to London, I was at a typical pub in the Soho area and while I was drinking my gin & tonic, the bar tender hit a bell repeatedly, like in Hooters (USA), when someone gives a tip. So I thought, cool! Like Hooters!! Instantaneously I was thinking of boobs and see more tight t-shirts, so I felt happy! My disappointment was when I found out that that belt didn´t mean "Tips!!", but "Last call"! It wasn´t so late (I think it was 11pm or so). I heard the music stop, people leaving slowly... I went to the bar and asked for my second gin & tonic and the bar tender looked at me knowing that I was a foreigner and said: "sorry, pal, we´re closed".
That is exactly how I feel today with Boonex. I love their system. I´m new here, since I discovered it 3 weeks ago. I spoke to one of the best Expertzz to ask him to install the soft for me and he logically suggested that I should wait only a few days for version 6.15 in order to do a clean install, which made a lot of sense to me. I spoke to him after the pricing change and he felt terrible for me and for everybody he had suggested to wait. He wasn´t speculating about money. What he wanted to do was a good job. And he did, but instead of buying an annual ad free (Dolphin only) license I now have to use a free one, which is not what I wanted for a very simple reason: If I show what script I´m using, I´ll have 10 people doing the same in no time (and I´m working with a small niche of expats).
Again, I love Dolphin and I´ll find a way to use it, I´m sure. But this way of changing rules doesn´t sound right and productive to me.
Let´s wait a few days and see if we can all, Boonex and us, work out something that´s good for everyone.
Good analogy Hernan! Boonex "rang the bell" - and if you didn't buy a drink before that you were out of luck. Even from purely a business perspective, this was a strange decision in my opinion. Existing paying customers are always the best potential source for new sales and revenue, but they have now all been given free lifetime licenses so most of them have no reason to pay Boonex ever again. The people with the Smartpro licenses in particular have no reason (and they are the ones see more with the most ability to pay). They now have five licenses - there may even be a secondary market develop if people with these extra licenses make them available to people who didn't get in on this deal.

Now it is the people who haven't bought licenses yet who Boonex must convince. For a small handful, $790 might be no big deal, but I suspect most of them won't feel too comfortable paying that much, when they could have gotten the same thing for $100 just a few days ago (or even $39 if they had a yearly, and for a few people as little as $20 if they bought contributor points at the right time). Many of them will look for alternatives, most will probably decide to live with with the free advertising version if they can. I think Boonex will collect less money with this approach, at least for quite a while.
Update to 6.1.5
1. IM messenger does not load
2. Chat - hidden users (or can not enter)

sorry... :(
Soutbox, upload video and audio don´t work either...

Login from main link on header doesn´t work either.
tradgo IM messenger does not load :(
Is anyone experiencing super-slow load times on the admin back-end? I have a 6.1.4 on the same server where it is not an issue. I haven't tested on the front end yet, but sure hope the problem isn't there also.
Just want to put my 2 cents woth in... We supply the FREE version of Dolphin to any of our customers that want it. Most of the customers are ok with the ads that appear on their sites using the free version. It's not like they can't put up some of their own ads along with the Boonex ads. What's the big difference if you are looking at getting some ad revenue?
Also, as a hosting provider, I am glad that the new ads are only for Boonex and not for "Pet" hosting companies that detract see more from my business.


It would be nice with unity, if the links to Boonex for a given site were somehow linked to a users boonex name for affiliate purposes. Something cheap in the way of affiliate income for the free users, or perhaps some way for the "startups" to bankroll with Boonex for all the link business that gets sent their way. That way a startup could (if they have a high traffic site) eventually pay for a license via "affiliate credits".

Just some ideas I've been toying with as I am a MAJOR supporter of the open source initiative.
Yes, Rob. I´m with Hostgator, testing at the time, and yes, it´s too slow. Sometimes it freezes while uploading pictures, too.
I thought it might had something to do with hostgator, but since I also have some issued with v6.15, I was waiting to get them fixed before complaining about server speed.
opensource, great!!! really I need it this!!!.
great....thats really a good you for your efforts
Boonex Team,

I have one dolphin, orca & ray A/ V chat (all annual) working on same single site. How much more Dolphin Unlimited Permanent License I will get?

I got one Dolphin Unlimited Permanent License by donation in the same above account today 11.05.2009.
I for one am sick of the people who are "quit complaining" about the license fees etc..

I didn't want to do this because it really isn't anyone's business. I have said before I am out of work due to the economy. What savings I had are now gone, and believe me, I went into 'emergency' mode of money savings, expenditures and so on.

I met my soon to be wife on Craigslist of all places, but I am here to tell you that was not an easy feat, with all the unknowns out there. see more We "lucked" out in finding each other. My best man is a young widower and uses the dating sites out there. One common complaint from everyone I polled that was single is there is not a locally based site for matchmaking. And if there is, it is hideously expensive and then you are lucky to get a match that is at the least 30 miles away from you. So, in came the idea to set up a matchmaking site locally based. (Think back to the 70's and 80's when there used to be an influx of dating agencies - now it is online anymore).

