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I am a professional webmaster and own many websites. I have a great interest in many things internet related and I am very skilled and experienced in website design, development, growth and SEO.

Dolphin Hosting and Web Projects

We provide AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE web hosting on Powerful Servers with 24/7 Technical Support. We understand Dolphin software and work with Dolphin based websites across many niches everyday :

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BoonexHosting provide a range of additional services from small jobs to fully managing Dolphin based web projects. is not affiliated with BoonEx or Dolphin


Some people have asked why my username is 'Detective08' so I will explain ... Many years ago I owned a small investigation company and run a team of Private Investigators helping to find missing people and similar jobs. In 2008 I become more involved in Boonex / Dolphin (playing around with software as hobby away from my work) but at around the time same time I sold my company to a larger company. I did ask Boonex to change my username after this but they would not allow it due to the amount of input I have put into Boonex forums.

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Thank you for your great support ! :)
you are really a top one thanks alot for the post
dear, can you please tell me how you setup massmailing function in boonex dolphin7.0
I tried many times, all email in queu only
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