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houstonlively posted 17th of September 2011 in Community Voice. 26 comments.

When a working Dolphin platform becomes a reality.  I've been screwing around with this for 3 years now, and the news that Dolphin 7 is being abandoned in lieu of the next great thing, just took all the wind out of my sails.  I'm demoralized... completely.  I will be in hibernate mode until further notice... as far as building a social site.   In the three years that have elapsed since I first wanted to build a localized site, Facebook usage has grown exponentially to the point where a localized site may no longer be a realistic vision.  I really don't see a way of pulling it off at this point.  It seems to me that the only people attracted to Dolphin based sites, are spammers, or people looking for internet porn. 

If Dolphin 8 appears while I am still young enough to function without nursing home assistance, I'll see what it can do.  At this point however, I cannot possibly imagine what the platform will offer, that will "Wow" people.  I certainly hope it's something, or I will have wasted countless hours of my life that I will never get back.  If Dolphin 8 is going to be another 3 years in the making, I'm afraid that will just be the end of any ambitions I had about creating a social site.

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I'm with you houstonlively ... I spent 7 years on Dolphin ... starting from v6 to 7.0.6 at the moment. Hours and hours of reading, writing, waiting ... coming to a point that my site is crashing at the moment, my members are leaving, my host not understanding the script and now reading that D7 will be deprecated soon.

There's 1 good thing about this story ... I learned something about PHP and MySQL and I'll remember the good old days when mods were free of charge and people were willing to help see more each other.
Andrew Boon
"now reading that D7 will be deprecated soon. "

Please, refer to where you're reading it? We are committed to D7 for small fixes and we're doing some deeper fixes and improvements and plan to call the result D8. In fact we dropped Trident in favor of D7 platform and work on it full time. It's exact opposite to dropping it.
I know how you guys feel, its same here 3 years. If i could go back in time i would have never clicked on the download link. Especially now that boonex has announced the D7 retirement. And D8 or whatever it's called something that has been in development for such a long time you would expect to see a bit more then what was presented by now. Boonex is definitely going the wrong way whit this.
Andrew Boon
"Especially now that boonex has announced the D7 retirement."

As far as I am aware of we haven't announced D7 retirement. Definitely don't plan to do it in for at least 2 years from now, but likely much more than that. Moreover, D8 is not a new platform. It's like D7 with fixed bugs, improved UI and better support of modules/auto-upgrades/market. You've been deceived (and it wasn't me) ;)
Here from Dolphin 5.6... waiting for Dolphin to be a tool and not a toy any more...
Now working a lot witth some e-shop script that makes me and all customers I have been worked for happy :-)
Nathan Paton
They're still working on v7. v7.0.8 is the next release, and it will include mostly fixes and some enhancements.
They are still working on something that will soon be depreciated? That makes sense right?
Nathan Paton
v7 and v8 are both being worked on. You can check the tracker for the changesets if you don't believe me.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we are. You see, it will not be depreciated any time soon and I have no idea what would make anyone think it's being retired. We started sharing some advancements in D8, which is largely just Dolphin 7 that's undergoing a VERY thorough cleanup and renovation. Something everyone has been asking for.
I concur with houston, this is sad. Several successful startups have overshadowed even the best claims BoonEx tends to make. BoonEx is the Yahoo of Content Managment Systems, and Andrew Boon is a la Carol Bartz. amirite.jpg
Andrew Boon
see moreFrom what I see Boonex is at it's brightest point ever. We have a product that's getting more and more stable, to an extent that we can take it as a basis for big update that we are very excited about. Successful startups that you are referring to are only catching up to what D7 does and will have the hardest time surviving the D8.

Trust me, it's going to be just as hard to kick Dolphin out of CMS world forefront as it is impossible to kick me out of Boonex. That makes your comparison irrelevant.
I could not agree more unless the versions work together what is the point to watch so much effort just be flushed away to a place that none of us have a clue about? Although I always applaud change, am I to understand that the change would be so drastic as to say, look over here and ignore all you have done as this is now better? Hmmm that is not change that is a complete scraping of one type of technology for another. I would compare it to, in my mind of going from a PC to a Mac? Would that see more be correct? Well let's say I have all those mods bought for windows and now the platform is going to be mac so I would have to buy all new mods to match the new platform? Let me know if I am misunderstanding this? I guess the real question is how can you aspire to inspire so many with the use of one platform, inspire them to a point, then say hmmmm let's try this instead? If this is true how would you ever follow that logic as I would always be thinking how long until you do it again? I just hope I am wrong........
Andrew Boon
You are misunderstanding this.

1. Dolphin 8 is not a new platform. It's a vastly improved Dolphin 7.
2. We plan to support Dolphin 7 anyway and for at least few years.
3. There will be MANY more updates to Dolphin 7.
4. We value D7 and all the mods for it a lot and will make sure to keep them afloat.
Im get a place in a hibernation machine just next to you Houston :-) Yeah I got same feeling like you ...
Andrew Boon
Re:"...the news that Dolphin 7 is being abandoned."

