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All mods sold under this profile are developed by Stellar Soft Solutions. Stellar Soft Solutions is operated by a professional programmer with more than 10 years experience in Web Site development and Support.

Our Specialty presently is Dolphin Module Development and Customization. Custom work is done at a rate of $30 per hour.

Installations are typically done within 24 hours of mod purchase. Please allow up to 48 hours for response to mod support requests as there is a very huge demand for my services.

NOTE: Not all of my modules are listed below. I have over 200 quality dolphin modules available. Take a look here :

Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
Timezone: US Eastern (GMT -5) Working Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Availability: Available for limited custom work.
Spoken Languages: English

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Another powerful mod by modzzz that will enhance your sites functionality especially if you are interested in outsourcing your articles to a selected portion of the membership base. Very pleased.
It does what it's supposed to, almost effortlessly. I've been storing all my custom blocks in a text file and keep it updated with edits..... but going through all the pages to change the blocks is tiresome. Thanks again, for making our lives easier. Michel -
When I want to share any fundraising project on any social media, it does not work instead it posts something else
Another wonderful addition to my site - What a great addon to modzzz Premium Groups Module.

Thank you modzzz for the awesome modules you create and great after sales service.

Check it out on ClickkandShare.NET at
Easy to install.

Once again, a wonderful addition to my site. Thank you modzzz for the awesome modules you create and great aftersales service.

Check it out on my site
Excellent and easy mod. Adds enticing way for members to engage and interact in real time on boonex and 3rd party mods.

Another great must-have module from Modzzz
eBeeleft feedback on Poetry28th of August 2017
Your after sales services is just as great as your awesome modules
Very nice mod, that a social network site should not miss.
Easy to install and to use. Modzzz is giving very good support and I am very happy with the 8 modules I have bought so far from him.
Very nice mod, that makes life much easier for the admin.
Easy to install and to use. Modzzz is giving very good support and I am very happy with the 8 modules I have bought so far from him.
Much more powerful than the default Mass Mailer.
Easy to install and to use. Modzzz is giving very good support and I am very happy with the 8 modules I have bought so far from him.
The same as for Ultimate News, this is a very nice mod, makes the site much more attractive to users.
Easy to install and to use. Modzzz is giving very good support and I am very happy with the 8 modules I have bought so far from him.
Very nice mod, makes the site much more attractive to users.
Easy to install and to use. Modzzz is giving very good support and I am very happy with the 8 modules I have bought so far from him.
I just want everyone to know...I hired Modzzz to install 5 mods...he did the work but my hosting company had issues with it...The mods aren't functioning on my site...yet...but instead of Modzzz just walking away...he offered me a refund or another mod...WOW... He didn't have to do wasn't his fault...but that's why I like dealing with Modzzz...he bends over backwards to make sure you're happy...
Thanks Modzzz
check my site
Please be more specific and state exactly what I should be checking for. Thanks.
another awesome mod from Modzzz
I just totally love each and every module ive bought from you....
as with the others, its easy to add the content....
hawk007left feedback on Communities7th of July 2017
Fantastic Mod, I really like every feature which makes up the whole... and there are plenty of features. Install was simple and worked right out of the box. I have a few of Modzzs mods and they don't disappoint. will be adding others soon. Awesome job again Modzzz.
hawk007left feedback on Portfolio7th of July 2017
Great addition for my members. This mod was simple to install and works great. I just had a little issue that was most likely due to my template being slightly different than the norm.... but that was fixed within a day with Modzzz help so I couldnt be more pleased with this great feature. I then tested the whole mod and it functions great. A great feature for any site. Thanks for another great mod Modzzz. Will be back for more later. Cheers.
This project management module is great. Its simple to install simple to use yet quite powerful. I had no problems whatsoever. The developer although busy still replies to support requests if needed so I bought with confidence anyway and the results didnt disappoint. The mod has loads of features to make sure the project gets done once set up and adds a new dimension to my site. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Awesome, thanks Modzzz
hawk007left feedback on Goals7th of July 2017
Well designed with some great features. This mod is perfect for what I need. I have tested it all out so my members have a good experience using it and its perfect. exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Modzzz
Video Portal Module: Excellent, One of the module I have been waiting for. Excellent work Modzzz
Great mod, vastly increases customer/member ability to get where they need to get fast. Nice job, thanks AntoLV and crew. Much appreciated.
Thanks for the feedback but I am not affiliated with AntonLV. That's another developer.
hawk007left feedback on Survey21st of June 2017
I have had a couple of Modzz Mods and they all perform exceptionally well. This Survey mod is no different. I highly recommend these clean and well organized and well designed mods. Simple to install and easy to setup Surveys makes this a great option and additional feature for any community.
balooleft feedback on SEO Header19th of June 2017
Excellent work, I gained a lot in SEO with this module, indispensable!
This is great now members can post their own right away.. What a time saver !! Thanks so much!!
witdoveleft feedback on Raffle13th of June 2017
This is great !!.. A super mod an a GREAT developer!! Thanks so much!!
albarnesleft feedback on Camping Sites7th of June 2017
Very well done, i am combing through all the options and i am amazed with how well Modzzz nailed it's functionality.....
Excuse my ignorance but I am new at this. I just hit the download button and in my downloads it seems I have two files 7.2 & 7.3.

