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Dolphin Pro is the world's leading social network platform that powers over 300,000 custom websites. You get open-source social networking software, integrated mobile apps and access to thousands of extensions.
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Your own customizable social website with thousands of features and extensions. Mix and match the modules, choose templates, set languages, change options and bring your unique ideas to life!

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Unparalleled Functionality

Unparalleled Power

With 36 included modules and over 2000 incredible features Dolphin is the most capable community software. Period.

Natively Mobile

Natively Mobile

Dolphin comes with native iPhone, iPad and Android apps that you can re-brand, extend and be proud of.

Complete Control

Complete Control

You reap the benefits of the site that you host, own and control. Dolphin Admin just helps to do it with ease.

Unlimited Potential

Unbound Potential

With thousands of extensions, languages and templates from BoonEx Market Dolphin knows no bounds.

Your Social Network Is Actually Yours

With BoonEx you just download the software for your very own online community site and control it from top to bottom. Your project is completely independent and unhindered.

Backed By Strong Community

Dolphin community software powers thousands of social networks, online dating sites and niche communities. Over 200,000 webmasters collaborate, discuss ideas and help each other grow.

Versatile Extensions Market

Hundreds of plugins, modules, templates, language packs, integrations and modifications are available at BoonEx Market, making anything possible.

15 Years Of Experience

BoonEx is specializing solely on community software since year 2000. BoonEx is the most experienced, innovative and dynamic community software provider, by far.

Over 300,000 Success Stories

Dolphin social software now powers over 300,000 web communities, online dating sites and niche social networks. Dolphin is the world most popular social network platform. By far!

5 days ago
The first feature-final release of Trident has arrived. Meet Trident 8.0 BETA! It only took what... 5 years?
11 days ago
Your fresh-out-of-the-oven social network is up and running. Hosting server optimised, friends invited, initial marketing campaign launched, coffee is still hot and... TA-DA! The first member joined! Name is "Prudence", wants to "meet nice people", and... WOW! Another one! Girl again... posting in blog already... something about designer bags..? WTF!?! Before the day is out your server is bogged down
10th of April 2015
Comments can make or brake engagement on a content-focused social network. Mobile traffic overtakes desktop traffic on social networking sites. Getting comments to look and work perfectly on mobile devices is crucial for social software platform like Dolphin. Let's talk about what would constitute the most elegant, user-friendly, efficient, secure and engaging commenting system.
1st of April 2015
We had a brief talk about Bootstrap today, again. Every now and then the lure of pre-cooked CSS elements takes our attention, and yet we keep resisting. I've mentioned Bootstrap before and that it doesn't work for us because of UI inconsistencies, but I thought maybe we could use the lego-pieces without necessarily doing an "all-bootstrap" cookie-cutter site. And so we
24th of March 2015
This is both sharing and an ever-open question. While building Trident and recently updating BoonEx we have gained a good deal of experience and insight into how web-software can be built to make websites "mobile-friendly". Conventions are all still far from definitive. Mobile web is that new frontier that has already gained strong mainstream end-user acceptance, while developers and technologies