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Upgrade Instructions from 6.0.0000 to 6.0.0001

Step 0: Backup your Database and Files.

Step 1: Download Dolphin 6 Patch 0001 Free Version or Ad Free version.

Step 2: Upload all files accordingly to their location in script and patch file by file overwriting them.

Example: Open /inc/ directory of your site also open /inc/ directory of the patch, which you have downloaded to your PC. Upload all files contained in the /inc/ directory of the patch on PC to your site's /inc/ directory overwriting them.

NOTE: Do not upload folders from the patch overwriting the existing ones on your site.

Step 3: Upgrading your database. Upload the file from the upgrade patch called upgrade.php. Run the following script in you favorite browser to upgrade your database file or (just in case it is installed in a sub-directory).

Step 4: You must re-configure you RMS connection settings in Ray Base if you are using Free version of Ray.

Your Dolphin installation has been successfully upgraded.

For any troubleshooting feel free to contact us at support@…

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