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Photo albums (Art module) deluxe


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Version: 2.3.0

Added: 04.06.10

Updated: 24.02.17

Category: Photos

Tags: photos, deluxe, art, photo albums, integrations, andrew soft, draw, wall, html5, dolphin 7.3

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AndrewP. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AndrewP.

Technical Checklist...

After the Dolphin 7 Beta became available, I received a lot of letters from customers, which were unsatisfied of new Dolphin’s picture Module. They were saying that it was complicated, not user-friendly and not so functional as they wanted. After getting all innovations of customization of Picture Module, I found that it would be better to write absolutely new Module. After hard and long work, finally I finished one of my best Modules. I called it Art module, as it’s beautiful and very functional. I tried to implement the real masterpiece adding the latest available tools and making it maximum user friendly and attractive to the final users. Everyone wants to attract as much visitors to their website as possible, and to do so, you need to provide them unique features and tools. In Art Module you will find everything for picture uploading, storing, editing, viewing and downloading.

List of features:
* independent photo module
* safe photos storing via cache files
* comments and ratio to albums – users can leave comments and rate the albums;
* country filter of albums – now users can store and search pictures by countries;
* 2 types of watermark processing
* album moderation and administration
* rss feeds – you can use RSS feeds to attract more traffic to your website;
* additional blocks to profile page and homepage
* calendar of albums – now, users can see pictures by days they were uploaded;
* album subscriptions
* adding photos methods: multi uploader, flash multi uploader, shoot,
FTP (admin only) – Users can upload pictures using multi uploader, flash uploader, make picture using Web cam. Admin also can upload pictures using FTP;
* membership actions
* download original – now users can download pictures in original size;
* powerful SEO
* set any album photo as thumb of album – users can choose any picture and set it as a cover (Thumb) of an album;
* albums and photos are searchable – users can search pictures and albums by different parameters (ex: name, dimension of image, etc.);
* Adult photos feature
* Album optimization feature (splitting one album with many photos to several average albums)
* Tag feature - You can tag any objects at your images: your friends, family etc
* Creative Commons licensing integration
* comments to photos
* 'Top', 'Popular', 'Last' tabs at albums page. Allowing to sort albums as we want.
* ratio and views to photos
* sorting photos inside album by 'top', 'popular', 'last' using jquery (without reloading page - all super fast)
* view images at different color background. With step of gradation in 10%
* gold grid feature
* Integrated privacy on albums
* PNG/GIF support
* last uploaded photo become thumb for album
* Last, Popular, Top, Last week top, Last month top tab options for block at index page
* New block at Index page with photos with tabs: Last, Popular, Top, Last week top, Last month top
* HTML5 image photo upload (this is your future!)
* Multiple Sub-albums support
* Profiles tagging feature
* moderation enhances
* EXIF display data support (optional). There is live example of file with exif data.
* new free dhtml gallery is integrated (galleriffic)
* fancybox (analog of lightbox) is integrated to Album view page
* Timeline and Outline support (wall)
* New admin panel options: 'Default upload mode', 'Save original photos', 'Max upload file size'
* New membership driven actions: 'Download original' and 'Draw'

list of extra features:

* extra views (7 different unique views) – this deluxe feature allows your users change the gallery view. I added 7 different types of views, which are making your website to look more creative and functional and to attract more people. All users I worked with like this feature and asked me to add it to the Art module (all these views - integrations of different galleries).
* flickt integration- users can easily upload pictures from flickr;
* pixlr integration (online Photoshop) – this is one of the most powerful Image editing tools which provides your users online version of Photoshop, so they can do everything they could do in Photoshop from your website. They also can switch the interface language which makes it more comfortable to work with.

New features (changes for > 7.1):
* new member menu links (add content links)
* dolphin's site stat
* new dolphin's charts
* vector icons

This module is compatible with Dolphin 7.0.x - 7.3.x (any subversion).
Free installations is included !
You can also read my own blog: HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials
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Hello everyone;

I bought this mod for a while ago...I got so benefit because of the mod...This mod's features better then my space...

It's can make unlimited professional photo albums....

You can make everything by this mod about photoshop is nice selection as well...

Thnks Andre...
One of the BEST Mods on this site. Additionally, Andrew is one of the best as well! I highly recommend!
Excellent module, will be a great addition for my members. Andrew has the best customer service, answered questions promptly, I do look forward to giving him more business in the future!
I bought this module is very pleased with my own abilities, my members are noble of you for such a convenient unit with a wide range thanks
Fantastic work !!!
Agreat mod for my website customer !
The best Photo Module of the MARKET !!!
Thanks for your help, patience, and very professional install !!!
Hello Everybody,

I recommend you buy this excellent module I have more than 80,000 photos
stored into the module and the 4 options it has to see the photos are
amazing, Andrew has the best customer service and helps with the smallest
detail you need.

Thank You Andrew
Excellent module. I recommend this module for everyone. Great support.
Anyone who reads this must know this module creator is probably not only the best on dolphin, but one of the best in the world!! I've priced around for developers, and for only a hundred something dollars, you will never find the type of quality, service, and honesty for this price!! I will plan to not only buy all his modules, but will be hiring him.
I love it when you come across individuals like Andrew that not only love what they do but they take pride of ownership & shine above the rest!! No cutting corners here on this mod! Is exactly what I was looking for. Appearance an functionality!!!! Andrew was prompt, helpful and acommodating to my time frame.
AndrewP is on my top 5 list !!!
Thank you Andrew!!!
What I'd love to see in your next version please is the ability to present a hierarchy of photos - ie categories with sub-categories...
All I have to say is WOW! This mod is almost too good to be true especially after buying some duds on here. I only wish I bought this mod sooner as my now antiquated photo gallery/album is full of pics. This Photo album mod includes an amazing photo editor which I was blown away by.. It could double for one of my PC photo editors.

Thanks Andre!
Awesome mod very fun and great for your community to share.
Must have, makes your site different from other Social communities!
Great job!
Purchasing, downloading, and installing the pack was effortless and perfect.
Easy to install and fantastic support.
Installed couple of week ago and updated today.
This is wonderful module for Dolphin 7 Photo Album and Dolphin 8 must be.
Excellent performance and tech support for bugs fixed.
Every Dolphin site should have such module installed.

Expect and improve for the new version upgrade.
1. Multiple photos uploading for up-loader (current only Flash), such as HTM5 up-loader;
2. Auto photo slide show for most of galleries;
3. Slide show speed control;
4. Original Downloading Enable option in Album see more admin;
Hello people,

I bought the module today. But I must say that it has many bugs. If I can not call the following things after the installation:

View Photo

When I click on the image name pops up a white page.

What could be the cause?
Why don't you ask me through inner site mail? I wonder that you was able to find any bugs here. Can you clarify - which exactly many bugs?
My gratitude for this Developer cannot be expressed in words, but I will try my best. He supplies excellent mods and service. I have been a loyal customer and will continue to purchase what he offers/works best for my site. Thank you AndrewP. Another happy customer.
This is a great module!

When you will Sell pictures on your Site, see

This works very good with art gallery.
Andrew offers great support for all his modules...Look forward doing business with him more in the future...The Art Module was and still is a great module to purchase for your website...I have looked at a lot of other Photo Module, but this is the best one on the Market...Thanks for your help, support and patience.

Daniel A. Julius | 2Tawk LLC
I have sent you a message and have not received any response from you yet. Kindly check and respond. Thank you.
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