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All mods sold under this profile are developed by Stellar Soft Solutions. Stellar Soft Solutions is operated by a professional programmer with more than 10 years experience in Web Site development and Support.

Our Specialty presently is Dolphin Module Development and Customization. Custom work is done at a rate of $30 per hour.

Installations are typically done within 24 hours of mod purchase. Please allow up to 48 hours for response to mod support requests as there is a very huge demand for my services.

NOTE: Not all of my modules are listed below. I have over 200 quality dolphin modules available. Take a look here :

Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
Timezone: US Eastern (GMT -5) Working Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Availability: Available for limited custom work.
Spoken Languages: English

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uuranusleft feedback on Schools6th of June 2019
I had this module install for my members, it is a very good module. "School" By Modzzz
uuranusleft feedback on Online Bible6th of June 2019
Online Bible, this is an amazing Christian and community book where readers can print any verse of the bible.
This module is very useful. "Admin Announcement" Modzzz, Thank you.
Great module. Easy installation. For websites with advertisers and websites that want to make money, a "must have" module.
i FTP's this mod to my boonex site but when i try and install i get the unable to handle this request HTTP error 500?
the joker
like it and hope pays off in end
the joker
hope was worth it so far happy with others
the joker
nice mod i need to get used too it but liking it so far
the joker
pretty cool makeup my own stuff nice
the joker
wanted this very much loving it
the joker
must have for any social network thanks for great mod
the joker
love it only thing wish could add more things to vote on the body
the joker
now can add people if they are lazy or just add friends who wanna have it done
Shop (Sell Physical Products) is and excellent module install on my site by modzzz. Thank you, job well done.
I had Photo Carousel (Multi Purpose) install by modzzz. This is a nice module, excellent job.
uuranusleft feedback on Escorts27th of December 2018
This module has become an important part of my website. Thank you Modzzz
uuranusleft feedback on My Circle27th of December 2018
This is a nice module from Modzzz
Excellent service, good job. I highly recommend, Modzzz
This module is a very good. Thanks again Modzzz
uuranusleft feedback on Fashion19th of December 2018
This installer is very fast, excellent job. Highly recommend.
uuranusleft feedback on Pokes19th of December 2018
Highly recommend.
Excellent job, i would recommend this installer.
uuranusleft feedback on Gossip18th of December 2018
I had Gossip install on my site. The installer was very quick and accurate, job well done. I will recommend this installer to anyone.
Very easy to install and works great. I hope to see this updated for UNA.
Hello Modzz, I have to answer here, because I can not open my mailbox. Unfortunately, writing is not possible either. I do not know why.

I tested the rewards as admin and as a normal member. You can also log in to me Ralf and Klaus. "Password is the same.
Hey man,

When are your modz coming to UNA market?


zhenioleft feedback on Online TV27th of September 2018
For those with imagination, this module is SUPER powerful. That's all I'm gonna say except for this last bit - Some may discover its true power by accident.
I have installed this module successfully. But my doubt is how to submit a ticket by a guest (site visitor)?
I purchased this over a year ago for a very demanding client. They were skeptical that we could provide all the functions without custom programming in Wordpress. We built the site and imported over 10,000 listing from a CSV file. Everything worked perfectly .... the first time they tried the 'claim this business' they were surprised how easy it was. They changed for an upgraded , with videos etc, listing.
Just a note to say I am very happy with modzzz service, professionalism and responsiveness to requests for assistance and customizations. Thank you!
This is the best Notifier for Dolphin in the market. This mod can generate high traffic on your site. Easy to install and Easy to customize. It took me just few hours to customize it by integrating all the modzzz mods I purchased from this guy. Now notifications can be sent for Modzzz Business Listings, Job, Classified, Charity.......
NOTICE TO CLIENTS : I remain committed to providing support for Dolphin and my portfolio of products for as long as Dolphin will exist. I will also commence porting my products to UNA in the near future. For all outstanding product support requests, I am working slowly but surely to handle them.
I do not recommend this person as a custom developer. Modzzz has been stringing me along for over a month over very simple changes to a mod. I have paid but I am not sure if Modzzz ever had any intention of completing the project. Not one line of code has been applied to my site since the project began although he has sent me emails saying otherwise. He only responded to my messages when I foundhim through his other forum posts on the site. I know sometimes things come up and I was prepared to be see more understanding but there is something strange about this developer..very unprofessional behaviour.
This person is not being truthful about "not one line of code has been applied". I have taken a screenshot from their site with the modifications I have made and this can be seen at . I am one of the last standing developer on this site and even after most other developers have jumped ship I have remained to provide support to my products and offer help where I can.
Hi Modzzz, I am just stating what has happened. You should not have posted the link that you wrote above ( because anyone that has your original meeting mod can check what their mod looks like and see there is almost no difference with the screenshot you have posted in the link. In more than a month, you have just removed an icon and changed one line?

