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Articles (Advanced)


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Version: 2.1.7

Added: 22.02.10

Updated: 09.08.20

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, articles, magazine, modzzz, news, writing, publish, announcement, ezine

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This is the only Articles module available for Dolphin that has Sub-Categories functionality. It also allows regular members to post articles with media attached (Photos, Videos, Files and Sounds), plus many additional features.


When creating an Article, there is the ability to publish the Article on the site immediately or choose a later date for publishing. If Article is scheduled to be published at a later date, it will be saved as a Draft and then automatically becomes Active when the publish date is reached.


Articles published in the past are Archived and Categorized by past Months and Years for easy searching.


Block on the home page to display Articles, with ability to filter by Featured, Recent, Top, Popular.


Block on the profile page to display Member's Articles.


Quick Search block
Quick Post Article block
Calendar block
Archive block
Tags block
Featured Articles block
Recent Articles block
Articles Categories block


Ability of Admin to configure which Membership Levels has the ability to post Articles.

Ability of Admin to restrict viewing access per Article based on Membership Level.


Search functionality to allow searching by Keyword and Categories


Members can upload Photos, Videos, Files and Sounds with their Article


This is integrated with default Dolphin's Timeline. Articles will be displayed on both member's Timeline and home page Outline.


Members can choose to make an Article anonymous so the identity of the publisher is not revealed.


Members can Rate Articles ... The member submitting the article can turn on/off this feature.

Members can Comment on Articles ... The member submitting the article can turn on/off this feature.


Members can Share Articles in social networks.

Members can choose who can access an Article (friends only, everyone etc).

Subscribe to somebody's article or invite your friends to read an interesting article.


The Author can Specify the location (Country, State, City, Address) if it is relevant to the Article.

Pinpoint the Articles on a map (if location is entered).


Admin can create and manage Articles Categories and Sub-Categories.

Admin can allow automatic approval, otherwise admin has to approve all new Articles.

Admin can set Articles as Featured.

Admin can Post-Moderate Articles.

Admin interface to easily configure Article Settings.

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I have buy this script and it works. You need to de-actived the origional Boonex module before install this one.
If you use more then 1 language translate the en.php in your other languages and then install the mod. Now all your Languages are installed correct.

I'am very happy with this mod, so if you need a more satisfed articles then this one you need!!
Fantastic man. You are a skilled coder for sure.
First mods Ive bought on the market so was naturally wanting to se how things went...
Install was drag and drop a file...
the mods works brilliantly and turns your site into a turnkey directory instantly...
Modzzz was brilliant, replied to questions straight away, even updated my install for me within hours of the new 7.0.1 release of D7 which gave me a few probs...

I ended up buying 3 mods all together from modzzz and will certainly be watching for new releases!
5star all round!
Simple installation! Excellent mod. I love when I spend my money on something good.

******** <--- more stars for you!
Top mod and works great
A great 'must have' mod. Modzzz is a great coder. I had a couple of questions, Modzzz support was first class.
Good mod thank you, there is a bug when managing articles the select all is not working please fix it.
The issue has been fixed.
Love it! It will be put to us immediately after launching my site.
Another fantastic Mod from Modzzz, A great guy to deal with.
First class mods from a first class guy.
Have 9 mods now and will have more next week.
My members love these mods.
The Article mod installation is easy to follow and yes, this is a great mod.
Another incredible mod for an even more incredible price. Installation was a breeze, migrating old articles over was even taken care of in the installation steps. If you're looking for a greatly enhanced articles system, this is the one you want!
good work, good price, easy to install, & config
there was a problem on the index page with the blocks, modzzz fixed the problem realtime for free!
tripple "AAA" support
Excellent mod with super support and very easy installation.
Thanks for support & customization you have done for me.
Looking forward to purchase more from modzzz.
After some teething troubles with getting the new version up and running - not the fault of the mod itself! I am loving the new functionality. I had not upgraded since the first version.
Thanks for keeping up with the development of this tool.
Wonderful improvement on the Articles mod, having the ability to allow members to post Articles is a major plus for my site and the layout on the Articles Home Page gives the page more life. Very easy to install.
Well I have been here watching Dolphins development for at least 5 years now and I have seen people come and go. I still consider myself a newbie lol because there is so much to learn about dolphin. Ok enough about me, I’m writing this review because I truly believe that Dolphin would have nowhere near the popularity it has, if it was not for the awesome work of Modzzz. I’ve recently purchase 11 mods including this one and so far all 11 work flawlessly. A creative, prolific, and programing see more genius. He is truly the one. Thanks for everything Jerome.
Fabulous and then Fabulous, need I say more?
Article Mod seems to work great but now I cannot edit the date or time of publication of the article. The selection box appears to be inactive. Any ideas how to allow edit article publication date.
My site is in Italian.
I created "it.php" and copied it in the same your directory of "en.php".
Unfortunately, installing multi language does not end.
I tried installing:

1) with the two languages,
2) it.php after installing and then compiling.

How do I use my it.php?

Thank you very much.
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