Open-Source. Unlimited. White-Label.

Powering more than 300,000 web communities, online dating sites and niche social networks, DolphinPro is the world most popular social networking software platform. By far!

Social Networking Software for Online Communities

All the software you need to launch a world-class social network

Customisable design, texts, navigation, pages, blocks, actions and permissions.

You have full control over how your site looks and works. Every link, image, block, feature and module can be customised, modified and re-arranged. most of it can be done via Admin Panel and access to source code is available for even deeper modifications.

Advanced social profiles, timelines, likes, shares, voting, friends and comments.

Social networking permeate through the entire community site and drive engagement. Users can create beautiful customisable profiles, share content, repost, comment, react and create viral growth. Friends connections build your site’s social graphs network and define content flow.

Responsive, mobile-friendly site layout plus native iOS and Android apps.

DolphinPro is mobile on all levels. The website layouts is fully responsive and tap-friendly. All design elements are optimised to adapt to any screen size right down to smartphones. On top of that you can deploy customisable native iOS and Android apps - universal, integrated with your site, branded as your own.

All-new WebRTC audio/video chat with private and public rooms, groups and more.

Good chat can be the most active place for community to hang-out. So, we equipped DolphinPro with a GREAT chat! Based on WebRTC technnology, Chat+ created direct peer-to-peer connection between users, minimising load on your server. Fully mobile-friendly, responsive, fast and scalable.



Anything is possible. Mix and match the modules you need.


Classified ads for site members with custom categories, prices and photos.


Rich-text articles posting by site admin. Great for documents, notes and announcements.


Upload, crop and manage multiple profile avatars and select active avatar.


Personal blogs with individual categories, rich-text posting, photos and social features.


Multi-user video chat with concurrent video streaming, custom rooms and rich formatting.

Custom RSS

Let site members add their own custom RSS feeds to their profiles via specialised profile block.


Adobe AIR cross-platform desktop app for off-browser communication and notifications.


Create and manage events, with dates, attendants, photos, updates and forums connectivity.

Facebook Connect

Join and login using Facebook accounts, find and match Facebook friends with site members.


Collect, select and approve feedback messages from site members and publish it on the site.


Upload, share, manage and publish various files, documents and media for download.


Advanced discussion forums with categories, rating, moderation, auto-splitting and rich-formatting.

Google Search

Site-search, indexing and searching site content using Google backend and algo.


Create and manage groups, with admins, members, forums, social features, photos and other media.


Advertise and sell paid membership levels to your site members.


Flash-based Instant Video Messenger for one-to-one communication with rich text chat.


Publish site news, announcements and alerts with custom publishing date and extended browsing.

Page Access Control

Setup content, navigation and blocks visibility settings for different membership levels.


Connect your payment gateways to collect payments supported by different modules.


Upload, browse and share photos. Albums, multiple upload, categories, privacy controls, and more.


Create Poll questions and display community replies with visualised graphs.

Profile Customiser

Personalisation of member profiles - custom backgrounds, fonts and UI elements.


Display loading timings for developers. Inlcudes pages, page blocks, SQL queries and many more.


Display a special block with random quotes predefined by site admin.


Let them shout! Chat-like message box where anyone can post a quick line.

Simple Messenger

Basic text messenger for quick communication. Displayed in member menu and always handy.


Publish website profiles with descriptions and autogenerated site previews.

SMTP Mailer

Use any external SMTP server or service to handle Dolphin site email notifications.


Upload and share sound files. With categories and social sharing features.


Notification system integrated with other modules and displaying current activity updates to members.


Upload and sell products, let site members sell, receive payments and connect with buyers.

Timeline & Outline

Aggregated content and updates browsers in profiles, accounts and site homepage.


Upload, record and share videos. Built-in converter, social features, categories and privacy controls.


Flash-based social doodling with concurrent multi-user drawing support.

World Map

Browse site members and published content on the world map, with grouping and zooming.

ZIP Code Search

Automatic postal-code search support using GeoNames or Google.

