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Customizable social networking site platform with media server, video converter and 36 included modules.

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iOS and Android social mobile apps that you can re-brand, modify and connect with your Dolphin site.

Unlimited Potential

3154 extensions, templates, language packs, modifications and plugins for Dolphin available at BoonEx Market.

2 days ago
Facebook is 11, Twitter is 9, BoonEx is 14. In human years that means that online social networking is already mature, sophisticated and proven. It is here to stay. People get it and like it (no pun intended).  
2 days ago
Today we are launching Social Software Wiki - community-edited repository of documentation, tips, answers, reviews and comparisons of various social software products. It's not just for DolphinPro - it's for any popular social software product.  www.socialsoftware .wiki 
10 days ago
In DolphinPro 7.2 development we are particularly focused on improving overall usability of the platform. Quite simply, we want end-users to be able to enjoy networking and sharing instead of trying to figure out how the site works. And the most crucial "driver" of good user experience is, of course, navigation. We spend a whole lot of time figuring out
10 days ago
Trident Beta 2 is released. This update will automatically push to all active Trident-based sites that have auto-updated enabled. This is the cool thing about Trident - when updates comes you don't have to do anything.     
5th of May 2015
Next major version of our flagship product - Dolphin Pro 7.2 - is under active development again. We can already see that the process is vastly different from the way we did it before. Improvements and fixes are not just progressing from 7.1, they also stem from Trident (our resident lab rat).   There is no Beta or Alpha version available yet

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With BoonEx you just download the software for your very own online community site and control it from top to bottom. Your project is completely independent and unhindered.

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Dolphin community software powers thousands of social networks, online dating sites and niche communities. Over 200,000 webmasters collaborate, discuss ideas and help each other grow.

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Hundreds of plugins, modules, templates, language packs, integrations and modifications are available at BoonEx Market, making anything possible.

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BoonEx is specializing solely on community software since year 2000. BoonEx is the most experienced, innovative and dynamic community software provider, by far.

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Dolphin social software now powers over 300,000 web communities, online dating sites and niche social networks. Dolphin is the world most popular social network platform. By far!