Upgrade Instructions from 7.0.9 to 7.1.0

Step 0

Back up your current Dolphin files, folders and database.

NOTE: This upgrade will work with official Dolphin 7.0.9 versions ONLY. If you applied some fixes to your Dolphin 7.0.9 then this patch should work in most cases, but there are some fixes that may cause conflict.

NOTE: This upgrade changes a lot of files, if you have custom modification it most likely that your changes will be overwritten.

NOTE: 3rd-party modules and templates which are compatible with 7.0.x most probably will not work on 7.1.0. It may cause database errors and broken layout. We suggest to ask 3rd-party module and/or template authors for the updated version.

Step 1

Switch back to UNI template on the site and set UNI template as default site template in Dolphin Admin Panel -> Settings -> Advances Settings -> Template -> Template

Step 2

Uninstall "Wall" and "Spy" modules. These modules were changed a lot and can not be upgraded. After upgrade is completed you can install these modules again.

NOTE: All "Wall" and "Spy" modules data will be lost. It maybe that 3rd-party modules which rely on "Wall" and "Spy" data and functionality will lost their data as well or become non-working.

Step 3

"Profiles Map", "Open Social" and "Data migration from Dolphin 6.1.6" modules need to be uninstalled. They are not supported in Dolphin 7.1.

NOTE: "Profiles Map" module is replaces with new "World Map" module, which you can install after upgrade is completed.

Step 4

Download and extract the Patch Dolphin-Patch-v.7.1.0-Cumulative and upload its files to your current installation, replacing all old files. Make sure that old files were REALLY replaced - site can become nonfunctional at all if old files are still in place.

NOTE: If you have custom translations, please refer to this instruction on how to add new language strings for your language.

Step 5

Remove the upgrade/.htaccess file via FTP or SSH. Note that you may need to change your FTP client settings to show hidden files to see the .htaccess file in your FTP manager. Make sure that you removed .htaccess file from "upgrade" directory! Do not remove .htaccess file from Dolphin root folder, it will make almost all links on the site not working'''

Step 6

Change permission to the following files:

sitemap.xml - must be writable
modules/boonex/profiler/log - must be writable (if you have Profiler module installed)
modules/boonex/sites/data/images/thumbs - must be writable (if you have Sites module installed)

if you have SSH access you can run the following script while you are in Dolphin root folder:

chmod 666 sitemap.xml
chmod 777 modules/boonex/profiler/log
chmod 777 modules/boonex/sites/data/images/thumbs

NOTE: Some server configuration don't require to change permissions, you can run upgrade script (described later) and see if you need to change any permissions.

Step 7

If you have "Forum" module installed then delete forum translations, to do it you need to delete the following folders:


If you have custom forum templates and/or other than English languages - then delete the appropriate folders for them as well.

Then delete the following folder manually via FTP or SSH:


To do it - go to templates/tmpl_uni/images/ directory and delete zodiac folder inside it.

Step 8

Run the following script: http://your-site.com/your-path/upgrade/ . It will show the list of available updates. Replace your-site.com with your actual domain name and your-path to your actual path to dolphin installation. For example if you have Dolphin installed in http://supersite.com/community/ then you need to run the following upgrade script http://supersite.com/community/upgrade/

Step 9

Apply all available updates (7.0.9-7.1.0.B1, 7.1.0.B1-7.1.0.B2, 7.1.0.B2-7.1.0) incrementally. The script detects suitable updates automatically.

Step 10

Please follow and read all automatically completed steps of the upgrade script, paying special attention to the last step. The last step of this upgrade is IMPORTANT. You will be given special instructions by the script which you will have to do MANUALLY.

Step 11

Report any occurrence of bugs in Dolphin 7.1 forum.

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