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Upgrade Instructions from 6.0.0000 to 6.0.0001

Step 0: Backup your Database and Files.

Step 1: Download Dolphin 6 Patch 0001.

Step 2: Upload all files accordingly to their location in script and patch file by file overwriting them.

Example: Open /inc/ directory of your site also open /inc/ directory of the patch, which you have downloaded to your PC. Upload all files contained in the /inc/ directory of the patch on PC to your site's /inc/ directory overwriting them. NOTE: Do not upload folders overwriting the existing ones on your site. Since only particular files were affected in the patch.

Step 3: Upgrading your database. Run the following script to upgrade your database file or (just in case it is installed in a sub-directory).

Your Dolphin installation has been successfully upgraded.

For any troubleshooting feel free to contact us at support@…

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