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Hello, I am Michael Newton.
| Man Of Teal Gaming, a UNA site.

Please check out the site.

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Just wishing happy holidays!
Thank you. Wish you great success with your site.
Newton help me with my chat room problems. He suggested my hosts may have an old version of RMS running and he was correct. Once they upgraded all was well. Even when he was busy he found time to help me.
Cant thank him or commend him enough.
This guy has been one of the handful of people I would recommend to assist you with Dolphin support needs. He helped me in respect to my knowledge level and did not carry the angry chip on his shoulder that many here seem to possess. It is not often people extend such amounts of their personal time to help others. I hope my small monetary gift, my plus, and positive review can settle as my best payment for such a great guy to help you out when things look grim.
Thanks guy; pay it forward is my philosophy always...
After leaving for over a year then coming back; reading YOUR posts (@newton27) is STILL my favorite thing to do here. Came back because the new video feature attracted my attention. Left partially because of the "angry chip" myhuntprofile mentions, it was sickening, annoying and upsetting to me to be greeted with such an abundance of that in this forum. It's good to know ur still here and still your empathetic and thoughtful self. Keep in touch if you can, let me know.
That's very sweet! Things have relaxed some.. getting ready for the release of Dolphin U. I sent you a reply.
Our great helping hand here. This community will die without him. Thank You...
Hey Shanky! Thanks but we couldn't go far without you popping in all the time. ;P
hummm, I don't see what you are thanking me for?! Have post or whatever been removed ?
DUde, your the best, you helped me out with no drama or didn't even make me feel stupid, I appreciate your efforts in helping me. :)
no problems, glad to help you get going..
I will come out and add to this section for newton27. I had an issue with replacing a badge for one of my memberships, and i tried him out. He responded auto to my PM to him, not only that he insisted to show me how to do such function over a chat room he was persistence in going the extra mile to show me especially when i told him via chat room, that i was a newbie. He then insisted for me to provide step by step to my hosting company on how to do the replacement. This guy deserves a metal!!!!!! see more Great Job Bro!!!!!!
Hi Newton can you help me please on the photo upload bug in my dolphin site.
Thnx Hans
could you PM me more information...
(Newton 27) thanks for helping me out with fixing this problem .....I for one am glad we have folks like you and a few others out there that will help when newbs cant figure it out . I say thank you big time from Oregon my friend :-)
Newtow27 - thanks so much for all of your help with my mods! Really appreciate your patience and the hard work. Thanks also for responding to my many inquiries in the forum section. I will definitely continue to work with you in the near future.

Boonex members, Newton27 is the perfect go to person to get things done right away! It doesn't get any better than this.

Thanks again and look forward to doing more work with you!

Good luck on your venture!! Great site, thanks for your service to our country; freedom ROCKS!!!!
I just want to say that newton you are the greatest, you are Always there when needed. I appreciate all the great friendly and fast help and responses you always provide!
Thanks again for the kind words Pitodosa, good luck on your endeavors!
Dear Michael, thank you very much for your help to me.
You are so kind and helpful.
You are a real gentleman.
Thanks Afshin, great looking site too! Glad to be helpful :)
This is to say a very heart felt THANK YOU newton27. The help you gave was more then anyone could have ask for. You did much more than just upgrading my site. It's people like you that give this country the true meaning of being an American. Thanks again my friend and stay cool!
Your more than welcome and Thanks!
This guy is Magic! Very caring and helpful. not enough I can say about him here, but let me reassure you that he will guide you on the right track and give his most honest and professional opinion.

More importantly, he actually cares about your site. Very impressive indeed.

Thank You
I mailed Michael just on the off chance, hoping that he could help with the spam issues I have been having as I had seen a post in the forum where he made some suggestions.
Well what can I say this guy, is if nothing but amazing and a super star, think maybe he should where a blue spandex with an S symbol :)
Not only did he reply to my of chance mail but he even went ahead and added a few spam filters for me, now if that isn't amazing then I really don't know what is. On top of that he even fixed see more another issue for me that I had posted in the forums and had been hopelessly waiting for some help, its as if he heard my call for help, not only super hearing, super speed but a super dude.

Top notch! 10 Stars Michael, Thanks very much for your great help!!!!
Jamie, thanks for the kind comment! I'll get me a spandex outfit soon.. lol
Thank you. Your advice helped me
I see you keep the good work up mate :D
always helpful.
Merry christmas my friend :)
U2 Gio! Good luck on
Thank you so much,
my web host couldn't solve this problem
I was stuck with this issue for a time now and no one could help
and then you came from no where like an ANGEL :)
you solve the issues and it's working now perfect :) WOW..
You made my day definitely, no words can express your kindness.
If you need anything bro I'm here to help you anytime.
Once again thank you so much my brother.
Your a great fellow member.
I wish & hope you the best!!!
Thanks for all the help today and in the past, you are definitely one of the best on boonex questions and a first choice in problem solving! I only wish I could slip you a few bucks for all the time and help you've given me!
Hey, thanks for kind words!
You are my hero. Thank you so much for the FAQ post, it has helped me tremendously.
Thanks! My members were driving me crazy, had to come up with something. lol
Highly recommended!! Very nice User, oh sry.. i mean BoonExpert! Thanks again! ;-)
Your mom raised a very nice man!
Thank you for your kind comments!
I miss you. I appreciate everything you did for me.
Thanks for the kind comments! Hope you do well with your venture. Stay in touch!
Hello and Good Morning Newton

I do not know what to say but I am so happy to know you and be your friend.
You are so kind and helpful, helping me without asking for anything.
Wow this world would be so much better if there are more people liked you

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Huan & Angela
Thak you for helping me with setting my Fan Page on my website. Great guy man and if you need something about creating websites you can count on me. Thanks.
thanks for the kind words, I will keep that in mind!!
Thank you so much for helping me to set the Heyzap game on my site, it look so cool now for members to play games as guitar lessons getting intensive and harder. Thank again for your time Sir.
I have seen a few of his posts and I am quite impressed. Now I am actually asking for his help. What a great fellow member here in Dolphin. Always willing to help and go above and beyond. I am happy to say that I will be following every posts he makes.
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