What is my next step please?
The files relate to the version of Dolphin that you have installed.
Amazing module. very useful and elastic. With the "Payment by Voucher Code", My reseller can even sell Voucher code on
witdoveleft feedback on Birthdays25th of April 2017
Another super mod!!! Just great a super WM!!! Thanks
witdoveleft feedback on Courses25th of April 2017
A great mod..just what we needed.. Thanks so much!!
I never fully appreciated how critical and important this little enhancement is. It's a must if you're trying to monetize your site as I provides a simple way visually effective tool to get users to want to upgrade since the "premium" memberships are displayed prominently (if you set it up this way). About the only thing I'd say is to fully maximize this benefit you need to invest in good graphics and designs for the badges and emblems. Otherwise it's not gonna motivate nearly as well.
its a great module, BUT it will be greater if the will send a message without posting the whole page (AJAX).
klaushleft feedback on Logo Switcher16th of April 2017
Ok, this was our second module we bought from this programmer. If you think about to buy a module in the boonex market, this programmer is not only fantastic but is also offering an outstanding support as well!

Highly recommended!
witdoveleft feedback on Recipe8th of April 2017
This is just cleans up my forum (thats where I started a recipes) an is so easy to use!! Another great mod!! Thank you
This is a very smart module. very flexible; Easy to use. Make my site simple and clean! Much more user friendly.
This is a great mod!! Now our Bloggers have more options an control!!
witdoveleft feedback on Awards30th of March 2017
Showing our members they are the best is easy ..a great mod!!
A great mod especially with all the spammers out there!!
This is a great mod an I love all the stuff Modzzz has!! Just got 3 more..
Awesome mod and even better with the recent upgrades and improvements. Thanks for the great work and many mods to make the dolphin site great
albarnesleft feedback on RSS Ticker27th of March 2017
Great Mod, keeps me and my users up to date................ Your clients need this mod :)
Having some issues with the product please. When I go to edit a task I get this Fatal error: Call to undefined method BxProjectDb::getMilestoneEntryById() in /home/mynamewashere/ on line 100. I have tried updating the database as per instructions "e) Upload sqlstates.php from the "Project_files" folder to your dolphin root and run" But the database never finishes. see more Can you please help? General works fine but Milestone throws the error. Thank you.
The issue is now resolved. Please re-upload the following file : /modules/modzzz/project/classes/BxProjectMilestoneFormAdd.php
They claim in this ad you get Credits and Points functionality. It clearly says


Allows members to optionally make purchases with Points and/or Credits instead of Cash. The mod can be configured in multiple modes :
a) Points only
b) Credits only
c) Cash only
d) A combination of any of the payments methods listed above

What it fails to say is to get those functions you must purchase two other see more modules for $65. This is a clear cut case of false and deceptive advertising. Complete bait and switch.
Thank you for your excellent customer service and your excellent collection of Mods.
This is truly a beautiful module. There is so much you can do with it. Once it was installed, I could not believed the price that I paid for so much work and details that have gone through making this mod. I love it! If you are on the market for your own prayer website, do not hesitate a second to get this mod. At this price, it is a bargain. As a bonus, you get great support.
Excellent.. I am so thrilled with Modzzz, for a tech idiot (me) he is a lifesaver!! Thank You
please let me know if you recieved my message response thank you
please check mesages and let me know if you have receieved it thank you ;)
The modz from modzzz are a must for any dolphin site it's beatiful code, easy to install, and great support and feedback are all perks to what he offers the RSS importers are more impressive that what I was expecting.
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