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Version: 2.0.7

Added: 06.04.10

Updated: 23.02.20

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, modzzz, gifts, money, bling, badge, tag, reward, award

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This allows members to send virtual gifts to each other. Has many unique features such as the ability to Gift Wrap, ability to send Video Gifts, ability to send Birthday Gifts etc. Furthermore, there is a very huge selection of gifts to choose from.


Gifts are divided in Standard Gifts and Premium Gifts.

Members can send Video Gifts (Flash Video or SWF files)

Members can Gift Wrap Premium Gifts.

Members can send Birthday Gifts to others. When sending a Gift, the member can select this option and the Gift will automatically be delivered on the Birthday of the Recipient

Members can Post Message along with the Gift.

Gifts can be sent as Private, Public or Anonymous.

Members can choose to send a Gift to multiple Recipients at the same time.

Preview Block on Member Account Page to show the latest Gifts received. This is filtered by Day, Week and Month.

Over 3000 Gifts are included in different Categories.


Admin can configure the mode for sending Gifts (Free, with Points or with Credits)

Admin can upload new Gifts and manage existing ones

Admin can upload new Gift Wraps and manage existing ones

Admin can create and manage Gift Categories


Integration with our Points mod - Mod can be configured so members spend Points to send Gifts to each other.

Integration with our Credits mod - Mod can be configured so members spend Credits to send Gifts to each other.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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YET ANOTHER High-Quality product from the Modzzz team!

Thanks a lot :)
This is the best gifts app out there for dolphin, i have it, I LOVE it, it took me a sec to figure out how it worked, and once i did i fell in love with it, If you are dedicated to making your site the best it can be and giving your users the very best, this is an app you NEED for your site!!!
This mod is great. It allows members to send gifts to each other. Modzzz is very professional, great support and you can count on them to get the job done. I highly recommend them to anyone.
This mod works great on our site and our members are already using it. It was very easy for me to install. This really adds activity for our members. Great mod and I have bought several mods from this programmer, he does great work. Will be buying more. Thank you for your great work.
Everything Perfect. Will buy other Mods in Future for sure
Super Mod, works great with ALL other modules. Super Integration with Ultimate Points!

As a newbee to Dolphin, Modzzz was one of my best experiences! After Installation he helped fix bugs almost same day! Other won't even look at your installation without charging you for their help. I can suggest Modzzz to ANY person with the very best references!
Beside bug-fixes of his own modules he was also very helpful to look at some general Dolphin Bugs!
Without consideration Modzzz ist the best choice see more to buy modules which are COMPATIBLE with each other! The broad range of his mods is exceptional!
Go on with the good work! And Thank you again for being so kind and help me fix the site!

Are a Very Magical Prodouct!!!!!!!!!! ^^ Everithing Perfect Really!!!!! ^^

You are very True Person!!! Thanks Very Much!!!!
I love this Mod! If your new like me, and your looking for a great way to keep members busy, active, and having fun on your site then you need this Mod with the Points Mod! Modzzz also is a great team to buy from, very helpful, supportive, and fast with answers and installs! I will being doing business with these guys again! Great quality mod, very classy!
this is a great mod and the support is outstanding
I like this one best out of the four I just bought from you....keep up the good work!
Hi Modzzz,

You have proven that you are not only capable, but exel as salesman. I am proud of the accomplishments of you and know that nothing can hold me back to complete my dream site with your mods. You are individual who has an excellent products to sell. With your positive attitude and good communication makes you the best seller online. Thank you very much. Rita
Hi, Bought this module and installed it fairly simple to do but the module does not work. I have followed the instructions even an new born can follow yet the module simply does not work. When I browse it from the admin panel it follows the then it takes me back the my front end and says
(Profile Not Found).

I cant find where to message the Modzz people for help. Please contact me so I can get my module working correctly.

Linda H
Fantastic mod! My members love it. Thanks for the quick install.
Love love love this mod. We had a couple of small issues and lots of questions and modzzz was, as usual, incredibly helpful and professional. I've got about 6 of his mods on my site and everyone is a member fav. Thank you!
This guy seem to have the right idea about social networks. Love all you work.
another 5+ great job on your mods
Great module and great support. I recommend this seller and this module!!

This module adds a new interaction between community members, expanding the possibilities for monetization and also increasing member satisfaction.
Another great product from Modzzz ! Good Job ! Users loving the modules I am getting from Modzzz !
Here is a challenge for you Modzzz , you up to it ? LOL !!! How about a slot machine module that you bet points or credits with ? Something really sleek in design with maybe a few slot templates to choose from :-)
Great work and great Support!!!!!!!!
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