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9th of July 2015
It is impossible to overstate significance of this release. Dolphin Pro 7.2 is the first major feature update in over 2 years! Yes, it is still a "BETA" package, but it doesn't normally take long to progress from feature-final beta to a full stable release.
28th of June 2015
Upcoming Dolphin Pro version update has just received yet another cool improvement - a whole new Photo Uploader!   The new uploader doesn't rely on Flash; supports multiple photos; shows previews BEFORE the photo is uploaded and does resizing on user-end (again BEFORE upload even occurs). It also has a much nicer, cleaner interface...
13th of June 2015
Administration panel of the upcoming 7.2 release has received a refreshed design. We are now going through little bits and pieces, but you can already see the general idea. Mostly it's a switch to non-bitmap design elements (retina support), but while we're testing it out we're also adding small fixes and improvements, like "quick links" in dashboard, new library for
9th of June 2015
The "add new row" feature for Pages Builder has been requested more than once, but we hesitated mostly because directly adding rows always seemed like a sure way of breaking layouts. Still, there are situations when something like a row is needed.    For Dolphin Pro 7.2 we have examined a number of potential situations when extra row may be useful and
8th of June 2015
Shoutbox module in Dolphin Pro 7.2 will be a whole lot better! It is now possible to add it to any page, and developers can use it in their modules. In default implementation it will appear on homepage, group page and event page. Design and layout updated. Responsiveness added. And finally - bringing us all out of the caves of

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