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Customizable social networking site platform with media server, video converter and 36 included modules.

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iOS and Android social mobile apps that you can re-brand, modify and connect with your Dolphin site.

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3192 extensions, templates, language packs, modifications and plugins for Dolphin available at BoonEx Market.

5 days ago
In preparation for the upcoming changes and planned Knowledge Base overhaul we have restructured Boonex Forums. Some categories have been moved to Archive, and some have been merged with new ones.    General idea is to step away from software versions or types (web, mobile, desktop, trident, etc.). Forums are now focused on users intention. Those who come to learn the basics go
6 days ago
Today we are releasing Dolphin.Pro 7.2 RC. This update is particularly important for all developers who have extensions in BoonEx Market. There will be no or only minor changes from RC to Final, so now is the best time to update your extensions to ensure compatibility. Remember, Market will be listing only 7.2-compatible extensions as Featured.   
6 days ago
In just one week Boonex will turn 15. Perfect milestone to introduce some serious changes. In this post I will briefly outline what is planned for the month of September. More details posts will follow.  
7th of August 2015
While Dolphin Pro 7.2 work is being finalised, we decided to focus on our support system. We are a small team working with lots of clients, but we believe that there are things that can be improved anyway. Sometimes we miss important requests or fail to reply in time. Documentation is getting outdated and somewhat disorganised. A lot of clients
3rd of August 2015
July was a bug-squashing month. Thanks to community report we have been able to identify and fix a whole lot of issues in the recently announced Dolphin 7.2 Beta. It seemed overwhelming at first, though only natural for the amount of new features and improvements that we came up with. Today, we have the second beta for you.

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