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Andrew Boon posted 7th of October 2015 in Our Journey. 11 comments.

Boonex is a community. We have thousands of really active members that build software, help in forums, share ideas and run various businesses connected to Boonex. So, generally it is best to see Boonex as big collective. There is also what we call a "core team". A bunch of guys that breathe Dolphin, day-in and day-out. Every one of us for more than 10 years already.


We have a very simple mission in mind - unite people. We build software in good faith, hoping that it would be used for driving worthy causes, building meaningful communities and generally making the world better. We are very open about what we do, what we plan, mistakes that we make and achievements that we celebrate. When you talk to us, you actually talk to real people - the team. 



Igor L

Igor is officially the world's friendliest person. He has installed DolphinPro over 10,000 times and can do it with his eyes closed. Some people believe that he can even install Dolphin to Godaddy hosting (likely just a rumour). Most of the time you see him doing technical support - the frontline job that has him patiently talking to clients and developers, however happy or angry they may be.





Alex T

Have you heard about real geeks? The ones that make their own computer motherboard at 12 with soldering iron and then progress to building the world's best social software, native iOS and Android Apps, desktop apps, numerous sites, tools and solutions. Alex is that kind of geek. The genius behind every product we've built. And he keeps getting smarter, mind you!







Anton L

Not sure if he's even for real. Anton worked for 220 hours a month on average for 10 years straight, delivering top-class code every time, beating deadlines every time, and still managing to become the top Vendor at Boonex Market! He is fast, furious and stable - the kind of qualities you want to see in the final product, and Anton delivers just that.







Leonid L

Leonid is a Dolphin guy. He created the original Photos, Videos and Music modules, and gradually improved them to what they are now. Started as a tech supporter and progressed to development. Leonid isn't doing as much coding at Boonex as he used to, but we may soon see him around more often. Fingers crossed. 







Victor T

True friend and devoted Boonexer. Victor managed a group of 55 Boonexers when we were still focused on quantity. Now that we're lean and mean Victor helps with pro-level testing and administration. He also has a gig at Apple, which we are a bit unhappy about, but at the end of the day... tech companies rise and fall and Boonex keeps rocking! So, he'll be back 100% soon enough. 






Andrew B

That'd be me. Jack of all trades, master of none. Lucky to be backed by the awesome team that still listens to what I ask them to do. I make mistakes all the time, but believe in getting up and carrying on. I report directly to clients, who happen to be my only superiors. Sometimes I give the team a hard time, but so far only 196 of them couldn't stand it and quit. Natural selection, see.







Mike L

Mike is technically not with us anymore, but we like to list him as a team member anyway. Just to remember. Mike was a great friend and mentor. He brought a very special set of values to Boonex - he taught us that work should never be just about money and that clients are not numbers, but real people that must be taken care of. Thank you, Mike! We miss you.

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Where are other peoples?
Andrew Boon
Oh, that video is over 6 years old. At one point we had a team of almost 60 people, but that wasn't very efficient, and actually coding standards suffered somewhat. Now we've learnt that leaner team can do a better job. Still, the people you see in the video are still "around" in one way or another, just not on a daily basis.
Glad to hear that Victor T has infiltrated Apple. I was unaware of this covert operation. I hope when his mission there is complete, iPads will have a USB ports, and ios will support WebRTC video.
Andrew Boon
His mission is to make sure next iOS requires Boonex ID to activate. Don't tell anyone yet, though.
i think you forgot nathan p
Andrew Boon
Nathan isn't taking our money. Suspicious, I know... ;-)
Hello Team and thank you for your dedication to making Dolphin Pro the best social platform on the planet.
No women ? Tsss ... :-)
To the awesome creative team of developers and Boonex vendors.

What a great product. Thanx for your hard work and dedication.
May kick FB's ass and make you proud!

Best wishes for 2017!
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