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Added: 05.06.08

Updated: 25.10.10

Category: Ecommerce

Tags: ajax, money, adsense, aqb soft


License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AntonLV and cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AntonLV. This notice may not be removed from the sourc

Technical Checklist...


Do you want to EARN MONEY using your Dolphin script? If "YES" - this plug-in is exactly for you.

This AJAX based extension allows you to provide(sell) advertising service to members of your site.

Look: You are the owner of a good and well known site. You have been working too hard and now your members love your site. They come to your site communicate to each other, send messages, upload, record and share their video and so on. They create good profiles full of photos, music and video files and other interesting content. Now they need to show their profiles to the other members of the community. What do they do? They purchase advertisement for their profile and it will be shown on the main page. You plan is fulfiled. You start to EARN MONEY. :)


Ads Box:
Advertising area on the main page will automatically scroll profiles' ads. Each Ads displays profile's thumbnail with short profile information at the left and advertising text at the right. Member will be able to set advertising text before purchasing. If he didn't do it then the section will display text from "Description" profile field.

User capabilities:

1. Preview. Your users will be able to view how their Adsenses will look like before purchasing it.

2. Up coming adsenses. Users will be able to create Up Comming adsenses. It means, they could choose start date for each adsense.

3. Now site users could purchase a number of adsenses at the same time and manage them on the special page("My Account" menu -> "My Ads").

4. Another little capability. Advertising text won't be cut of in the adsense. Reader could read the whole message using scrolling capability.


Administrator capabilities:

1. You may manage the extension's settings via Dolphin administration panel -> plug-ins -> ALV Profile Advertiser.

2. The extension allow you to choose between two pricing schemes: Common and Advanced.

  • Common pricing scheme. You may change daily price and amount of days available for purchasing. Final prices will be calculated automatically. This is a default pricing scheme.
  • Advanced pricing scheme. You may set specific price for some amount of days. It is useful if you want to provide members with the discounts, those who purchase advertising for the long period of time.

3. Also you would be able to change the position of advertising block on the main page and some other settings.

4. Manage your clients' adsenses.



1. Main Page


2. Purchase Ads page.


3. My Adsense page.


4. Manage Advertiser settings in administration panel.


5. Manage members' Adsenses in administration panel.

For more info feel free to contact me via Unity mail box.

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