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Web Application Architect and Developers with a passion for helping businesses make sense of Web-based technology and its numerous applications. Self-taught programmer with a skill set enhanced by over 8 years of real-world experience building large-scale, high-performance web applications. Wholly proficient in all aspects of web design and development, including deployment and administration.

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Very nice protection. Works fine in Dolphin 7.2.1
Elileft feedback on Admin Protection14th of March 2015
Very smart ! Best of. Thank you
Awesome! Thanks
Very Nice Module...and Support is top too
..but i would like when i can say how the link will open .... :(
love this mod its great easy to install and a brilliant bonus to any website all members are well impressed & its well developed works great .Thank you
thanks for your review
hi bullblast,
thanks for the free work
... i am using 7.1.4 and i get this message when i am in module "admin protection":

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/public_html/modules/raywint/adminhide/classes/RwAdminHideModule.php:102) in /home/public_html/inc/admin_design.inc.php on line 48

I got installed, but the message persists.

please advise.
Unbelievable I love it so much, takes all that hassel out of being lost in dolphins menu. Serious top software hands down, at an unbeatable price. Buy it I tell you will be smiling like me :D Support is perfect as well , great guy.
thanks for your review
Thank you for your great help and thanks for the really great module. Five stars is not Enough for this all. Thanks for everything.Grad Job

Thanks for your review
I posted a complicated job in the market that was creation of a new module within an existing module. Bullblast got the job and not only was his price reasonable, but he delivered before he said that he would. He made several tweaks to make it exactly what I wanted and his work came out even better than I had imagined it. I am extremely impressed.
Great developer...
I have a lot of mods and site was looking too busy this mod came to rescue
. Clear neat and functional. I recommend!!!!!
Thanks for your review
Defenitly a MUST HAVE... when you get a lot of mods... the dolphin menu is too charged... i got a lot of complain of my member about that... so now.. member can choose what they want in their menu... if they dont use forums and blogs... they dont see it into the menu... it make the website so much LITE without a 3 page menu for those that dont want all these dolphin section... A++++ very nice mod!!! Five Star also!
It's like adding a App store into your own website... Very proffessional way... And see more very nice customer support
Thanks for your review
Thank you very much!!
thanks for your review
Thank you so much, this mod works great!
This is a great module that cuts down the clutter of too many buttons/choices for your members, and lets them see what they want to see. I had a little trouble in the beginning, but Ray fixed that in no time at all. I probably was one of those annoying customers with lots of questions. But he was really patient and a great help when I needed him. I recommend this module 5/5 stars.
You rock!!!!!!!!! Very very nice sweet protection, fast installation and great protection. Nice work congrats and thank you 10 stars
I am a new member to Dolphin and have purchased many applications. The APPLICATION/TOP MENU MANAGER is an awsome EXTENSION and the fast and efficient support of Raylan has been the best. Thank you with gratitude!
Hi thanks but what stopping someone logging in at the frontend as admin then going to the admin section. example log in from homepage were members join as admin then click on goto administration
The purpose of the plugin is to stop anyone that those not have admin permission to get to the admin page. If someone login into the front-end of websites as admin, you will have access to the admin page.
Another 5 starz here....I can't see there's anything not to like. Things important to me- Can it take care of my primary needs- YEP...Is the Dev helpful and respond timely? That and more- No Doubt enjoy working with BullBlast. And then another important area to point out is the flexibility/scalability- Ideas are cropping-up and I'm glad I have more possibilities with this awesome mod!. BUT Have already enjoyed improvements/updates added since purchase and So your money "grows" a bit further see more . Plenty of room for customizing.....and works great....for organizing/converting menus to APPS or a new way present features- It's a solution that brings relief and a positive outlook with ideas for the future. GREAT MOD! YES-----> A Must Have! THANKS!
Thanks for your review
We totally agree with hcharles. One word to describe this mod and BULLBLAST is "WOW" and simply fantastic. His support and his genorosity is simply beyond speaking. We have installed the mod and am still waiting to run it.

One Question we had when seeing this mod in the demo site that even if the user is not selecting the app still he/she is able to reach the modules either through the link or through Site STATS on the homepage.

We will write more aobut our experiences and issues see more as and one.

Claudia & Guiseppe
Thanks for your review and yes they will still see the stats on the home page
Great mod and even better support with it.. Thanks and keep up the great work..
this is awesome !! TOO many people know how to get to admin panel page leaving sites more open to be hacked etc ... this is for sure a great security improvement :)
Works as designed. Thanks a lot!
A must be Module for any Dolphin Site
5 stars at any point of view.
It makes your site more friendly.
Great Job.
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