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Hello I am Jennifer Bogan (lworld at Boonex), located in Australia and have been working with Dolphin Community Software since 2009, (Dolphin's version - 6.1.6).

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We have the Personality Test on our website and we released a Press Release to the news and media about some findings and results of the people on our website. Numerous news channels and media outlets posted the article and press release which is great, it brought us alot of attention. However it also caught the attention of CPP, Inc. CPP is the exclusive licensee of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, MBTI® and Myers-Briggs® trademarks and the exclusive publisher of the MBTI instrument.

They see more stated that the personality test on our website is not an official Myers Briggs test and that we need to remove the Myers Briggs and MBTI trademarks from our website, including the pages that and content that came with the Personality Test module. And that it is a Trademark Infringement to state that it is a Myers Briggs test....

Has anyone else had any issues like this? On the actual module page, it mentions Myer Briggs.... http://www.boonex.com/m/personality-matchmaker
Great mod. Installation was easy. Works perfect.
wow this is an incredible mod. Much more then i expected. Very easy install. Thanks Iworld!
This is the first application I've purchased and I am absolutely pleased. I had a minor issue (on my end) and Jennifer's responses to my emails were fast and welcomed. Once I got past my issues the install was easy and I'm happily getting familiar with the application. Great developer and fantastic app ... THANKS!
Absolute best app for community development in the dolphin marketplace! Huge fan of the work from Isabel Briggs Myers, and David Keirsey. Great to see their research implemented in a practical way for enhancing your site members lives and relationships! Epic work from lworld!
Jennifer has done a wonderful job here with Personality Matchmaker! It's your basic 30 sec install for the base- Super Easy! And includes excellent instructions for installing the bonus features if you wish to include those as well :D
I'm sure that dating sites love this module, but I'm here to tell you like others here have- Pretty much any site/members will enjoy this personality assessment feature!
Comprehensive! That's the word that keeps coming to mind as I review all the informative pages see more included in this package.
It's also very comforting learning a little bit about Jennifer- her professional background and as well as superior customer service!
This package is amazing which makes me even more excited anticipating future updates and improvements. (Future Upgrades? Really? OMG! WOW! She's already outdone herself here)
This is a great contribution to the market here and Dolphin.
Thanks Jennifer...really awesome mod..couldn't be more pleased :)
What an awesome module. Every community should have this module. It simply will get your members more involved and create advocates. I have asked several of my colleagues to review this test - they all gave great raving reviews of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types and how Jennifer executed this module into the dolphin platform.
I got a message from Paypal that the amount is transferred 2 times.
Hopefully you can repay 1 time.
Hello bellhophil I replied to your email immediately upon your purchase that the 2nd amount was refunded to you.
This is a must have module for any dating site! Top notch work! My site members are more active looking for their match.. The test is so accurate is scary. Many members have stated that this "Hits the Nail on the Head" as being very close to perfect. It's not pages long either, very short and sweet to complete. The best part is the cupid matching, reminds me of a bigger company website and matching ability. Thanks Jennifer!!
This woman is amazing. Very helpful always and provides a great dedicated service to our ongoing project. We truly adore her and her work. Can't say enough! We are so lucky to have her help. Her professionalism is above greatness. Truly a pleasure to associate with. Thanks so very much for all you do!!!!!!! :D :D :D
wow peteralan72 what can I say I am honored by your touching words. I haven't done anything compared to what I am prepared to do to support my customers and friends.
A module that must be taken. Professionally made ​​and easy to install. Tanks Jennifer Bogan.
Thank you mihamax. Soon Matchmaker will be fully integrated with Dolphins Cupid Match! I will let everyone know when its ready.
Personality Matchmaker is now Integrated with Dolphins cupid match.

Personality Questionnaire Reports and Personality Profiles are now personalized so you are reading the members nick name instead of he or she.

Many extra pages are added to give comprehensive information about what makes up the 16 personality types with sub menu at the top of each page.

When 7.1 comes out Matchmaker will be in the theme of 7.1 and include versions for 7.1 and 7.0.9.
This Mod will Enhance any website with an interactive user base .. As Stated above it is easy to install and integrates fully with 7.09 which would give me confidence to use it on an 7.0 dolphin and the developer is clearly approachable polite and has an understanding of dolphin and its coding FAR Beyond some of the developers I have worked with in the past ..

Thanks Jennifer Bogan .. Acc. Dip. Psychology.
Thank you mingle for your review. This module was originally created for my personal use, and after 2 years of research and work, I decided to share "Matchmaker" with others at an affordable price. This module is constantly being improved for my personal use, so you reap the rewards as well.
Love this mod. Easy to install and the communication with the developer is amazing. Best of all this mod works perfect. Thanks so very much!
Thanks so much Peter, more features on the way!
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