Everything you need to launch, customise and maintain your own social network.
All the features of the UNA platform. Boonex service plans are based on the powerful UNA community software framework, configured and rebranded as your own custom social networking website.
From small to large-scale, we help with hosting infrastructure design, setup and maintenance - cloud or dedicated hosting architecture design, optimisation, backups and ongoing updates.
Boonex professional services are provisioned via a dedicated project management space with assigned tech specialists and project manager, time tracking, milestones, secure file sharing, task-lists and regular reporting.
Site administration training services offered to teach your team the nuances of operating the community, managing content, combating spam, dealing with reports, boosting the activity and preventing common mistakes.
The UNA platform can be used as a backend of custom-made native apps. We offer assisted configuration and submission of the ReactNative iOS and Android apps based on UNA ReactNative mobile apps boilerplates.
For ideas that require unique functionality, we offer custom modifications and "tailored" UNA apps development services provided under NDA/NCA terms, permissive licensing and intellectual property protection.
Active community websites need prompt and professional care. We provide the services for troubleshooting, critical support and assisted version updates to keep your social network running smoothly.
Integrations, data migration and custom services offered for projects needing multi-domain network configurations, integration of 3rd-party services, SSO, custom localisation, IoT APIs implementation and more.
10 reasons to migrate from the old Dolphin.Pro (or any other CMS) to UNA platform.
1. Highly permissive MIT license.
UNA platform is provided under the terms of MIT-license, allowing you to use, modify and distribute the code any way you want. All payment plans are either for professional services or access to automatic-updates, so you don’t have to commit your changes back to the project (as in GPL-compatible licenses) and you won’t be restricted by any clauses of commercial licenses or paid attribution-removal requirements.
2. Fully responsive, mobile-friendly design.
The user-interface in UNA is designed with "mobile-first" approach. All pages, blocks, menus and texts are responsively adapting to any viewport, and the testing always starts from the smallest viewport (mobile phone) as a priority. Three viewport presets (Mobile, Tablet and Desktop) allow graded template adjustments and page blocks visibility controls via UNA Studio.
3. Multi-profile accounts with different profile types.
One of the unique features of UNA CMS is support of multiple profiles per account. Your site may offer profiles of different types with different data fields. For example, Person and Organisation types may be used by same account to switch between a personal profile and business profile without logging out from the account. Moreover, Organisation profile-type supports multiple accounts associations.
4. Robust data model.
The core architecture of the UNA framework allows for a full range of unique implementations. Various structural concepts, like Pages, Displays, Forms, Objects, Authors and Contexts can be re-purposed to realise some of the most sophisticated ideas efficiently. Your social network may turn into a hybrid of community marketplace and IoT network; location-focused dating site, micro-blogging community, et al. There are virtually no functionality limits.
5. Powerful configuration system — UNA Studio.
A large social network requires full separation between content administration and site configuration. You may need to have customised admin tools and reports, while site setup should only be accessible to developers and designers. UNA Studio is the site configuration layer that controls all modules, templates, languages and integrations, including builders for Pages, Permissions, Forms, Navigation, Languages and a lot more.
6. True independence.
You can host the production site yourself, and even if you choose UNA Cloud as hosting the site data, files, members and content are under your full control. You can completely take over the development, maintenance and disconnect from version updates if you need to. Should you ever decide to sell or get investment for your project, you can do so with confidence that the software, members and all the user data are part of your business.
7. Automatic version updates.
Any community software platform requires regular updates. These can be cumbersome and time-consuming if you have to do them manually. UNA platform gets automatic updates for the core components and all UNA apps (modules, templates, languages, integrations and tools). You can switch to manual updates for greater control, too. UNA Pro subscription is required to access updates of UNA PowerApps.
8. Integration framework.
There is no limit to what you can integrate with your site. Almost any 3rd-party web-service or software solution with an API can be turned into a UNA Integration App. UNA itself has a JSON-ready REST API that you can use to integrate your site with other platforms, your back-office, Single-Sign-On, SaaS products and even IoT devices. The community starts with UNA, and the rest combined with it.
9. Complete community software ecosystem.
Boonex Dolphin solution is all about helping you to make the most of the UNA software eco-system, which includes the UNA open-source community management system; extensions marketplace (UNA Apps Market); helpful and supporting webmasters community; UNA Cloud hosting for staging and early-growth period and the professional support team always eager to assist with implementation and ongoing development.
10. Principled development and support culture.
All the UNA and Boonex team members believe in setting the mission as the top priority. Our mission is to UNITE PEOPLE. Every decision and every action is governed by the principles of doing good, protecting the end-client, respecting privacy, supporting projects with positive cause and benefit the broader community. Ethical-By-Design is the fundamental creed for everything we do.