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All mods sold under this profile are developed by Stellar Soft Solutions. Stellar Soft Solutions is operated by a professional programmer with more than 10 years experience in Web Site development and Support.

Our Specialty presently is Dolphin Module Development and Customization. Custom work is done at a rate of $30 per hour.

Installations are typically done within 24 hours of mod purchase. Please allow up to 48 hours for response to mod support requests as there is a very huge demand for my services.

NOTE: Not all of my modules are listed below. I have over 200 quality dolphin modules available. Take a look here :

Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
Timezone: US Eastern (GMT -5) Working Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Availability: Available for limited custom work.
Spoken Languages: English

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this was exactly what i was looking for to add to certain pages, thanks its great!
This is one bad a** module. The potential this thing has is beyond what words can describe, thank you modzzz
DeanMonteleft feedback on Spotted16th of April 2021
Very nice module, has a lot of potential, thank you for this nice helpful module!
Thank you, works fine!
Thank you, works fine!
Marked as compatible with Dolphin 7.4.2 but is not.
The module is not marked as Dolphin 7.4.2 compatible. By default, Boonex displays all versions in the version drop-down box. You have to select a particular version to see compatibility.
Great module to have your users interact. Questions, answers and interesting stories.
mrtnleft feedback on People19th of April 2020
I will use this module to show some examples of society.
mrtnleft feedback on Achievements19th of April 2020
Have your users get some awards. I love those creative modules.
mrtnleft feedback on Debate19th of April 2020
Amazing addon for my website. Users can exchange their arguments and have new insights.
mrtnleft feedback on Charity19th of April 2020
A perfect add on for my website. Charities can use it to show themselves and interact with the user.
mrtnleft feedback on SEO Header19th of April 2020
One can not neglect SEO Marketing. With this module you can change all the important content.
mrtnleft feedback on Category Blocks19th of April 2020
This is a masterpiece. You have multiple use cases for this. Create your own blocks and put them where you want.
mrtnleft feedback on Collaboration19th of April 2020
One the most important modules for my website. With this module users can manage their projects and collaborations.
mrtnleft feedback on Compliments19th of April 2020
I really love those modules where an admin can be a little creative. And the world definetly needs more complments. So give this a module a try.
Amazong module. Clean, sleak, works like a charm.
Great tool for growthhacking.
mrtnleft feedback on Gifts19th of April 2020
I changed all the images, asked some artists and now i have a great variety of different stickers (virtual gifts). Fantastic module.
mrtnleft feedback on Social Badges19th of April 2020
Very creative module. Multiple use cases. From hobby, professions, sports and so on.
mrtnleft feedback on Instructables19th of April 2020
Another top module from Modzzz. I use it to show instructions and howto´s for social causes and projects in communities.
You can easily change the icon or change the social networks. Very flexible.
mrtnleft feedback on Affiliate Links19th of April 2020
Great Addition for any website. I maybe will use it for a different purpose.
I use it in combination with Modzzz Ultimate Articles module. Great asset to my website.
Much, much better then the original module. And in combination with Modzz RSS Importer it does all the heavy lifting. I use it to import and show all the science articles.
I am using this module to enable the users to showcase discoveries they found in the web.
mrtnleft feedback on E-Cards12th of April 2020
Awesome module. I am using it for flyers, that promote good causes. Have a look at
uuranusleft feedback on Schools6th of June 2019
I had this module install for my members, it is a very good module. "School" By Modzzz
uuranusleft feedback on Online Bible6th of June 2019
Online Bible, this is an amazing Christian and community book where readers can print any verse of the bible.
This module is very useful. "Admin Announcement" Modzzz, Thank you.
Great module. Easy installation. For websites with advertisers and websites that want to make money, a "must have" module.
i FTP's this mod to my boonex site but when i try and install i get the unable to handle this request HTTP error 500?
the joker
like it and hope pays off in end
the joker
hope was worth it so far happy with others
the joker
nice mod i need to get used too it but liking it so far
the joker
pretty cool makeup my own stuff nice
the joker
wanted this very much loving it
the joker
must have for any social network thanks for great mod
the joker
love it only thing wish could add more things to vote on the body
the joker
now can add people if they are lazy or just add friends who wanna have it done
Shop (Sell Physical Products) is and excellent module install on my site by modzzz. Thank you, job well done.
I had Photo Carousel (Multi Purpose) install by modzzz. This is a nice module, excellent job.
uuranusleft feedback on Escorts27th of December 2018
This module has become an important part of my website. Thank you Modzzz
uuranusleft feedback on My Circle27th of December 2018
This is a nice module from Modzzz
Excellent service, good job. I highly recommend, Modzzz
This module is a very good. Thanks again Modzzz
uuranusleft feedback on Fashion19th of December 2018
This installer is very fast, excellent job. Highly recommend.
uuranusleft feedback on Pokes19th of December 2018
Highly recommend.
Excellent job, i would recommend this installer.
uuranusleft feedback on Gossip18th of December 2018
I had Gossip install on my site. The installer was very quick and accurate, job well done. I will recommend this installer to anyone.
Very easy to install and works great. I hope to see this updated for UNA.
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