Dolphin Upgrade Instructions

From: 5.6

To: 6.0.0003


1. All software needs to be licensed. There is an ad based version that links cannot be removed from - licenses or not. There is an ad free version that has ads, but with this version you can purchase licenses that remove links or ads.

Thus, to be able to use Dolphin 6.0 you need to have a license. It's free and you can get free licenses by registering at Unity. The upgrade from 5.6 to 6.0 will return all the BoonEx references on your website. If you do not want BoonEx links on your site, you can acquire Ad free licenses.

2. If you are going to use Ray you will need to install either the Ad free or free (ad based) package according to your needs. The free package contains the integrated free Ray package which has BoonEx Ads in all Ray widgets. You may generate free licenses at Unity to register these. If you are going to use Ray widgets without BoonEx Ads (means to order ad free licenses for Ray widgets) you need to install and use the Ad free Dolphin package.

Upgrade Instructions

1. Before the upgrade:

a. Backup all files and database of your Dolphin site.

b. If you use Zip Codes on your site, please export table ZIPCodes separately from backup.

c. The conversion tool will reset your 'GlParams' (Global Settings) table to the default state. Therefore, please remember (or write down) all your settings you can find in Admin Panel -> Global Settings. Then, after the upgrade apply them back into the script in Admin Panel -> Settings.

2. Open and edit the file inc/ of your existing Dolphin site.

Find the following lines:

if ( file_exists( $dir['root'] . 'install' ) )
	echo "You will see this nice message every time until you remove <b>install</b> directory";

and delete them. Save the file and re-upload it.

3. Download and unzip the Database Migration Pack. You will find install directory in it. You need to upload to your Dolphin's root directory.

4. Set permissions for the folder install/sql to 777.

5. Run the following URL in your favourite browser and follow the onscreen instructions: http://<your_site>/<path_to_dolphin>/install/upgrade.php

This script will convert your database and save the results to the install/sql folder.

Note: This script will create a few temporary tables for conversion purposes and then will delete them. But this will not change anything in your current tables.

Note: The script may take a few minutes. It depends on the size of your database (number of profiles, media, blogs, etc.). Thus if you think the script is stuck, please don't cancel execution. Just wait.

Note: The conversion procedure doesn't include ZIP codes export because of performance problems. Therefore, if you have ZIP codes in your database, you will have to import them again after upgrade.

Note: The conversion script deletes a few old non-mandatory fields from your profiles tables. This won't affect the fields that you created manually after Dolphin installation. If you wish to save some of them, before running the script edit the lines marked as follows in the install/db_upg/profiles.sql file:

-- Non mandatory Fields

Comment out the lines with the fields which you want to save using the '-- ' (minus, minus, space). Also edit the file install/db_upg/profiles_desc.sql and comment out the lines with the same fields. Do it carefully to avoid errors. If you're unsure that you can make it on your own but you need to make these changes, you should contact us at support@….

6. Delete all files and folders from Dolphin's root directory. Remove the cron jobs.

Attention! Do not delete the 'install' and 'media' folders.

7. Upload the latest Dolphin 6.0 package in your Dolphin's root directory.

8. Commence the standard procedure for Dolphin installation. At the Database installation step you should indicate the file ./sql/v60_convert.sql instead of the default one. Finish the installation.

Upgrade is complete.

Follow this link to get free or Ad free licenses if you have not done it yet.

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