And I have tested the final zip file you have sent me. On the actual website, you have done the work to add see more the users but the pictures are missing. On the final zip file you sent me, you have added the pictures (without the customised css I requested) but the users are missing.
Am I ever going to the completed work from you? Let me know. And please note that if you were responding to messages, I would not have to contact you through your page.
Again, you are not being truthful. Anyone can look at and see that it shows the list of participants which is not in the original module. I will not provide any further follow-up here. This is not a support page. This section was meant to provide feedback only. Please contact me by regular support channels.
Hi Modzzz, you have not responded to my messages. I had to find out you are still active on the Forum. Can you let me know the status of the mod?
Sanekleft feedback on Page Preloader17th of July 2018
Mr.Modzzz a professional. I have use a lot of his modules. Very-very easy to install, looks very good, very necessary and useful additions. I just got this module "Preload", installed it and configured as wanted. It looks awesome! In the pack 30 different preloaders, i choose one, background like site backbround, and you can look at it (i don't advertize, just wanna show the effect - It awesome script, users love it, it look modern!
And if you got a see more problem - just tell him about it, Modzzz always will fix the bug
Very friendly and good guy - that's my opinion. I used Modzzz modules, I do, and I will.
Thanks man for you job!
Nothing but good comments to give to Modzzz, thank you for all the great work and support.
sbg101left feedback on Social Radio25th of May 2018
I anticipate this module will be heavily used and enjoyed by my members. Easy to install and easy to program each station to stream. For the 35 stations that I've loaded myself (so far), a different icon for each has been selected, but a default icon is provided in case you choose not to upload your own. Members aren't restricted to your choices for stations, either. They can add their own, as well.

The pop-up player *really* makes this module shine! Members can continue to listen to their see more favorite station regardless of where they navigate to on your site.

Bottom line: Social Radio will greatly enhance *any* Dolphin site, IMO!
Peter Glawischnig
Modzzz, this Actions Manager is one of the best. A must have. Highly recommended. Thank You!
Installation easy, using the mod without any problems, it is really self-explaining...
This Module makes the life much easier, both for members and admins...
Peter Glawischnig
Another great Module from Modzzz. Easy installation and works like a charm and for a reasonable price, THX Modzzz!
PuppyShadleft feedback on Social Radio15th of May 2018
Its ok. i would really like for the description of the radio to be on the popup page but its ok maybe in the next update? or maybe even a way to edit the blocks in the popup page. that would be great.
Hey Modzzz, thank you for your work, like always the service you provide is top of the line!
Peter Glawischnig
Thx Modzzz, good extension for site news. Does what is said, installation quick and easy - thumbs up!
Do you have a version for the latest version of Dolphin? Is it possible to export the Users Credit balance as well?
This what we were looking for... it adds a lot of missing features to the groups. We do have a few questions as how other groups modules will interface with it like the groups cover module from the same author.

Have a few suggestions for the embedded videos from youtube though. Would be nice to have a description field that will open below the video once it's selected and the ability for people to comment on the videos embedded. Interaction is what builds the website and comments encourage see more interaction. Would be nice to see if it counts the views too.
Peter Glawischnig
THX Modzzz for this very usefull module. Installation easy, admininstration interface does what is necessary. Great module. Recommended!
The best codder. Thanks for the module, i really need it, and Modzzz made it exactly as I want. No doubts. Best ever.
Thanks Modzzz for this module; it allows one to customise a group page to be unique. It is a must mod to include in a site that uses groups.
Recommend Modz, does good work on his mods, excellent quality and response time when needed,
Eddie Gates
Thanks Modzzz an excellent addition for the ads module
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