When I started looking for software, I had previous experience with working with Tufat's scripts. I went ahead and "gambled" on paying $5 for the script which allowed me to install on my server. I found the script to be very awesome, and very clean, professional and easy to use. My users seemed to like it, but let me ask any true webmaster, when you are done with a script, are you more likely to keep "tweaking" it, adding features etc, to keep it fresh? I am one of those that love to "Tim Allen" things and try to get the most out of them and then some. OsDate wasn't flexible enough for me so I went looking and found Dolphin on Hotscripts.

I installed that on my server and counted the loss of members (about 20 at the time), small and relaunched with Dolphin. but before doing so, I knew this would be the final time I would lose members for this reason so I settled with Dolphin, and scraped up $39 for the annual fee to remove the "powered by" stuff. Since, I am trying to get established in terms of being a locally based site, I want to keep "copycats" from spotting what I am doing and try to oust me from the scene, so yeah...the ad free was what I had to do. After installing and ironing out some bugs, I have managed to get around 50 members by advertising free on Craigslist (getting flagged everytime), but the member base is there. Now, I know this is small in terms of dating sites and of course, we need more members and more activity. So, I am left with the requirement of advertising on billboards, print media, radio, etc to get more people in there. So, things are going that way eventually but can't. (I will explain a roadblock on this in just a minute)

I was quite happy to keep the ad free version going sans Ray and Orca. Since my domain name is about to expire, I figured I would move servers since Orca doesn't play nice with my current host when it came time to renew. So, that is in the plan. Anyway, when Unoboonex announced the expansion of the whole license to include Ray and Orca, I was like a little kid on Christmas day. Needless to say, I was stoked. Then I came to a couple of realizations:

The roadblock I am referring to is that the same fee that the annual subscription that Boonex is asking is about the same as it is to use just ONE advertising medium for one month. At this point for me, I cannot even afford to plunk out $5 a month or more for anything extra (anyone try to pay for a wedding lately?). So, my site is going to be stagnant for a while longer until I get some advertising revenue.

What differentiated Dolphin from some of the other projects out there was the price for ad free and that is what sold me on it. Now, if I was doing the Shopping now instead of a few months back, I would move on as this would be one of those that Caltrade has referred to.

For established businesses, the price is simply good. The company I used to work at didn't flinch at paying for a lot of software that they didn't use. Money wasn't an object to them and they were 100% self funded. (still are I would figure). Anyway, I was responsible at times for buying software, office supplies, computer hardware etc, as needed. If the need were to come to them to use Social networking software, or Dating software (Not likely for them), then looking at the $2900 fee or whatever it is would be a drop in the bucket to them. More power to them and so be it.

If Boonex is looking at cornering those markets out there that have the funding, I am all for it. More power to Boonex.

I agree with those that are calling for a different forum or whatnot similar to what apparently was there for the contributor. The free users get help in those areas, but the paying members - that is the ones who at least paid for the $39 ad-free privilege legally btw, to at least have a support area on up.

Now, when I become financially stable and able to pay for the annual fee later on, I would expect to get my money's worth so to speak. Not that the "Powered by" isn't worth it, it is especially when you compare that fee to one month's advertising. But, extra perks such as getting access to those "Special" forums would make it an added bonus. If the folks at Boonex can't do it, I am sure that someone who is fluent in Boonex scripting and isn't working for them would be willing to volunteer to help out in those areas. :)

My whole point behind this is, yeah, I am a bit stunned by the whole license fee increase, decrease, change, or whatever you wish to call it. It is what it is, I cannot change it so I am left with the decision to go in and see where things go a few months down the road for me. I am not wanting to complain about the cost, but hope others can see where I was trying to go with this whole thing.

For us startups, every little bit of $$ is essential and scarce until we can get a steady flow of finances pumped into our bank account. It just "raised the bar" so to speak in regards to how high we in turn are willing to reach the bar's location.
I cannot believe I just sat here and read all of these comments. Funny though. Although some of us may be more experienced webmasters than others, doesnt mean that they dont take pride in their work also. I for one have built many of sites, some better than others, however I love this Dolphin software. I cannot afford a lifetime license but you also wont hear me bitchin either :). I do have one question that concerns me, I want to do this upgrade but how will it effect the Mods I have installed already. see more I did purchase them from contributing developers here and LOVE them. I would just hate to lose them if I upgrade. I have a customized profiler, privacy profiles, etc. Will this override my current setup? Will I have to reinstall them?

Btw, If you don't want to purchase a license, umm... there is a FREE version.

Kudos to you Boonex!! Everyone deserves to make a living, sorry I can't help right now :)
Is there any link to download the source for the flash apps for ray chat? I really want to make some simple changes to better fit out site. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! ... And yes I did donate ... Thanks for a great product!
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.