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Upgrade Instructions from 6.0.0003|4|5 to 6.1.1

Step 0: Back up your Database and Files.

Step 1: Download Dolphin 6.0.0003|4|5 - 6.1.1 Upgrade Pack Free Version, Ad Free Version or SmartPro Version

Download Download Dolphin 6.0.0003|4|5 to 6.1.1 Diff to see file changes.

Step 2: Upload all files accordingly to their location in the script and in the patch file by file overwriting them.

Example: Open /inc/ directory of your site, also open /inc/ directory of the patch that you have downloaded to your PC. Upload all files contained in the /inc/ directory of the patch on PC to your site's /inc/ directory overwriting those already there.

NOTE: Do not upload the folders from the patch overwriting the ones existing on your site.

Step 3: Upgrading your database. SSH is required.

  • Log into your SSH client (for Linux) or Command Prompt (for Windows) under Dolphin files owner account (it's usually your CPanel or FTP account).

  • Change directory to get into your Dolphin's folder: for example:
    cd /home/myaccount/public_html/dolphin

  • Run this script:
    path_to_php_binary -q upgrade.60_61.php
    (for Linux)


path_to_php_exe upgrade.60_61.php

(for Windows)

  • The script will show you notifications about its successful or unsuccessful runtime. You need to inform the Support Department about all the unssuccessful notifications.

NOTE: You can't run this upgrade twice.

Step 4: Those of you who are using own RMS servers should re-install them. The latest versions are available here (Linux and Windows versions). Installation instructions are available here

Step 5: Now you need to register your Ray widgets with the same licenses you used to have on Dolphin 6.0.0003|4|5 versions.

To do so, you need to navigate to Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Ray Suite, wait until the licenses are checked and register them.

Now your Dolphin version should be successfully upgraded.

In case of any troubles feel free to contact the Support Department at support@….

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