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Upgrade Instructions from 6.0.0003 to 6.0.0004

Step 0: Back up your Database and Files.

Step 1: Download Dolphin 6 Patch 0004 Free Version or Ad Free version.

Download Download Dolphin 6.0.0003 to 6.0.0004 Diff to see file changes.

Step 2: Upload all files accordingly to their location in the script and in the patch file by file overwriting them.

Example: Open /inc/ directory of your site, also open /inc/ directory of the patch that you have downloaded to your PC. Upload all files contained in the /inc/ directory of the patch on PC to your site's /inc/ directory overwriting those already there.

NOTE: Do not upload the folders from the patch overwriting the ones existing on your site.

Step 3: Upgrading your database. Upload the two files from the upgrade patch called upgrade.php and upgrade.sql in your Dolphin's home directory. Run the following script in you favorite browser to upgrade your database

NOTE: You should run your upgrade.php only once. If you run the script for a second time, it will result in Database access error.

Step 4: You have to edit the build number of your script in inc/, replacing

$site['build'] = '0003';


$site['build'] = '0004';

Step 5: You have to edit the path to your script's inc/ inside ray/modules/global/inc/, replacing [path_to]inc/ with the absolute path to it. Also you have to do the same action for periodic/notifies.php file.

Step 6: Set the following permissions:

chmod -v 666 ./ray/modules/global/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/global/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/board/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/board/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/board/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/board/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/chat/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/chat/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/chat/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/chat/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/im/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/im/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/im/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/im/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/presence/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/presence/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/presence/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/presence/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/video/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/video/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/video/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/video/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/mp3/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/mp3/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/mp3/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/mp3/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/movie/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/movie/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/movie/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/movie/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/music/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/music/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/music/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/music/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/desktop/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/desktop/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/desktop/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/desktop/xml/skins.xml ./ray/modules/shoutbox/xml/config.xml ./ray/modules/shoutbox/xml/langs.xml ./ray/modules/shoutbox/xml/main.xml ./ray/modules/shoutbox/xml/skins.xml

chmod -v 777 ./ray/modules/board/files/ ./ray/modules/im/files/ ./ray/modules/mp3/files/ ./ray/modules/movie/files ./ray/modules/music/files

Step 7: Please log into your Admin Panel -> Settings -> Advanced Settings and click "Save" button to recompile file. Also you have to enter new licences for all Ray widgets by following Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Ray Suite.

Your Dolphin installation has been successfully upgraded.

For any troubleshooting feel free to contact us at support@…

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