Core Features

Beautiful. Powerful. Secure.


Mix and match site modules to create unique functionality. Install default modules or choose from thousands at BoonEx Market.


Make your own translation or get language files from BoonEx Market. Dolphin supports multiple languages and language selector.

Design Templates

Use different designs and let members choose what they like. Create your own templates or choose from the variety at BoonEx Market.

Mobile Connector

Dolphin is tightly integrated Dolphin iOS and Android apps, that can be customised, rebranded and extended with additional modules.

Content Privacy

System-wide privacy setting option for content posting, based on pre-defined groups or custom groups. Controlled by admin and members.

Media Server

Dolphin comes with a custom Media Server software that handles audio/video streaming and processing. No need to rent expensive media server hosting!

XML SiteMaps

Tell Google and other search engines how to index your site. SiteMaps are calibrated for optimal Dolphin site indexing and can be adjusted.


Site-wide search system that works with all compatible modules and provides grouped search results with pre-filtering by modules.

Vector Graphics

Retina-displays support through use of vector-based interface elements, making your site look beautiful at all resolutions, on any devices.


Along with vector graphics Dolphin uses CSS3 effects to create seamless, modernlooking and adaptable userinterface elements.

Social Layer

Member Profiles, Friends Connections, Privacy Groups, Greetings, Status Messages, Favourites, Matching, Online Statuses, and more!


Multi-level, rich-text comments that work with site content and support video/audio uploads, recording, editing, replies, voting and moderation.

Social Sharing

Re-post content from Dolphin site to external social networks using build-in social sharing function that works with different content modules.

Social Buttons

Like, Pin, Twit and G+ away! Social buttons, integrated with applicable content modules provide simple and effective way to promote viral content.


One-click rating/voting system for various content modules and profiles, featuring unique vote verification, "stars" and votes counting.


Tracking of content and profile updates through built-in subscription system, with unified list and manageable email notifications.

Private Messages

Core communication tool for site members - Mailbox that works as an in-site messenging system, handling contacts, block lists and connections.

RSS Feeds

Dispay your favorite RSS feeds via "RSS blocks" and syndicate your site content effectively via built-in automatic RSS feeds for various content types.

Advanced Browsing

Browse content with calendar, mini-calendar, tags with tag-cloud, categories, extended display modes and adjustable results count.

Server Audit System

Automatic hosting server setup verification system that tests Dolphin hosting environment and proposes improvements for optimal site performance.

Access Control Lists

Fine-tune site memberships by pre-setting access levels and leveraging the built-in integration with your site payment system.

Database Backups

Save and download your precious site content and members data. Backup and restore tools will keep you safe in case of emergency.

Content Moderation

Set pre-moderation mode to check new profiles and content before it goes live, or go for post-moderation for quick activation and posting.


Reach your site members easily and effectively by email using the built-in Mass Mailer for Admin. Send announcements, site updates and promo offers.

Site Builders

Page Builder, Mobile Builder, Navigation Builder and Profile Fields Builder provide limitless opportunities when customizing your site.

Stat Charts

Analyse and keep track of your site statistics via admin overview charts reporting membership base growth and content posting dynamics.

Banner Ads

Monetize your site through built-in support of custom-HTML banner ads or use it to promote your own special offers, news and announcements.

Database Pruning

Keeping your site light and fast by routinely cleaning-up useless data, like old logs, messages and unvisited profiles. You control what is to be cleared and when.


Powerful security layer with world-class protection tools, like HTMLPurifier filtering, built-in prevention of CSRF attacks and optional PHPIDS protection.


Search-engine-optimised URLs and links, XML site-maps, automatic meta descriptions, SE-friendly site structure and Google Speed tuning.

Caching For SPEED!

Cached DB queries, CSS/JS files, templates, page blocks, menus and profiles. Powered by Memcached, APC, Xcache or filebased cache engine.

SPAM Protection

Combat automated spam by using world-class protection systems - Akismet, Captcha, DNS/URI-DNS blocklists and blocking of Countries and IPs.
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The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.
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