Not the best idea, If a working demo is provided i don't see a reason why someone would need to download it and "review" it. It's the buyers responsibility to do some research before buying something.
Would anyone go to a dealership and buy a car without even trying to start it or take it for a test drive.
Andrew Boon
The idea of Declaration is that vendor just states that his product... 1. compatible with XX, 2. has manual, 3. is a module, etc... They may as well state negative answers to those. Moderators only need to have means of verifying declared information. In many cases this won't require a download. So, I can see a system where Vendors would give their products for download to moderators voluntary, or on request, or pro-actively. Maybe we'll just add a posting option like "allow moderators to download" see more and "allow supermoderators to download".
As long there's an option to "allow"-"disallow" then that's ok.
No I think exact opposite. To verfify a code and certain specifications somebody have to review it more deeply. Only way how to do it is make access to components to that 3 moderators which will be responsible for that. If that will be trusted community members I cant see problem why should somebody mind that ...
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