Where did you read such news? Not only we don't plan to abandon D7, but we also specifically announced that we will continue supporting and developing it for a long time. Moreover, Dolphin 8, although it is quite "fresh" is still built as a evolution of D7. Basically, we are doing two things at once - fixing bugs and doing small improvements in D7 AND doing a deeper clean out and "renovation" which we call D8. One see more or another should offer great chance to be what you've been waiting for.
My fear was only that the two in a way would not talk to each other? I have a large investment into a Real Estate module and I am just curious if when you develop D8 if I will be able to bring it inside that D8 platform. I never thought you would leave D7 I only thought/wondered if I could or could not play in both sandboxes. I was under the impression based on HL posts that the two did not play together well. I must also say that was MY interpretation of what I read......
Well I'am not in the hibernation machine, but have to say that I have set two sites of my own over to another cms. Oke its small then Dolphin, but has a very good commercial development (cms is total free) I will not give names here. The system has all I need and more. Other sites Under Dolphin will stay. If D8 can give me the same possibilitys as what I have now then i will look further. And thats is a fact from real world.
Andrew, i went to find where the community heard, or gathered that Dolphin 7 was being abandoned. The person who announced this was you:

Andrew Boon•106 days ago•in reply to LightWolf
Dolphin 7 now had six "finishing" updates. It will have some more. So, we've also announced that we're "upping" the Dolphin 7.1 development to Dolphin 8 and scrapping Trident to make sure we are "all in" for it. I've explained that Dolphin 8 is a big attempt to go to the core and see more update everything about Dolphin that prevented us from "finishing" it. Yes, there will be a 7.0.7 service update and maybe more as well.

Exactly what else we are supposed to do to "finish something"? We could continue 7.0.x updates forever and it wouldn't make anyone happier - we've had 6 said updates and the product is very stable, it needs a bigger overhaul to go forward.

you state that dolphin 7 had 6 updates "finishing" meaning that was the end of Dolphin 7, then you mention 7.0.x updates could go on forever. you refer to the 6 updates and the product is stable, thus you are leaving Dolphin 7 for the work and release on dolphin 8.

so you were the source of that news, now that something has changed, the posts are turned around as if it was never stated.
@ ANDREW BOON, keep dolphin your best to make it better and for the people,as far am concern dolphin is nice script just need some small touch and bug fixes which i believe you are doing by saying renovation,so i don't know why some people are getting it wrong here,who saying dolphin is free,we pay in one or the other,for examples is the mods free? is license free? and for you to make up a good site you much purchase a mod,is just that some developers their-selves are not helping matter they all see more know how to do copycat,and they do it will without adding their own spice,ALSO BOON keep moving no matter what you do in life there must be a critics,but be very intelligent to display information,i will tell you dolphin is good but we all wanting to outshine facebook but trust me this is possible if only developers will thinking in different ways,let them create mod that help young talented people not a mods that Facebook has.thanks
@coolnaija your response is natural coming from a member that has ONLY been with Dolphin 1 year..rofl Try being with them for years like some of us and then you can lay claim that this software is a nice script that just needs some SMALL touch and bug fixes.. Gotta love newbies!!!!! Good luck, see you in 4 more years waiting for a good software that does not break every time you look at it or upgrade it..rofl.
I think it is funny that people here are STILL waiting for the release of a functional software that we can actually be proud of with our members. I myself have been here or years waiting for a decent software and decided to leave Dolphin and go with another software. But good luck to the rest who wait and wait and wait..rofl
I have been using Dolphin since version 5.3 which feels like it was years ago with many a grey hair added. Now that I think about it, i had brown hair back then......OMG!

I have to admit that over the years, I had dusted down my hibernation chamber quite a few times and even climbed in once or twice, but was never able to power it up.

Yes this script has been a pain in the arse. The one thing that stands out the most are the damn CPU spikes. Don't think that was ever fixed. I upgraded my server see more over and over to the point where I now run my site on a dedicated server with some serious RAM and special little tricks that have finally got my site running at a respectable speed and with only minor complications.

At one point I even tried some other dating scripts. There were moments when the Dolphin script almost had me in tears so I desperately and stupidly made the mistake of paying for AEdating, which is a long distance cousin of Dolphin. What a pile of shite that script was and what a waste of money. Please don't ever go there. They promise a refund if you are not satisfied.

Never saw a penny of it. Biggest scam artists out there.

I persisted with Dolphin and it seems ok for the moment though there is always some little problem raising it's ugly head ready to piss me!

When dolphin 8 comes out, I will eventually move to that new platform once I see that it works fine, unless something better comes along.
Well folks another lie from Boonex. The date today is 11/11/11 and there is NO release in site, why do you guys even have a road map for your projects, you are NEVER right about your release Will check back in 3/3/12 and bet it still wont be
Well I think all of the 708 to D8 doomslayers are simply missing the boat Here. There is no cms around at all
that will fill every ones desires for that matter the is no script or site program that fits most needs let alone all.

Actualy you should buy or stay with a cms that fits your site or concept there of the best and build on it.
I have set up many sites for many purposes at one time I had just over 300 on line with on the fly language
translation. I have 28 patents to my name 3 of see more them were taken out of the patent prosess to secure the source code. those 3 went to the DOD and DOJ and is used by many international law enforcement groups to gather evidence
in the field of cyber crime. I say this not to brag but to give a preview of my next statement. That is when I was
first looking for a cms that would fill my needs. I went to several demo sites to see how others were using
Dolphin 2 of those sites had 0 size iframes that was injecting all of there visitors with a rather nasty virus. These sites
were porn I am sure you would have guesed that. There were also many things I did not like about the script. However the things I liked out weghed them. As I was making changes I also noticed that Dolphin is heavily targeted by china UK and romanian blog spamers. Ok I guess i only had to spend a couple hours to solve both of the problems. See I am building A site that is totaly points driven Distributed computing as well as building an extremely complex site to bring Veterans together and active duty as well as family and friends.I say all of this to stress a point First start with what you think will fill the bill the closest and expect to work to make it what you want. Dont just sit and wait for others to do it all for you ie D8 A hint even a team of the greatest programers take time to develop a project like Dolphin.
I have only had dolphin up a couple of weeks and have not realy made it public yet it will go public over this weekend It has what I want to make a very good social/portal site. Out of the 300+ sites I retired 97% were well known and respected sites. I am sure this one will be as well. Sooo lighten up

Vince Butera
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