Support Service Improvements Report

Andrew Boon posted 6th of October 2015 in Boonex News. 0 comments.

Just a few weeks ago we launched the Mission: Diligent Support, with the goal to improve our communication with customers, offer options for dedicated support and improve overall experience for non-technical users. 


Since that post we have made some changes in direction - got rid of Zopim chat and Groove CRM, but switched to Intercom system to do both. We've also introduced subscriptions that include hosting, support service, licenses and installation


In the last month we've been able to reduce average response time to less than 200min (just a bit over 3 hours) and hoping to go all the way down to 100min by the end of the year. Thanks to our fantastic community members the Forum posts rarely sit unanswered for more than 2-3 hours, too.


Additionally, since we moved DolphinPro to github all issue reports have been always handled within a day, appropriately reviewed, assigned and attributed. We are now on schedule to release service update - 7.2.1 later this month, before moving on to further feature updates and mobile apps. 


As reminder - if you need help with something that can be hared publicly - please use our support Forums; and if it is something private, email us to

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