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Hello, my name is Andrew (Andrey). I'm web developer and working with Dolphin CMS for many years (since Dolphin version 5.6). I can speak English and Russian.

I am happy to offer my help to everyone: Dolphin installation, server adjusting, security audit, custom development, creating of new modules, integrations, website customizations and so on. I can provide prompt and qualitative support here.

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When I post a photo on the Group Timeline, this module creates a photo album on user's profile with public access. This means that everybody will see the post on Home page. For private groups this implementation is not good because the reason of the private group is to keep all that way.
Thank you for the great and FAST service you gave me this morning.
I have sent you a message and have not received any response from you yet. Kindly check and respond. Thank you.
hi andrew i have this template and was wondering if youare going to update it to work with 7.3, as of now i use it on my site which is runnning 7.1 but in process of updating to 7.3 please lt me know if you willl be updating template
My location is China so I can't use Google version. However, your version works much better. Great Job!
works exactly as it's supposed to, great job
Works great! Thanks Andrew P, you are my PHP hero!
Mine doesn't work. I touch the red dots, and nothing.
klwilletsleft feedback on F-Chat1st of February 2017
The price is really high for the bugs I am seeing, the creator does not respond back to questions for such a high price, and I just feel robbed. It seems everything with Dolphin, people overprice. I would have paid 50 for this plugin and I know not to pay 100 dollars again to anybody here. So why mark it positive? Well I like the plugin no matter what the flaws I guess. If I had to rate based on installing, easy to use, and features it be 100%.
неудобная она гугл намного лучше
Awaiting for update D 7.3...
Just wishing happy holidays!
Hello! Hello, from Adele....... ;-)
hi are you updating this mode as its showing old date. need to install
as always great
but the support is recommended
with initial problems have been solved but thanks
Hard to get in touch with Andrew, he never has time, always claiming family business. POOR AFTERSALES. It's 3 months now since we agreed on customizing the job module, which was going to take 2 or 3 hours. Still not finished and working. Very disappointed !!
I was looking at your demo site and saw that you have the ability to view files without downloading. I am looking for a module to do exactly that. Is it one you created?
Incredibly efficient in his assistance.!
AndrewP is amazing, and great to work with! Very knowledgeable and great mods as well! Thank you!
Thank you for your warm words
annabelleft feedback on Premium Job19th of April 2016
Just one word : GREAT !!

Same for the support.

This mod is worth every penny.

Thanks Andrew !
sent you a message on the 7th with all the issues I'm having with this mod. last week. but no reply
I replied all your letters, thanks
intrabytleft feedback on Sharer7th of March 2016
good module, usefull, and intuitive use... easy to install
Excellent Module, Awesome support! Thanks Andrew!
Great Module. A must have module!
It's a very good module. I installed it and got to think why I shouldn't have this module previously. It beautified my site. Now I will enable this module on some special occasion.
Great module!
Great module. Well it says compatibility not specified but I am successfully using it on 7.2.1
Member of your site feels very happy when you wish them and thinks the site care for them. This increases their involvement on the site.
Must have module!
Good One!
I used this previously not using this module but directly. It's a good one but I uninstalled it because on some mobile browser it is not shown properly...!
IrfanAlamleft feedback on Clocks19th of February 2016
The idea is great. I checked this module on the previous version. I didn't like the graphical style. It looks odd and looks that it is pasted on the site rather than integrated. This can be improved by redesigning the graphical look with some modern clock design and should be somewhere on the site layout and not above it!
This is a very good module. I don't know why the developer didn't update it for 7.2.x
Previously I used it on 7.1 and it was very nice and I tried to add other membership option also but didn't success completely. I hope the developer will update it for 7.3.x and will add options to show all the membership option... See you soon!
Very good module to show Upcoming Members Birthday on the site. It's become even better when it is combined with Birthday Mail module.
When members see their birthday is showing on the site and when they get email wishing then Happy Birthday then they feel very very special. This increases their involvement on the site!
Great module, can be improved even more!!
The only problem is the slow support from the author if you get any error! I hope AndrewP will improve his support service soon!!
A fantastic module which really helps to add extra value to your site. Andrew went the extra mile too, to help us get some extra functionality going. Highly recommended!
Excellent, easy to install module with great customer support!
I have nothing but the highest regard for Andrew and his developing skills. We just installed a new mod for our site, Photo Albums for Groups, and hit a snag. I emailed him and had an answer in no time at all. Turned out to be a problem with our server not his product. And still Andrew helped us solve the server issue. It is nice to deal with a real professional who take pride in his work.
I have nothing but the highest regard for Andrew and his developing skills. He has answered all our emails in record times and has gone above and beyond to ensure everything is in top order. It is nice to deal with a real professional who take pride in his work.
I have nothing but the highest regard for Andrew and his developing skills. We just installed a new mod for our site, Group Albums, and hit a snag. I emailed him and had an answer in no time at all. Turned out to be a problem with our server not his product. And still Andrew helped us solve the server issue. It is nice to deal with a real professional who take pride in his work.
Buying this coupon has already saved me more than the purchase price. Andrew is a top-notch developer who creates solid modules and provides equally first rate support. It's nice to do business with a pro!
moncoeur17left feedback on F-Chat17th of December 2015
Hello, and thank you again for your help! you are really nice and very good customer followed .... Regards
Hi, I sent 3 messages first one 8 days ago and I'm still waiting to find out more information on a module. Can I please get a response? Thank you!
This module is fantastic and will answer your needs ... and very user friendly.
Service from Andrew is a usual fast and right to the point; very pro....
Thanks again Andrew
Is this compatible with dolphin 7.2.1?
Hi Andrew, i have sent you three messages over the last week with no response. Can you please check your messages.
Hello, already answered (within last hour)
Not only works perfect but Andrew is always very helpful!
Thanks for your hard work!
Amazing Module. It is 7.2 compatible just have to change the config file.
Great support and easy to install.
Hi Andrew.
It seems that this tool is not working with Dolphin 7.1.6. Can you assist me to see what's wrong?
Also the inviter which comes with boonex itself is not working also after installing your tool.

is easy install. very useful also upload photos
One of Boonex's best. Not only do we use his modules, but AndrewP is contracted as our Dolphin site admin. It is a dream to have him as part of our team. He is a top-rated expert in Dolphin, and came to us recommended by other top Dolphin coders and module builders.

He knows what he is doing, his rates are fair, he does a LOT of work in a short time, and he keeps track of his time down to the minute so you never pay for even one minute of work not yielding product. Andrew is a phenomenal person, see more truly cares about his customers, and is honest.
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