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Andrew Boon posted 2nd of January 2017 in Our Journey. 19 comments.

Lean, efficient, concise. These are the words for 2017. Less talk, more walk. We have a lot to do... - Release Dolphin v10 - Release UNA v9

Back on track!

Andrew Boon posted 6th of December 2015 in Our Journey. 12 comments.

Just a little over a month has passed since our house was destroyed in a fire. A magical month! Our friends and community supported us with such vigour and warmth that Boons family never had a reason to complain. We've been given all the basic things, toys for the baby son, violin for the bigger boy and a lovely soups

Last night fire destroyed our home (aka Boonex HQ).

Andrew Boon posted 2nd of November 2015 in Our Journey. 59 comments.

Last night my wife and I woke up to a strange cracking sound coming from the kitchen, like a clumsy intruder shuffling things at 4am. Just about 20 minutes later nothing was left of our house, the home-office, computers, violins, guitars, books or anything at all. We got out with kids a minute before it would be too late. Thank

Meet The Boonex Team

Andrew Boon posted 7th of October 2015 in Our Journey. 11 comments.

Boonex is a community. We have thousands of really active members that build software, help in forums, share ideas and run various businesses connected to Boonex. So, generally it is best to see Boonex as big collective. There is also what we call a "core team". A bunch of guys that breathe Dolphin, day-in and day-out. Every one of us

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