Community Software Experts

Boonex was founded in September 2000, with the sole focus of developing and supporting open-source community software. Our flagship product - Dolphin - has been downloaded by over 500,000 webmasters and used to power thousands of active social networks, online dating sites, discussion forums, community clubs and interest groups.

The old Dolphin is still maintained and supported via the legacy Boonex Forums and the extensions can be downloaded from the Boonex Market. License for Dolphin 7 can still be purchased as a monthly subscription.

Around 2012 we started a major rebuild of the Dolphin platform and previewed it a few times as Dolphin 8, Dolphin U and Trident. We challenged ourselves to create the best community management system in the world. Re-development process took a few years, and in late 2016 we publicly released the first build of UNA Community Management System - the new platform distributed under MIT-license terms and planned as a next-generation framework for the Dolphin product.

After two years of active development and community testing, UNA has become feature-rich, robust and stable enough to replace the old Dolphin.Pro 7.x as the preferred framework for Boonex social software services. Now, we offer a complete set of professional support plans helping to configure UNA CMS as a highly-scalable, independent, mobile-friendly and engaging social networking website.

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